Chapter 195: If She Wants It, I’ll Give It To Her (1)

Chapter 195: If She Wants It, I’ll Give It To Her (1) 

Even after playing the game for so long, Shen Jingbin’s deaths could be counted on her fingers. However, those pitiful few deaths that she’d had were all at the hands of Nine Ballads. As the saying goes: no pain, no gain. She’d long since placed Nine Ballads at the top of her watch list. As long as she was present, Shen Jingbin definitely wouldn’t let Nine Ballads out of her sight!

There would be no third time. She’d stop playing if she died at Nine Ballads hands for the third time!

What she’d promised herself wasn’t just for show either, and her sharp mind spotted Nine Ballads turning her gaze back to her.

In fact, Shen Jingbin really felt like asking Nine Ballads, “Did I kill your dog or something? Why do you keep coming after me?! If I didn’t know Morning Glory Chime was Luo Xiaoqian, I’d think that you were her!”

Shen Jingbin had always kept Nine Ballads in her field of vision, so when Nine Ballads turned to target her, she was able to react immediately.

There was one other person who reacted at the same time - Quiet And Steadfast. When he saw Nine Ballads lunging towards Shen Jingbin, he immediately tossed the dagger in his hand towards her.

As the longsword in Nine Ballads’ hand whistled towards Shen Jingbin’s neck, Quiet And Steadfast’s tossed dagger embedded itself into Nine Ballads’ back.

After Quiet And Steadfast had destroyed her back at Sea Moon Island, Nine Ballads had gone into a frenzy and started madly upgrading her equipment. Although she wasn’t able to increase their level by much, her personal strength had risen by a fair bit, allowing her to survive Quiet And Steadfast’s full powered attack. However, her luck wasn’t all that good; the dagger that Quiet And Steadfast had thrown was one of Wudi’s top quality weapons. This meant that while she didn’t die, she was left with only a sliver of Health.

For Nine Ballads, this sliver of Health meant that she still had a chance of escaping. Unfortunately, she hadn’t yet given up on the idea of taking Shen Jingbin down.

Against anyone else, Nine Ballads would still be able to use that bit of Health to perish with her target. However, against Shen Jingbin’s better than average reflexes and a Divine Beast as her bodyguard, there would only be one conclusion.

Nine Ballads’ sword was less than a centimeter away from Shen Jingbin’s neck when it was deflected by the handle of her horsetail whisk. At the same time, Mascot roared, and the wave issued from the enormous beast immediately shaved off the last remaining bit of Health that Nine Ballads had left.

“Clang” Quiet And Steadfast’s dagger clattered onto the ground as it was engulfed in a beam of white light.

The moment Nine Ballads died the members of Life At First Sight, including Crying Fish, felt like they’d lost their pillar of support. Neverending Journey’s reaction to this was even more drastic; he immediately logged off.

“Tsk tsk tsk. Little Jing, you’re so boorish!” Shen Jingchen said as he cut down the other members of Life At First Sight who were in the Ice Extermination Cavern. Everyone shared a tacit understanding and left only Crying Fish alive.

Crying Fish gripped her weapon and stood with her back against the wall. She vigilantly looked towards the members of Jade Sea Pavilion and asked, “What… what’s the meaning of this?” After killing everyone else and leaving only her alive, it was difficult for her thoughts not to run astray.

Shen Jingchen waited till everyone else put away their weapons before he moved over to stand by Shen Jingbin and Quiet And Steadfast’s side. Slight Chill glanced at Crying Fish’s guarded expression and scoffed at her, “Can you put away that wretched look of yours? What do you think we’re going to do to you? Sigh, who’d be interested in someone like you?”

Crying Fish glared at her but didn’t say a word.

“Did you really think we wanted to do… that to you?” I’m Not A Monster asked.

That? What’s that?” I’m Really Not A Monster asked quizzically.

Actually, I Am A Monster covered his nose and exclaimed, “You guys are way too perverted!”

I’m A Monster, Dare To Hit Me covered his eyes and chimed in, “I don’t know any of you!”

Slight Chill rolled her eyes. “All of you are sick in the head!”

Everyone in Jade Sea Pavilion: We Agree!

With idiots like these as members of their guild, they felt embarrassed too!

The Four Monsters clenched their fists. “Screw all of you!”

Quiet And Steadfast looked on helplessly as he watched their display before he shook his head and said sternly, “Crying Fish, I’ll let you go, but I’m going to have to trouble you to pass a message on to Nine Ballads for me. Tell her to stop causing trouble for Nutjob and to have some dignity.”

Shen Jingbin, who was standing at his side, quietly retorted to herself, “Boss, you’ve got it wrong. Nine Ballads doesn’t have a shred of dignity in her; she’s just a petty bitch! There won’t be any resolution unless one of us dies!”

Crying Fish suddenly appeared to be a little disillusioned, and she wore a look disbelief as she stared at Quiet And Steadfast and asked, “You… you left me alive just for this?”

Quiet And Steadfast raised a brow and asked in return, “Why else would I leave you alive? Is there anything for us to talk about?”

Shen Jingchen began tutting once again.

“Hey, Guild Leader Fish, don’t tell me you were under the illusion that we’d actually left you alive because our Leader couldn’t bear to hurt you? Please, our Leader has a wife, and she’s a knockout beauty…” When he said that, he suddenly felt many strange looks being sent his way by his guild members. He then cast a guilt-ridden glance at Shen Jingbin and swallowed his thoughtless praise with great difficulty. “Uh, what I meant was that our Leader is devoted. You might as well forget about these little schemes of yours; you don’t stand a chance.”

Shen Jingchen, are you f*cking blind?! Why’d you have to say something you’d feel embarrassed about the moment you said it!

The above was what everyone from Jade Sea Pavilion was thinking in their hearts.

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