Chapter 190: A Successful Hunt (2)

Chapter 190: A Successful Hunt (2) 

Dark red blood dripped from one of its eye’s, immediately corroding the tiles beneath it as it fell to the ground. Its entire body began to contract, causing the muscles beneath its densely packed scales to stretch taut.

“Careful, its planning to lunge at that lass!” The old man shouted.

Quiet And Steadfast’s expression shifted. “Fuzhu, use a water screen to protect Nutjob!”

Fuzhu threw up its hooves and began galloping towards Shen Jingbin as a dark blue droplet of water began gathering between its two large antlers. A strange sound escaped from Fuzhu’s mouth before it leapt up and headbutted the droplet. The dark blue droplet immediately shot out from between its antlers and zipped towards Shen Jingbin faster than the eye could see.

Shen Jingbin had her back against the ongoing battle, so she only felt a chill before she was shrouded in a layer of dark blue. Before she could figure out what had happened, the coating surrounding her started to tremble vigorously, emitting a sound similar to that of glass cracking.

A sense of danger engulfed her in that moment, and she immediately looked behind her to see a blood red eye the size of a light bulb glistening with murderous light as it clashed against the dark blue layer.

The Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake that had initially been far away from her had arrived at her side in the blink of an eye. She’d have died if it wasn’t for this protective layer that covered her.

Shen Jingbin felt a lingering sense of fear.

Before she could ease her fearful heart, the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake that had one eye remaining, fiercely slammed into the layer of dark blue once again. The sound of cracking glass was even more apparent this time, and she could also see obvious cracks forming along the screen.

Her intuition told her that this layer wouldn’t be able to hold out for much longer!

Shen Jingbin turned back to the droplet of Shadow Snaring Water that was about to fall and grit her teeth, remaining motionless.

Quiet And Steadfast rushed over with all his might and saw the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake viciously slamming against Fuzhu’s water screen once again. The fractured water screen was about to shatter at any moment. However, Shen Jingbin didn’t seem to have any intention of escaping at all. Instead, she looked away and continued collecting the Shadow Snaring Water. Gripped by anxiety, Quiet And Steadfast cried out, “Nutjob, dodge!”

At the same time, Fuzhu’s water screen fell apart, no longer able to withstand the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake’s attacks.


The droplet of water fell into the Earth Warding Gourd just as the water screen shattered.

Shen Jingbin quickly stoppered the Earth Warding Gourd when she felt a gust of horrid smelling wind buffet her. Using the dragon head to support her hand, she slightly bent both of her legs and leapt, pushing herself into the air and successfully evading the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake’s attack.

After losing sight of Shen Jingbin, the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake was about to crash into the dragon head statue when the snake unexpectedly stiffened its body, stopping just centimeters away from it.

By this time, Quiet And Steadfast, Pure Crane, and the old man had already rushed over. The old man gently patted Quiet And Steadfast and Pure Crane’s backs, and the two of them felt an indescribable feeling of warmth rising from the soles of their feet. Their nearly depleted mana was immediately filled, and it remained full no matter how many skills they used.

Pure Crane and Quiet And Steadfast exchanged a glance with one another before they started madly piling on skills at the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake without batting an eyelid. Not wanting to be outdone by them, Fuzhu launched its attacks from the side. Seeing this, the old man gave a satisfied nod of his head and produced a silver bangle from his sleeve while muttering to himself. As he continued, the bangle gradually grew in size till it eventually overshadowed the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake’s head. Only then did the old man stop his chanting. He then brought his index and middle finger together, pointing them at the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake. Almost as if it had eyes of its own, the silver bangle zipped towards the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake and landed on its head where its weak point was located.

“Close!” The old man commanded. The silver bangle became smaller in reply, tightening around the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake’s weak spot. At that moment, the silver bangle was engulfed in electricity. However, no matter how much electricity it discharged, the silver bangle remained tightly latched onto the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake’s weak spot.

After its weak spot was compromised, Quiet And Steadfast and Pure Crane’s skills saw a definite increase in damage.

No matter how strong they were, the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake was still an existence that was even stronger than a World Boss; taking it down with just the two of them was an impossible task. Even if they were fully buffed and they threw all their skills at it, they would only be able to deal superficial damage at best. However, things were different now. Every skill they launched would either be a critical hit, or it would strike a vulnerable point.

The two of them immediately perked up and began launching their skills even more freely.

Due to it being rendered immobile by the silver bangle, the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake could only writhe about in an attempt to knock off the silver bangle with its tail. Strangely, no matter how much it flung its tail around, it would always instinctively avoid the stone statue.

Shen Jingbin, who was hiding behind the stone statue, noticed this peculiarity and immediately shouted, “You guys, come hide over here. It looks like it’s afraid of hitting the stone statue!”

Quiet And Steadfast and Pure Crane headed in the direction of her voice with the old man in tow. When it saw them moving towards the statue, the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake howled in anguish, before it slammed its tail heavily on its head and…committed suicide.

With a bang, the thick and sturdy snake tail fell heavily to the ground. The Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake looked at them with its one remaining eye, its gaze unyielding before it breathed its last.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief when the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake died. “Alright lass, go quickly and collect the Shadow Snaring Water. We’ll leave when you’re done,” The old man instructed.

Shen Jingbin grunted in reply and rounded the stone statue, stretching out the Earth Warding Gourd to once again collect the Shadow Snaring Water.

“Every part of the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake is valuable. Anyone who’s learnt the cooking skill try gathering from its body; you’ll be in for a bountiful harvest,” Said the old man.

“I’ll go, I’ve learnt the butchering skill,” Pure Crane said. There was a time when Black Hawk and Delicate Flower fell in love with eating the food in-game. However, the system shops only sold expensive food with a limited variety, so to satisfy them, he’d given up his previous Life Skill and picked up cooking instead. Later on, he found that it wasn’t too bad either, so he continued practicing it. Never did he expect it to prove useful now.

After the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake fell, Morning Glory Chime, who'd been hiding, ran out. When she saw Pure Crane, a look of uneasiness flashed across her face before it reverted to normal. “My Luck’s good, let me loot the body for drops! We might even get something good,” She said in an attempt to curry favor.

Quiet And Steadfast had no interest in things like looting. He would always use his pets to loot the items for him instead, so it didn’t matter to him. Without saying a word, he moved behind Shen Jingbin as she collected the Shadow Snaring Water. Pure Crane felt that what he’d said before to Morning Glory Chime was the truth, but, he’d probably gone overboard when he took into account the fact that she was a girl. Since the few of them still had to work together in the future, he shouldn't sour their relationship, so he didn’t raise any objection either and just nodded his agreement.

Morning Glory Chime happily ran up to the body, knelt down, and began looting the body without a trace of her previous fear of snakes.

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