Chapter 193: If You Can’t Beat Em, Harass Em (1)

Chapter 193: If You Can’t Beat Em, Harass Em (1)

What does it feel like to be eyed by a poisonous snake?

Shen Jingbin felt that her current predicament was akin to that of a little white rabbit being eyed by a poisonous snake.

Was this bitch Nine Ballads some kind of GPS? Why the hell are you all over the place?!

While Shen Jingbin was doing her best to ignore Nine Ballads’ murderous gaze, Neverending Journey, who was standing beside Nine Ballads, took the opportunity to speak first and asked, “Pure Crane, explain yourself. Why are you together with Quiet And Steadfast?”

Having been called out, Pure Crane shrugged and said, “We’re just doing a quest together.”

Neverending Journey was apparently dissatisfied with his answer, causing his handsome, beautified face to become unsightly. “Pure Crane, based on the relationship we share, do you really think that I’d believe what you just said?”

“I don’t know whether you believe me or not, but what I said was the truth.”

Neverending Journey shifted his gaze to Morning Glory Chime. He had some recollection of her; after all, she was one of the top ranking beauties in the guild.

“Morning Glory Chime, you tell us then.”

“Ah?” Morning Glory Chime looked at Neverending Journey with some surprise on her face. She then turned to Pure Crane, unsure of why the conversation had suddenly shifted to her.

“Look at me. Speak up, what happened?”

“Ah, we were just doing a quest together…” Under Neverending Journey’s watchful gaze, Morning Glory Chime’s voice became increasingly soft, as if she were guilty of something.

Wait, why was she feeling guilty? They really were just doing a quest together!

“Leader, we truly did just happen to be doing a quest together. We weren’t thinking of doing anything else.”

“You weren’t thinking at all. Don’t you know what the situation is like between our guilds? You still decided to take on a quest together with them. Tell me, do you even give a damn about our guild?!”

Although his words were directed at Morning Glory Chime, everyone knew that he was actually referring to Pure Crane.

“Neverending, I think you’re being a little too hasty. This is just a game; we cooperate when there’s a mutual benefit, and disperse when there isn’t. There’s no need to act like we’re sworn enemies and will always be at each other’s throats.”

“Alright, then tell me what ‘mutual benefit’ you, the Vice-Leader of Sovereign’s Descent, stand to gain by cooperating with Jade Sea Pavilion!”

“...” Pure Crane really felt like facepalming. Bro, why are you so insistent on getting to the bottom of things! “This is a personal matter and doesn’t fall under the purview of the guild's affairs. I don’t need to report it to you.”

Crying Fish, who’d remained silent this whole time, suddenly added fuel to the fire. “Oh, what’s this? Guild Leader Journey, is there some internal strife within your guild? If that’s the case, can our alliance still be realized?”

Neverending Journey shot Pure Crane a vicious glare, before he grit his teeth and said, “It can! There’s no problem! Pure Crane, I’ll give you one chance; I’ll forget about what happened today if you take care of Quiet And Steadfast and that ugly monster beside him.”

“Why the hell was Quiet And Steadfast referred to by name, but I’m called an ugly monster!” Shen Jingbin thought furiously to herself.

However, neither ‘ugly monster’ nor ‘Nutjob’ were any good as names.

Quiet And Steadfast calmly interrupted them and said, “Neverending Journey, don’t you think that you’d be facing even more problems in the future if Pure Crane cut my wife and me down now?”

The moment he said that everyone present froze.

That’s true, it would mean that they really did have something to hide! Although Pure Crane was an expert, he was far from being Quiet And Steadfast’s match! Even Nine Ballads, the second best player on the leaderboards, would be obliterated by Quiet And Steadfast the moment they fought.

Everyone turned their gazes to Nine Ballads and looked at her with pity in their eyes.

Even as the second best player in the game, you’re still quite pitiful.

Nine Ballads was in the midst of her futile attempt to wear down Shen Jingbin’s spirit by glaring daggers at her when she noticed everyone’s gaze, causing her to immediately reel back like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

Quiet And Steadfast instantly cutting her down at Sea Moon Island was the darkest part of her gaming history that she never wanted to talk about!

“Stop wasting time talking about nonsense. There’s only four of them and so many of us; let’s just get rid of the two of them from Jade Sea Pavilion first!” Nine Ballads said.

Nine Ballads happened to share the same objective as Neverending Journey. She didn’t care why Pure Crane was together with Quiet And Steadfast; she just felt even more of an urge to kill Quiet And Steadfast now. But, Crying Fish had some reservations. She walked up to Nine Ballads’ back and whispered into her ear, “Nine, wasn’t that ugly monster the one you hated? Forget about killing Quiet And Steadfast and focus on her instead.”

Nine Ballads shot a look of disdain at Crying Fish. A woman who was head over heels for a man was indeed a pitiful sight to behold. Quiet And Steadfast had never once spared a glance for her, yet she still insisted on doggedly pursuing his affections in spite of everything.

Crying Fish couldn’t bear her withering gaze and shrunk back.

“Do you really think we’d be able to take out that ugly monster without getting rid of Quiet And Steadfast first?” Nine Ballads shot back.

“Why can’t we? Ah Ning doesn’t really like that woman anyway. Once we kill her, she’ll…” Whatever else she was planning to say was interrupted by Nine Ballads’ piercing gaze. It was as if she was looking at someone who was mentally challenged. At that point, Crying Fish realized she might really have been a bit too naive.

Regardless of how much she wanted to deny the fact that Quiet And Steadfast and that ugly monster honestly had feelings for one another, just based on the fact that she was his wife, Crying Fish knew that there was no way he would stand by and watch as Nutjob was killed. If he were to ignore their actions, it would be a slap to his face. After all, what kind of man would the top player in the game be if he couldn’t even protect his wife?

Nine Ballads stopped glaring at her after Crying Fish realized her stupidity. Instead, she proceeded to issue orders, “Everyone in Life At First Sight, heed my command; advance!”


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