Chapter 198: I’m just that confident (2)

Chapter 198: I’m just that confident (2) 

Unbeknownst to them, the Liches from Jade Sea Pavilion had moved behind them and sealed their way out.

I’m Not A Monster pressed his dagger against Lonely Moon’s throat. “All of you, come inside.”

The three remaining Monsters, along with the rest of the Liches, closed in on them and ushered everyone into the depths of the cave.

Once all of them were standing in the belly of the cave, Shen Jingchen suddenly pointed at Lonely Moon and shouted, “Huh? Aren’t you Underworld City’s Lord?”

Everyone immediately shifted their attention to Lonely Moon when they heard this.

“And here I was, worrying about how I’d find you, yet you delivered yourself right up to my doorstep!” Shen Jingchen said.

Shen Jingbin sized up Lonely Moon and noticed that he had the look of a typical foolhardy person - all brawn and no brain. “Even someone like this can also become the City Lord? Does Life At First Sight have no one else worthy of the role?” She asked suspiciously.

Even though she knew that the current City Lord could be given to anyone, she really couldn’t envision the brainless-looking person before her eyes as being a good City Lord.

Lonely Moon’s ego was severely wounded by Shen Jingbin’s gaze that was brimming with skepticism.

F*ck you! What are you insinuating, you ugly monster?! What do you mean, someone like me?! I look like a real man, alright?!

Lonely Moon glared hatefully at Nutjob.

It’s no wonder why Nine Ballads is so insistent on not letting you get away! You’ve got such a sharp tongue!

“One doesn’t need a high IQ to be a City Lord. There’s an NPC operating everything anyway. The player only needs to have the City Lord’s medallion and a certain level of martial prowess,” Quiet And Steadfast explained.

Lonely Moon nodded. That’s right. That’s an excellent explanation. I only need to have a certain level of martial prowess and don’t need- the f*ck? Who are you saying lacks IQ?!

“Dawn, didn’t you get the City Lord’s medallion? You should take advantage of the situation and use the City Lord’s medallion to challenge this guy. Just think of how stifled Quarrelsome Fish will feel when we take out their Leader, champion, and even Underworld City, all in the span of a single day,” Slight Chill said.

Everyone present couldn’t help but sigh. A woman’s heart is the most vicious of them all.

A player from Life At First Sight couldn’t bear to watch on any longer and loudly cursed, “Jade Sea Pavilion is really despicable! You guys even hit a person when they’re down. Didn’t your teachers teach you to forgive and forget?!”

This person was indignantly crying out about the injustice that they were facing, but the other members couldn’t help but blush when they recalled how’d they used to abduct and kill Life Skill players from Jade Sea Pavilion. Some members even shot a meaningful glance at him.

Hey, brother. Stop talking.

However, he acted as if they were invisible and continued his lengthy lecture. “It’s true that there’s animosity between our guilds, but in any case, you guys are the number one guild. Could you guys please behave as a respectable guild should? You say that we use tricks, but that’s because we’re forced to do so. It’s clearly impossible for us to fight you head on, but you guys shouldn’t strike us while we’re down. You guys should openly-”

The corner of Shen Jingbin’s lips twitched. She couldn’t bear to listen to him rattle on. “What they say about how a Leader’s behaviour is projected onto their members really is true. Do you think your actions are justified just because you’re weak?”

Slight Chill also chimed in and ridiculed the player. “Birds of a feather flock together; an idiotic Leader will naturally only be capable of attracting idiotic members.”

The person wanted to say something more but stopped short when Lonely Moon viciously glared at him.

This was utterly shameful on their part.

Lonely Moon took a deep breath and heroically exclaimed, “Enough talking, let’s fight!”

The other party didn’t respond as he thought they would. Instead, they glanced at one another.

“I don’t think I can fight. It feels like I’m bullying a primary school student,” Said I’m Not A Monster.

Everyone from Jade Sea Pavilion heard this and exclaimed, “You finally said something sensible!”

Shen Jingchen sighed and said, “I feel like we’re pretty miserable. We’ve actually fought with people like this for so long.”

“Don’t mess around. The ones here aren’t Life At First Sight’s elite team,” Said Quiet And Steadfast.

Just like Jade Sea Pavilion, Life At First Sight had their own elite team too. However, the quantity and quality of the members of their elite team were slightly worse than Jade Sea Pavilion’s.

“Release him; we’re leaving. We’ve wasted too much time here already.”

Lonely Moon couldn’t believe his ears as he looked at Quiet And Steadfast. “A-are you really letting us off like this?” My god, they’d always die whenever they encountered Jade Sea Pavilion in the past.

Quiet And Steadfast glanced down at him from his position of dominance. “Will you be online tomorrow?”

What’s going on?


“Then you better prepare. Dawn, you’ll be challenging the City Lord to a fight tomorrow.”

Hearing his name suddenly being called, Shen Jingchen blanked out for a moment before he replied, “Ah? Alright.”

Quiet And Steadfast waved his hand, turning the players from Life At First Sight loose. After leaving the Ice Extermination Cavern and returning to their guild encampment, Slight Chill, feeling dissatisfied with the outcome, questioned Quiet And Steadfast, “Why’d you let them go so easily just now?”

“Don’t you think we’re devaluing our elite team if we use them to kill their ordinary members? When we kill them, I want to make sure they won’t be able to voice even a single excuse,” Quiet And Steadfast calmly replied.

A surge of adoration rose in Shen Jingbin’s heart when she heard him say this.

She liked his domineering attitude!

Quiet And Steadfast’s eyes shifted downwards and met her smile when he felt her gaze on him; his eyes were holding an unspoken smile of their own within them.

Slight Chill felt that this scene was too dazzling for her eyes!

“Hehe, could I trouble the two of you not to act like there’s no one else around you and put on such a public display of affection? Can you be more considerate of everyone else’s feelings?”

“Don’t tell me you don’t even know how to look away. Learn from me; I can’t see anything at all,” Shen Jingchen interjected.

“Hehe, that’s because you’re blind.”

“... This elder brother doesn’t pick a fight with women.”

“You make it sound as if you can beat me even if you pick a fight with me.”

… F*ck! Can’t we have a proper conversation?!

“Stop arguing you two. Dawn is going to tackle Underworld City tomorrow; you better get ready.”

“Hmm? Is it really that big a deal? I don’t think it is. You saw him this morning too, right? Lonely Moon looks like a blockhead. I don’t think he poses a threat.”

“Taking him lightly will definitely get you killed,” Ridiculed Shen Jingbin.

“Are you really my younger sister?! Can you not attack me?!”

Shen Jingbin shrugged in response. Nope.

“Challenging Underworld City might look like it’s just a fight between you and Lonely Moon, but Life At First Sight will definitely send people over to guard the city since we’ve made our declaration. Sovereign's Descent will definitely be there too,” Quiet And Steadfast paused before continuing, “So, you’re not the only person who’s going to fight tomorrow.”

“Then wouldn’t it have been better if you hadn’t said anything? Why’d you tell them in advance?”

Quiet And Steadfast’s eyes shone with a light that made it impossible for others to look him in the eye.

“I want to make it known to Life At First Sight and Sovereign's Descent that even with an alliance, they’re still no match for Jade Sea Pavilion.”

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