Chapter 19: The Inside Of The Bronze Door

Chapter 19: The Inside Of The Bronze Door Feeling as if he’d finally won out in the IQ department, Shen Jingchen shot a smug look at the other two.

In response, Shen Jingbin disdainfully snubbed him and quickly strode through the door.

After casting a glance at Shen Jingchen’s smug expression, Quiet And Steadfast wordlessly shook his head before following Shen Jingbin in.

Shen Jingchen paid them no mind. After all, there was a disparity between geniuses and commoners, this was something he understood!

Shen Jingbin was the first one to walk through the bronze door. Without the chance to mentally prepare herself, even a person like her, who was normally calm and collected, couldn’t help but be a little stunned when faced with the scene in front of her.

The inside of the bronze door looked almost like a prison. Many densely packed cages dotted the area. The cages contained young women who were covered in blood from head to toe. Some of them were moaning in pain as they rolled about the ground, while others huddled themselves in a corner of their cage, remaining motionless. The pulsing flames within the braziers on the walls reflected their deathly pale faces, faces which had endured unspeakable suffering. The strong scent of blood assaulted Shen Jingbin’s nostrils, laying siege to her mental state time and time again.

This was the first time she’d felt that the game might just be a bit too realistic.

“What’s wrong?” Quiet And Steadfast, who was behind her, called out to her after seeing her suddenly stop. Shortly after he spoke, he caught a whiff of the stench of blood, causing his good looking eyebrows to furrow.

Shen Jingchen, who was the last to enter, immediately cried out upon seeing this scene, “What the f*ck! This is way too graphic! No wonder this game is limited to people aged twenty and above.”

Without saying a word, Shen Jingbin put out her firestarter and walked forward. Her quest log had undergone a change upon entering the bronze door. A set of coordinates now appeared behind her quest to ‘find the missing sister’. When she tried selecting these coordinates, she immediately realized that one of the cages was now shining. When she walked up to the cage, she found that although this girl was caked in blood, her chest was fortunately still faintly moving, which meant that she was still alive.

“Ding”, the system’s notification rang out, letting her know that she’d found the right person.

“Notification: Congratulations on completing ‘The Down and Out Wanderer, Wu Lang’s Request’. Quest reward: 20,000 Experience, 10 taels of silver, 50 Chivalric Prestige, and Wu Lang’s Goodwill has been increased by 40 points.”

“Quest: ‘The Down and Out Wanderer, Wu Lang’s Request — Rescue His Trapped Sister (0/1), will you accept this quest? Yes/No.”

Shen Jingbin took a deep breath and silently said to herself, “This is a game, this is a game, this is a game.” Before she accepted the quest. She then started throwing skills at the cage in an attempt to break it. Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t do anything about her low level.  No matter how strong her skills were, the only thing she could do to the cage at her current level was produce some pretty looking special effects.

Quiet And Steadfast and Shen Jingchen, who were following behind her the entire time, unhesitatingly joined the battle and threw their own skills into the mix when they saw her take action.

Confining a young girl who didn’t even have the strength to truss a chicken in the wooden cage was a simple affair, but it was far from enough when it came to resisting Quiet And Steadfast and Shen Jingchen’s attacks, shattering after being exposed to their consecutive attacks.

Shen Jingbin stepped forward to support the young girl who lay paralyzed on a stack of hay. While doing so, she turned to look at the other two and asked, “Did either of you bring a healing potion?”

Shen Jingchen felt a little puzzled. After all, he was an old hand at this game. He’d already gotten used to seeing the lives and deaths of many NPCs and wasn’t the slightest bit moved by the scene in front of him, “What do you need it for, to save her?”

Quiet And Steadfast took out a health potion and handed it to her, “These are meant for players, I don’t know if NPCs can use them. You can give it a shot.”

Shen Jingbin thanked him in return, and unscrewed the bottle before feeding its contents to the girl in her arms.

“I can’t believe you wasted a health potion for the sake of a side character. Little Jingjing, you’re still too young and innocent. In the future when you take on epic grade quests, swathes of important NPCs are going to die and be replaced for the sake of advancing the story. Don’t tell me you’re going to spread your arms like the Virgin Mary and save each and every one of them?” Shen Jingchen quietly mumbled to the side.

The girl’s feeble breaths gradually started to grow stronger after drinking the health potion. Shen Jingbin gave a sigh of relief when the system notified her that this segment of the quest was complete, and that she could now move on to the task of reuniting the siblings. She set the health potion down and shot Shen Jingchen a glare.

Quiet And Steadfast who was standing off to the side suddenly asked Shen Jingchen, “Which of the two is more valuable? A living crab or a dead crab?”

“A living one is obviously more valuable… Ah! So that’s why. Little Jingjing you’re so shrewd!” Shen Jingchen exclaimed after his sudden realization.

Shen Jingbin was even more inclined to ignore him now. She felt as if there was an insurmountable gulf between her own IQ and Shen Jingchen’s!

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