Chapter 196: If She Wants It, I’ll Give It To Her (2)

Chapter 196: If She Wants It, I’ll Give It To Her (2) 

Shen Jingchen’s words made Crying Fish feel as if all of her hidden schemes had immediately fallen apart. She flew into a humiliation fuelled rage and said, “Quiet And Steadfast, isn’t your guild being a bit too much of a bully? All I wanted was an item from you guys. Forget not giving it to me and you killing all of my people, now you’re even trying to humiliate me. Is this the dignity of the top-ranked guild in the game?”

Slight Chill was so angry a smile spread across her face. “Are you sure you’re in a position to be talking about dignity?”

“Your Leader was the one who brought up dignity first!”

“My Guild Leader said all that because he thought highly of you! Are you the one who’s been throwing herself at him?! Now you’re trying to twist his words. I really feel like the words ‘true love’ has been sullied by you.”

“I’m now speaking to your Leader in my capacity as the Guild Leader of Life At First Sight, so stop butting in, you vixen! Speaking to you is beneath me.”

“F*ck you, you arrogant bitch. What did you say Quarrelsome Fish? Say it to my face one more time!”

“I said that talking to you is beneath me, vixen!”

“F*ck this. None of you stop me; I’m going to chop her up!”


Shen Jingbin suddenly interrupted the two of them and said, “Crying Fish, I have a question for you.”

The two women who looked like they were about to fight turned their attention to Shen Jingbin. The Four Monsters and everyone else from Jade Sea Pavilion tugged at Slight Chill. They then turned to look at the indiscernible expression on their Guild Leader’s face before shooting a look of gratitude towards Shen Jingbin.

Holy shit, women are indeed terrifying!

“What’s your question?”

Ignoring the strange looks of gratitude that were directed at her, Shen Jingbin asked, “Do you always try to take things by force when you ask someone for a favor? If that’s the case, then I’ve really learned from this experience.”

Shen Jingbin maintained a look of seriousness as she said this, making it difficult for everyone to tell whether she genuinely intended for it to be a question, or whether she was actually making fun of Crying Fish.

Crying Fish was at a loss for words, and quite a while passed before she was finally able to react. “I… We tried asking nicely at first, but you were the ones who rejected us for no reason!”

“Oh, so that’s why you called over Nine Ballads and Neverending Journey. Since the soft approach didn’t work, you decided to go with brute force? So you’re implying that we can’t reject any request of yours, right? We’ll be beaten up if we reject?”

Crying Fish still insisted on arguing. “That was only because of the grudge between Nine Ballads and you!”

Shen Jingbin gave a smile before her expression suddenly darkened. “The entire player base knows that Nine Ballads has a grudge against me, so wasn’t your intention clear when you called Nine Ballads over? Don’t tell me you actually expected us to just obediently to stand there and get beaten?”

“Tsk, what a diva!” Someone shouted.

“Oh, that’s right. I almost forgot we’re enemies. Weren’t you the one who said you’d kill me every time you saw me?” Shen Jingbin suddenly acted as if she’d gotten an epiphany as she looked at Crying Fish.

Sweat rolled down everyone’s backs. “Did you only just realize that?”

“No, you’re all being tricked. She’s just playing dumb and she’s about to troll Crying Fish!” Shen Jingchen thought smugly to himself.

“So, everything you’ve done before that was all a farce. In truth, you just wanted to see if you could use this as an opportunity to kill us, right? You even called over Neverending Journey from Sovereign’s Descent. Was that a gift to show your sincerity to the alliance?”

“Stop bringing all these things up, ugly monster. Either way, I’m at your mercy now. Just decide whether you want to kill me or free me!” Crying Fish wasn’t an idiot, and her intuition told her that the more Shen Jingbin spoke, the more holes she’d be digging for herself. So, she decided to put her neck on the line instead.

“Actually, you can still log off you know,” Shen Jingbin reminded her.

Pui, did Shen Jingbin think she really didn’t know that? Life At First Sight would be the talk of the entire game if she logged off now!

#When enemies came face to face, Life At First Sight chose to flee without a fight and logged off#

#Upon encountering the enemy and realizing that neither winning nor fleeing was an option, the Leader of Life At First Sight made the ingenious decision of logging off!#

#The majestic Guild Leader of Life At First Sight ordered her members to charge the enemy while she fled. Does Life At First Sight still have a future?#

See, she could even think of all the thread titles on the forums!

“Stop pretending to be kind! Quiet And Steadfast, look at the type of woman you’ve chosen! You’re even willing to marry a scheming prostitute like her; aren’t you worried about her one day taking over the guild?” Crying Fish said, shifting the subject of their conversation back to Quiet And Steadfast.

That’s right, no matter how many times Shen Jingbin pointed out Crying Fish’s mistakes, she would always find a way to make Quiet And Steadfast the centerpiece of their discussion. It was as if doing so would somehow increase his affection for her.

Quiet And Steadfast didn’t even spare her a glance. Instead, he casually said, “If she wants it, I’ll give it to her.”

A roar exploded in Crying Fish’s mind, and she felt as if she was about to die from her internal injuries!

Shen Jingchen took the lead and began clapping. “Great! Leader, you really are a wonderful hubby!”

Quiet And Steadfast shot a glare at him, and Shen Jingchen immediately fell silent.

Noticing that Crying Fish was so infuriated that her eyes were turning red, Quiet And Steadfast suddenly spoke up, “Alright, finish her off and let’s leave.”

Quiet And Steadfast’s reason for leaving Crying Fish alive had always been to let Shen Jingbin vent her anger. He could tell that Crying Fish was openly going against her while Nine Ballads did the same in secret. Since Nine Ballads had died, then he might as well let Shen Jingbin vent her anger on Crying Fish instead. He was confident that she’d be able to piss off Crying Fish to the point where she felt like killing herself.

As for his gentlemanly act… Haha, that was for strangers. For people like Crying Fish who bullied his wife, he had no elegance whatsoever to speak of, none at all!

“Yessir!” Came the immediate and excited reply from the members of Jade Sea Pavilion. Special effects from several skills flashed by, and Crying Fish turned into a beam of white light and descended to Hell.

Just as everyone was getting ready to go back, the group heard the sound of footsteps along the path, and it sounded like there were quite a number of people.

“Leader, we’ve come to save you!” A well-built man with mutton chop sideburns and a sword in hand roared as he came charging towards them, a group of people following closely behind him.

The final word of the man’s declaration caught in his throat when he saw the situation inside of the cavern.

Uh… would it be too late for him to retract what he’d said?

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