Chapter 197: I’m just that confident (1)

Chapter 197: I’m just that confident (1)

Everyone’s attention was gathered on the Mara holding a sword in the Ice Extermination Cavern. He gulped down his saliva with great difficulty; it felt as though his throat was a little dry.

“Lonely Moon, why are you blocking the way? Charge! Our beautiful Leader is waiting for us to save her! Don’t be scared, darling~.”

The Mara was so tall that he practically blocked the entire the path just by standing there. The players behind him could neither see the situation in front nor could they proceed onwards. Moments later, the voices of irritated players cursing at him could be heard from behind him.

What the fuck? This is the perfect opportunity for me to show off! Leader might just notice how heroic I am if I save her like a knight in shining armour! I might even win her affection, and she’ll give her heart to me! Motherf*cker! You big oaf, don’t block your big bro from marrying a fair-skinned, wealthy, and beautiful lady! I’ll become a CEO and walk a path so glorious; it’ll overturn your entire worldview!

Yet, their blockheaded brother-in-arms, Lonely Moon, now had a death wish and was standing as an obstacle in their path.

You stupid c**ts! You won’t be marrying some Miss Perfect! It’s filled with Great Demon Kings inside, alright?! They’ve long since ripped your beautiful Leader’s corpse to shreds! You guys are just sending yourselves to death’s door! Your old man is displaying his brotherly love by protecting you guys! Don’t you understand?!

Ah, the sky is vast, and the winds are boundless. Brothers, you don’t understand how my heart weeps for you!

“You’ve come to save your Leader? You guys are rather quick,” Shen Jingchen greeted the Mara who was standing at the vanguard.

The band of brothers standing behind the Mara immediately fell silent upon hearing his voice.

Aside from being good-looking, another characteristic that Dawn’s Twilight had was that it was effortless to discern who he was from his voice alone. In the words of a bunch of fangirls, it was a voice that could be remembered after hearing it just once. It was a voice so pleasant to the ears that one could get pregnant from listening to him speak.

After harbouring hostilities with Jade Sea Pavilion for so long, they’d immediately start cursing and swearing at one another even if it happened to be a chance encounter while hunting monsters. As such, the players from Life At First Sight were naturally familiar with Dawn’s Twilight’s voice and immediately recognised him when he spoke.

Why does he sound so relaxed? What about our boss, Nine Ballads? What happened to our beautiful Leader? Why hasn’t she said a single word after so long?

It can’t be...

The players from Life At First Sight felt their guts clench; things were taking a turn for the worse. Where there’s life, there’s hope. Shouldn’t they retreat while there’s still a chance?

Everyone remained silent as they discreetly inched towards the cave’s entrance.

They weren't cowards, but their deaths had to mean something if they were to die. It was just plain stupid for them to serve their heads up on a silver platter!

Lonely Moon’s expression froze when he heard the faint sound of movement behind him. He forced a wry smile on his face and said, “Well, it seems like our Leader isn’t here. In that case, we won’t bother you guys. We’ll head off first!”

With that, he tried to turn tail and run.

Alas, when he turned back, he saw the look of horror on his comrades’ faces as they stared at him.

A cold, ghastly voice rang out in Lonely Moon’s ear, “Since you’re here, let’s have a match. Your Leader wouldn’t be too happy if she knew that you guys ran off like that.”

I don’t want to! Lonely Moon cried out in his heart, his cheeks streaming with tears.

He’d seen everything when he took a glance just now! Everyone present were all members of Jade Sea Pavilion’s elite team! Usually, they’d only dare to ambush Jade Sea Pavilion’s Life Skill players or normal members when they attacked it. When it came to the members of their elite team, it was a competition of who could escape faster, alright?

Unfortunately, no one behind him seemed to have any intention of listening to his inner cries.

At this moment, a row of words appeared in their guild channel. It was as if it were there for the sole purpose of validating what that person had said.

[Guild] Nine Ballads: Those of you who are in the Ice Extermination Cavern, don’t you dare flee! All of you, attack! Even if you die, drag a member of Jade Sea Pavilion down with you! I’m not asking for much, just kill the ugliest looking person there!

Lonely Moon was about to cry. Leaving without checking his fortune was the gravest mistake he made today.

[Guild] Silence Is Golden: But the ones I saw just now were people from the elite team. I’m afraid we won’t even be able to get rid of a single member.

[Guild] Nine Ballads: What are you afraid of? That ugly monster may be the wife of Jade Sea Pavilion’s Leader, but she’s only a noob. Don’t tell me you guys can’t kill her with so many people on your side?

A Daoist spoke up.

[Guild] Fallen Wind Clear Mist: You’re talking about Nutjob, right? It’s true that she’s a noob, but she’s the Lead Disciple of White Cloud Temple. She even has the Divine Beast, White Tiger. Getting rid of her isn’t going to be easy.

[Guild] Crying Fish: Forget it. Those in the Ice Extermination Cavern who can flee should do so. Don’t fight them head-on. Quiet And Steadfast, Dawn’s Twilight, and those four Liches are there. We can’t get the drop on them, so we’re better off not sacrificing our men.

[Guild] Nine Ballads: …

[Guild] Nine Ballads: Do as you please.

With the sensation of cold steel being pressed against his neck, Lonely Moon didn’t have any energy left in him to ridicule them.

We can’t leave even if we want to now!

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