Chapter 20: Du The Unvanquished

Chapter 20: Du The UnvanquishedWu Lang’s sister was found, but the quest wasn’t so simple.

Shen Jingbin gently laid the young girl in her arms down and stood up. Turning to face Quiet And Steadfast, she said, “I need to bring her back to Wu Lang to complete the quest, but we haven’t found any traces of the Demonic Sect’s protector.”

Quiet And Steadfast thought for a bit before he said, “Our current position should be within the bounds of the Demonic Sect. These girls were probably caught by them as well. They might come out if we cause more of a commotion.”

Shen Jingbin felt that this plan was viable after giving it some thought. She immediately fired off a few skills at the cage beside her. Although she couldn’t break these cages, she could still cause a bit of a disturbance.

Shen Jingchen and Quiet And Steadfast also followed suit as they launched their skills at the cages around them. Not long after, all of the cages were shattered into bits and pieces. The girls who could move stood up in succession and pulled their companions who couldn’t move, but were still alive, and ran towards the three of them. On the other hand, the ones who’d already breathed their last and lay in their cages, instantly turned into a ray of white light before disappearing.

“Notification: You’ve been discovered by the protector of the Demonic Sect.”

Sure enough, a “ding” from the system was heard after they finished smashing the cages, notifying them that they’d been discovered.

A person wearing purple coloured clothes suddenly materialized from the bronze coloured door. On his head, three words written in scarlet red could be seen: “Du the Unvanquished”.

“The way to heaven was open to you, but instead you chose to barge into hell and offend the members of my Shinra Sect. Only death will absolve you of your sins!” With a “swish”, “Du the Unvanquished” retrieved two scimitars from his back that were as tall as half a man. He then gave a roar before charging over.

Quiet And Steadfast and Shen Jingchen both stepped forward, subconsciously protecting Shen Jingbin who was behind them.

It couldn’t be helped. Her level was too low and she was their mascot.

Shen Jingbin knew herself well and understood that she’d only drag them down, so she retreated a few steps back where she’d be out of the range of Du the Unvanquished’s attacks. In any case, since they were in a party, she’d still be credited for it even if she didn’t take any action. There was no need for her to take part.

Quiet And Steadfast took the lead to attack. He activated his concealment buff[1] and indicated to Shen Jingchen with his eyes.

The two of them truly were deserving of their title as long standing partners. Shen Jingchen immediately understood his meaning and began firing off all his skills. A disable landed on Du the Unvanquished, sealing all of his skills that could cause negative status effects while also drawing his aggression.[2]. Quiet And Steadfast seized this opportunity and appeared beside Du the Unvanquished in a flash, silencing and inflicting mind lock on him as he continuously launched a barrage of skills.

Liches were a close ranged class with high physical damage. They were characterized by their skills which boasted high damage, quick execution, and low cooldowns.[3]. On top of that, Quiet And Steadfast was the number one lich in the game, which made the lethality of his skills even more terrifying. In the past, enemies who faced him would lose the initiative to attack the moment he got close, leaving them no choice but to await their deaths.

But this time seemed different.

The stunning special effects of Quiet and Steadfast’s skills sped towards Du the Unvanquished. Yet instead of a lethal, or at the very least a considerable attack that tore through flesh, only a sliver of blood appeared.

In addition, because of the large amount of damage that Quiet And Steadfast had dealt, Du the Unvanquished’s aggression was now completely focused on him. He turned to Quiet And Steadfast and charged towards him with astounding agility. Quiet And Steadfast had a great deal of agility as well, avoiding most of the attack with an elegant flip of his body. Only a small part of it brushed past him, however just this bit of contact was enough to take off a portion of his health. Seeing this, Quiet And Steadfast’s face turned several shades paler.

Players would only be able to see their own health and mana pools. They’d have to guess the conditions of others by looking at their faces. Noticing the change in his expression, Shen Jingchen hurriedly threw out a Swordmaster exclusive skill that drew enmity.

In general, parties would normally use either Maras or Swordmasters for tanking in battle.[4]. The latter being chosen for its high defence and evasiveness.

Quiet And Steadfast retreated to the side and pulled out a large health potion to recover his HP. He then furrowed his brows, his expression shrouded in darkness as he looked towards Du the Unvanquished who was currently embroiled in battle with Shen Jingchen.

  1. A beneficial status effect
  2. A monster/enemy’s level of aggression towards all players attacking it. The player with the highest enmity draws its attention and becomes the focus of its attacks. May also appear as enmity/aggro in the future
  3. Or CD
  4. Usually the class with the highest defence. Said class normally has exclusive skills that draw aggro as well

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