Chapter 201: Battle For The Title Of City Lord (1)

Chapter 201: Battle For The Title Of City Lord (1)

“Big news! Jade Sea Pavilion Vs Life At First Sight for control over Underworld City. Who will be the victor?”

“I heard that Dawn’s Twilight from Jade Sea Pavilion is going to be challenging Lonely Moon from Life At First Sight, who’s also the current City Lord of Underworld City. I think it’s going to be a very entertaining showdown!”

“OP, are you an idiot? What’s so interesting about that? The outcome of a battle between Lonely Moon and Dawn’s Twilight is a done deal. One skill from Dawn would be all it takes for him to deal with Lonely Moon. He won’t even have time to react!”

“I agree with the above poster, the two of them are in completely different leagues; there’s no comparing them. Either way, after ruling over Underworld City for so long, Life At First Sight should give up ownership and let someone else have it.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about what the above poster has said. Quiet And Steadfast has already informed Life At First Sight about the challenge, so tomorrow’s battle definitely won’t just be a 1v1 duel. Instead, it’ll probably be an all-out skirmish between the two sides. Furthermore, Sovereign’s Descent also has the intention of joining in the battle. Don’t forget; even an ant can bite an elephant to death. Which side ends up becoming the loser and the winner still isn’t set in stone.”

“The above poster is a shill from either Life At First Sight, or Sovereign’s Descent, right? Regardless of what you say, I still think that Jade Sea Pavilion is going to win. Their title as the number one guild in the game isn’t just for show!”

“I think that Lonely Moon is sure to lose. So what if Life At First Sight and Sovereign’s Descent have formed an alliance? The battle for the title of City Lord is between the reigning City Lord and the challenger; victory isn’t dependant on which side has more people.”

“Speaking of which, the one above me, I recall that if the previous City Lord loses, they have half an hour to launch a counterattack. During this half an hour, external help is permitted. Doesn’t that mean that it’s going to turn into a group battle?”

“Eh? Is that so? Up till now, only one command medallion has ever been spawned, so I’m not too clear on the specifics hahahaha. If that’s the case, then the winner of this battle is going to be difficult to predict.”


Nothing travelled faster than gossip. After Shen Jingbin logged off, news of Shen Jingchen challenging Lonely Moon had already spread amongst players the next day. There were even eight threads that were buzzing with activity, and they were all about the upcoming challenge.

Shen Jingbin couldn’t help but sigh. People these days really had nothing better to do.

The Shen siblings woke up early and logged into the game. In spite of that, a vast majority of the guild was already online, including Quiet And Steadfast, who never logged on during the day. The guild chat was abuzz with discussions on how to deal with the counterattack from Life At First Sight and Sovereign’s Descent.

[Guild] Dawn’s Twilight: Hahaha, your big bro’s on!

[Guild] Quiet And Steadfast: Liches, activate your invisibility buffs and hide within the crowd. When the fighting breaks out, reveal yourselves and slaughter all of them while they’re unaware.

[Guild] Dawn’s Twilight: Eh, Guild Leader’s on as well; don’t you have work?

[Guild] Next Week Is Unlikely: Tsk. Dawn, the model worker Steady especially took leave today for your sake.

[Guild] Dawn’s Twilight: Σ(゜ロ゜;) My god, I suddenly feel like I’m under a lot of pressure.

[Guild] Quiet And Steadfast: You don’t need to feel pressured. If you used your brain, you’d know that I wasn’t here for you.

[Guild] Dawn’s Twilight: ...

[Guild] I’m Not A Monster: Haha.

[Guild] I’m Really Not A Monster: Hahaha.

[Guild] Actually, I Am A Monster: Hahahaha.

[Guild] I’m A Monster, Dare To Hit Me: Hahahahahahahaha!

[Guild] Lingering White Clouds: ... Idiots.

[Guild] Nutjob: Agreed +1.

[Guild] National Treasure: Agreed +2.

[Guild] Eternal Rest: Agreed +infinity.

[Guild] Long Life: Agreed +infinity and beyond.

[Guild] Quiet And Steadfast: Later on, every party will have at least one Nymph within it who’ll take care of Healing. Aside from the elite party, all other parties will also have one Daoist within them. Remember to keep Heaven’s Eye third person view on so that you don’t get ambushed by their invisible Liches.

[Guild] Quiet And Steadfast: Dawn, later on, you better not show your face during the enemy’s counterattack; just hide. Their counterattack will end in failure as long as you remain alive.

{Guild] Dawn’s Twilight: Don’t say that, I wanted to kill the enemy! Felling enemies with every swing would have been so fun.

[Guild] Quiet And Steadfast: Stop thinking about it, all of the counterattacking firepower will definitely be focused on you. Although people like Nine Ballads and Neverending Journey pose no threat to me, it’s a different story when it comes to you. You need to make sure to protect yourself and not be careless.

[Guild] Syrup Time: Why does it feel like our Leader’s just praising himself instead?

[Guild] Tanabata Evening: You’re not the only one who feels that way, I think so too.

[Guild] Faint Blue Seaweed: We would’ve realised it even if you guys didn’t mention it.

[Guild] Dawn’s Twilight: … You guys are despicable.

Shen Jingchen and Lonely Moon’s duel was set at noon. After the initial deployments were finished on both sides, the guilds went about taking care of their own matters. The members of Jade Sea Pavilion were all experts and had great coordination. They only need to be told what to do briefly, and they’d be able to see their task to completion.

Although Shen Jingbin was the Guild Leader’s wife, she wasn’t strong enough to enter the ranks of the elite party. Instead, she was sent to Tanabata Evening’s party.

To prolong her life, she extorted a sum of money from Shen Jingchen and ran off to buy some HP and MP potions.

While she was haggling with the Shop Owner, she suddenly received a message from Marco Polo Bun.

“Are you guys planning to take on Underworld City?”


“You’ll be participating as well?”


“... What can you do? Just PK yourself instead.”

He’s looking down on me!

Feeling indignant, Shen Jingbin was just about to remind him of which ‘noob’ it was that had backed him into a corner when Marco Polo Bun sent another message.

“Ah, my apologies. I forgot that you were a bandit!”

“... Fite me!’

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