Chapter 200: The Battle For The Role Of Ambassador (2)

Chapter 200: The Battle For The Role Of Ambassador (2) 

The Shinra Sect?

Nine Ballads’ heart raced.

“Aren’t you worried about me killing you because of this?”

“Why should I be afraid? Either way, we’re already in Hell. It’s not like I can die again-” The man seemed to have thought of something and paused for a moment before he continued speaking, “Don’t tell me that you don’t know who I am?”

Realising that he’d been looking behind her this whole time, Nine Ballads’ curiosity was piqued, and she turned to look behind herself as well. The Daoist from before and his companions had a look of apprehension on their faces as they slowly made their way towards her.

“Can you guarantee my admittance into the Shinra Sect?” Nine Ballads asked.

Nine Ballads was very clear on the benefits she’d reap by joining the Shinra Sect, so she knew the man wasn’t lying when he’d said that joining the sect would give her the power to defeat Quiet And Steadfast. This was a huge draw for her.

“I guarantee it,” The man said cheerfully.

“Alright, I’ll join. However, I won’t let you off if I’m unable to join the Shinra Sect. You should know what kind of person I am; I’ll do what I say.”

The man felt a drop of cold sweat run down his back. “Don’t worry, I know. Come over, and I’ll take you to the sect.”

Seeing as the Daoist’s group was just about to reach them, Nine Ballads didn’t waste any time as she turned and walked straight towards the man. Then, with a swish of his cloak, the two of them disappeared from sight.

“The hell? What the f*ck happened?!”

Cool Colour Tone’s group was staring right at the spot that Nine Ballads had been standing on when she’d suddenly disappeared.

Cool Colour Tone quickened his pace and ran forward. Yet even after he’d rounded the peach tree, he still couldn’t find a single trace of Nine Ballads. “Eh? How’d she disappear just like that?” He asked suspiciously.

One of his companions suddenly came to a realisation. “Don’t tell me she ran into a hidden quest! F*ck, Gods like them really have it better than us!”

Another person spoke up, “If we’d known we would have come sooner! Who knows, we might have been able to benefit a little from it.”

At this moment, the woman in their group spoke up, “I think I saw someone wearing a black cloak standing behind the tree just now. He was talking with Nine Ballads.”

Everyone fell silent when she said that.

A black cloak… that’s what disciples of the Shinra Sect wear.

Doesn’t that mean that Nine Ballads has joined the Shinra Sect?

Everyone couldn’t help but look towards Cool Colour Tone.

Cool Colour Tone didn’t say a word.

After pulling herself out of the gaming pod, Xue Sijia didn’t even have the time to tidy up her ruffled appearance from lying in the pod when her Manager opened the door and stepped in.

“You’re finally out,” Said her Manager as she eyed her. Her face had, ‘thank heavens!’ written all over it.

While she smoothed out her hair with her hand, she asked, “What happened?” Xue Sijia had very manageable hair, and just a gentle tug through of her fingers was enough to straighten it out.

“Yiju has replied to your enquiry on who’s going to be the ambassador that appears in the promotional video for <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> that you asked me to look into.”

Xue Sijia, who was walking towards the washroom, paused. “Oh? What did they say?”

Her Manager looked at her cold and elegant face and felt that it was a waste. She clearly has an outstanding appearance, yet Yiju refused to accept her.

“The person in charge of Yiju’s marketing department said that they'd found someone suitable and they’ve decided to use her.”

“Someone new?” Xue Sijia raised her brows and asked. She had a pair of dashing eyebrows with a heroic air about them that was rarely seen in female actors. With an arch of her brows, the aura she exuded instantly turned severe.

“She’s not new. I heard that she’s from outside the industry and happened to catch the eye of Yiju’s upper management. They kept pestering her till she finally agreed to take up the position.”

Xue Sijia wordlessly turned back and continued walking towards the washroom. Opening the faucet, she gathered a palmful of water and splashed her face. Unable to figure out what she was thinking, her Manager followed her up to the washroom’s door frame and leaned against it. “What are you thinking?” She asked.

Xue Sijia grabbed a towel that was by the side and used it to dry her face. When she was done, she tossed it at the countertop and turned to face her Manager with her arms crossed over her chest. “Help me tell Mr Long that I’m very interested in becoming Yiju’s ambassador. Ask him to think of a way to get me that position.”

Her Manager stared at her wide-eyed. “Are you really that interested in becoming Yiju’s ambassador? Not only do you want Longzong to show his face, you even want him to help you get the position?”

Xue Sijia looked straight at her Manager and nodded her head. “I really want it.”

Her Manager shrugged and said, “Alright then, I’ll make my way back to the office.”

Among the artists that he managed, Xue Sijia was the one with the brightest future ahead of her. She was initially just a martial arts assistant in a wuxia film, but she’d caught the eye of their Boss who had come to survey the set. Due to this, their company subsequently spent all efforts on grooming her once she’d signed on.

Xue Sijia honestly did have what it took to become famous. She had a cold and elegant appearance, which allowed others to commit her to memory with a single glance. On top of that, she had a cold and haughty personality, which entirely set her apart from those huadans that were currently in vogue.

Everyone had a hidden masochistic streak within them; the more they were pushed away, the more enamored they’d become with a person. Xue Sijia quickly rose to fame amongst the youths once she made her debut. This, coupled with her company’s lionizing, led to her becoming a gold mine for the company. As such, the company acceded to her every request. Now that she’d mentioned she’s interested in the position of ambassador at Yiju, the company likely wouldn’t reject her request for help.


A trace of worry flashed across her eyes when she thought of the warning that Yiju had given her.

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