Chapter 191: The Weapon Master’s Favor (1)

Chapter 191: The Weapon Master’s Favor (1) 

“On this dark and windy night, Morning Glory Chime has showcased her excellence by braving the Lost City. After an arduous struggle, she finally managed to take the head of the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake, earning herself the Divine Weapon; Heavenly Jade Staff! Glory be to the victor!”

The moment Morning Glory Chime’s hand came into contact with the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake’s carcass, a scarlet system notification popped up with a “ding”.

As long as it was a system announcement, it’d be a good thing no matter what it was. Morning Glory Chime immediately cried out in happiness, “Brother Quiet, Brother Pure Crane, hurry over and take a look! I’ve found a Divine Weapon!”

Shen Jingbin, who was devoting all of her attention to collecting the Shadow Snaring Water, merely tilted her head and glanced at Morning Glory Chime. On the other hand, Quiet And Steadfast, who was standing beside her, was utterly indifferent and didn’t even bat an eyelid at her. Unexpectedly, Pure Crane and the old man were the ones who quickly walked over to her.

The old man stroked his bead with a look of gratification on his face. “Lass, you may lack manners, but your Luck’s pretty good.”

Morning Glory Chime harrumphed before she turned and acted as if she was handing over a precious treasure when she handed the Heavenly Jade Staff to Pure Crane. “Brother Pure Crane, look!”

Pure Crane took the Heavenly Jade Staff and briefly glanced through its stats; they were perfect.

Dragonkins used magic staves and possessed high magic damage as DPSers. It was possible for a high-level Dragonkin to even wipe out a Mara with a single ultimate attack. Their weakness, however, was that they had low Mana, Health and Defence, making them easy pickings once they were targeted. With this Heavenly Jade Staff he held in hand, not only would it increase a Dragonkin’s attack by a substantial amount, it would help to shore up their weaknesses, increasing their Health by a bit. While it wasn’t much, it was still better than nothing.

If news broke out about this magic staff, Dragonkins all around would definitely kill to have it.

By this time, Shen Jingbin had finished collecting the Shadow Snaring Water and had walked over with Quiet And Steadfast. Pure Crane casually threw the Heavenly Jade Staff at him and said, “Take it. Give it to the Lead Disciple of the Dragonkins when you find them.”

Quiet And Steadfast didn’t stand on ceremony and kept the Heavenly Jade Staff in his backpack. Meanwhile, Pure Crane knelt down beside the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake and started taking apart its carcass.

Morning Glory Chime was a little unhappy when she witnessed what transpired between them. That was something she’d looted, and they didn’t even bother to get her opinion on it before deciding amongst themselves!

“I... I was the one who looted that staff. Why… why aren't you guys asking me for my opinion before deciding?” Morning Glory Chime asked, feeling a little wronged.

Quiet And Steadfast cast a sidelong glance at her and said, “Can you use it if we give it to you?”

She shook her head.

“Then no.”

“But you guys should at least ask me for my opinion; I was the one who looted it after all. Didn't you guys see my name appear on the system announcement?”

Shen Jingbin snorted. “You’re not only the fastest at running away from monsters, but you’re also the fastest at looting them.”

Morning Glory Chime’s face flushed. “You didn’t kill the monster just now either!”

Shen Jingbin folded her arms. “Do you really want to compare our contributions?”

Pure, unfiltered disdain oozed from Shen Jingbin’s gaze. Morning Glory Chime paused when she thought back to how she’d performed in the previous fight and quietly stood to the side without another word.

Tch, you ugly monster. What’re you bitching about? Why don’t you take a look in the mirror before you say anything else. If it weren’t for Quiet And Steadfast backing you up, do you really think you’d be able to amount to anything? Hmph, just wait till I win Quiet And Steadfast’s heart, you’ll be the first one I get rid of!

“Congratulations, you have obtained Scales of the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake.”

“Congratulations, you have obtained a Lightning Wreathed Snake’s Heart.”

“Congratulations, you have obtained a Young Flood Dragon’s Horn.”

“Congratulations, you have obtained the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake’s Skin.”

“Congratulations, you have obtained Sharp Poisonous Fangs.”


Numerous notifications sounded as Pure Crane took apart the body. This continued till the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake’s corpse slowly began to turn transparent and disappear before he stood up.

“I’m done gathering,” He said. “But there’s no description for a lot of these things, so I don’t know what they do.”

She Jingbin frowned. “There’s no description… Do you have a lot of space in your inventory? Hand me some if you don’t much space left. I think these things will definitely have some use in the future, so we shouldn’t throw them away.”

Quiet And Steadfast nodded in agreement.

Pure Crane looked at his backpack and laughed. “It’s fine; my bag still has lots of space, it can fit everything.”

While they were still examining the parts that they’d collected, the old man suddenly sighed and said, “An innocent man’s wealth attracts the envy of others; all of you are still far too naive.”

Quiet And Steadfast raised his brows. “What do you mean, old man?”

“The Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake’s cultivation makes it equivalent to a Holy Beast of the heaven and the earth. Every single scale or piece of its carapace is enough to drive the world into a frenzy. If you guys just waltz out with it like this, even if you put aside the upright and just races of the Humans and Celestials, for now, the Demons and other forces hiding in the dark might still make a move. I fear that your days of peace might be coming to an end.”

“Then what should we do? Old man, since you’ve already helped us, please see it to the end and give us some guidance,” Pure Crane asked.

“That lass over there, the Silver Moon Silk Robe you have on you was a gift from Bai Hua of Swordmaster Pavilion, right?”


“Heh, everything is fated… Back then, Bai Hua of Swordmaster Pavilion was wounded in the battle between Celestials and Demons. After which, he drifted about in search of a way to heal his wounds. During his travels, he just so happened to wander into the Ice Extermination Cavern. He carried himself differently from others, and I figured he wasn’t any normal person. Hence, I handed him some things, one of which was the Silver Moon Silk Robe you have on you.”

Shen Jingbin’s eyes lit up. “In that case, Old Mister should know how to upgrade the Silver Moon Silk Robe!”

Who would have thought that after searching in vain for so long, the person she was looking for would appear right in front of her!

“Of course. The Silver Moon Silk Robe is something I crafted during my free time, so its quality isn’t the best. However, compared to those crappy pieces of rags the rest of you are wearing it’s more than good enough,” The old man said as a cast a glance - intentionally or otherwise - at Quiet And Steadfast and Pure Crane.

Crappy pieces of rags?

Shen Jingbin followed his gaze to Quiet And Steadfast and Pure Crane who were both wearing top quality gear, especially Quiet And Steadfast. You’re definitely going to piss off a massive number of players if you call what they’re wearing crappy pieces of rags.

If what the Great God was wearing were just crappy pieces of rags, then weren’t they running around naked in comparison?!

“How about this; you guys hand over what you’ve gotten from the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake and the Silver Moon Silk Robe to me, and I’ll help to upgrade it for you.”

Quiet And Steadfast looked at the old man with a trace of doubt in his eyes. He felt that anyone who offered help without recompense definitely hid evil intentions.

“Old man, what do you want in exchange for helping her upgrade the Silver Moon Silk Robe?”

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