Chapter 188: Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake (2)

Chapter 188: Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake (2) 

Everyone turned to look in the direction he pointed in.

They could see the borders of the city beneath them. A stone carving of a dragon’s head could be seen near the city’s entrance. Different from the rest of the city’s eroded walls, the lifelike dragon head was preserved very well; there wasn’t even the slightest bit of damage on it.

The dragon carving held its mouth wide open, revealing four sharp fangs. Two sparkling drops of water very slowly seeped out from the two fangs along its top jaw before it fell...

Hold on, weren't they underwater? Why were they still able to make out the droplets of water falling from the dragon’s teeth?

“Do you see the droplets of water on the dragon’s teeth? That's the real Shadow Snaring Water,” The old man suddenly explained. “The true Shadow Snaring Water is Holy Water. It’s different from the rest of the water within the pool before it hits the ground.”

They looked over once again and realized that it was indeed different as the old man had said. The water droplets dripping from the dragon’s teeth were still visible before they hit the tiled ground. However, the moment they hit the tiles, a ripple would spread on the ground, and the droplets would disappear.

Quiet And Steadfast spoke up, “If I may ask, where is the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake?”

The old man puckered his lips at the dragon statue and said, “Look at the dragon’s horn.”

The dragon’s horn? Everyone immediately focused their attention on it.

As they hadn’t paid close attention to it before this, no one had noticed a red string that was as thick as a person’s thumb tied to the base of the dragon’s left horn. The developers were far too treacherous if that piece of string was the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake!

Just think about it: if someone were to hastily dash forward to collect the Shadow Snaring Water without preparing themselves first, and the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake suddenly attacked, even an expert like Quiet And Steadfast might have difficulty escaping unscathed.

As the Dragon Mouth Catfish slowly neared the ground, the old man seized the opportunity and instructed them to alight.

The rest of them grunted in acknowledgment and jumped off, landing on the street paved with green tiles. If it weren’t for the faint ripples that continued to undulate about them, they would have doubted whether or not they were still underwater.

“I'll distract the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake; you standby and look for an opportunity to collect the Shadow Snaring Water. Remember to collect more than what you need; this old man needs some Shadow Snaring Water too.”

Shen Jingbin nodded and said, “Understood, old mister.”

The old man didn’t waste any more time on pointless chatter so, with a tap of his foot, he flew into the air. To the rest of them, they only saw the old man’s figure flash before he flew forward towards the dragon’s head like an arrow shot from a bow.

“Roar!” A maddened howl akin to that of a dragon’s exploded by their ears, and a burst of piercing red light spilled out from the stone carving. When the light subsided, a large scarlet snake that was as thick as a bucket now occupied the ground covered with green tiles; its black tongue was snaking out as it coldly eyed everyone.

The scarlet snake was enormous. Despite the fact that half of its body was coiled on the ground, the other half of its body covered a significant portion of the city walls when it stood upright.

Most girls didn’t take very well to creatures like snakes, and Morning Glory Chime was no exception. She screamed the moment the snake made its appearance before she covered her eyes and hid behind Pure Crane.

As for why she didn’t hide behind Quiet And Steadfast’s back... Hehe, that’s because Quiet And Steadfast was the one standing closest to the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake.

A look of disdain crept into Shen Jingbin’s expression when she shot a glance at Morning Glory Chime. She then turned towards the old man who was currently locked in combat with the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake and said to Pure Crane and Quiet And Steadfast, “Pure Crane, look after her. I’ll go collect the Shadow Snaring Water with Quiet And Steadfast.”


Shen Jingbin and Quiet And Steadfast exchanged a glance with one another, reaching a tacit understanding as they sped towards the stone statue at the same time.

After revealing its true form, the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake immediately attacked the old man. Though the old man appeared to be a weak, doddering, and unreliable geriatric, his ability was not to be underestimated. Even the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake, an enemy that possessed a level higher than a World BOSS, was unable to deal with him. As they fought, they inched closer and closer towards the entrance of the city, away from the stone statue.

Shen Jingbin and Quiet And Steadfast moved quickly, reaching the statue in the blink of an eye. Shen Jingbin unstoppered the Earth Warding Gourd and placed it beneath the dragon’s tooth. A drop of water immediately fell into the gourd.

The moment it entered the gourd, the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake howled ferociously at the sky. Ignoring the old man’s attacks, it slapped the ground with its tail and charged towards them.

“Get the water; I’ll hold it off!” Quiet And Steadfast turned to look at the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake barrelling towards them and immediately drew his weapon. “Start running if it looks like I can’t hold it off!”

“Okay,” Shen Jingbin said as she raised the gourd a little higher.

Quiet And Steadfast summoned his pets as he turned to face the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake.

He had quite a few top tier pets, but he didn’t like using his pets to fight. He would typically only use his pets as mounts, but he didn’t want to risk it this time. Quiet And Steadfast summoned all of his combat pets, not for the sake of victory, but to earn just a little bit more time for Shen Jingbin.

One of the pets he owned was named Fuzhu. It was stunning and had the appearance of a white deer. However, its speed and damage were lower when compared to Chenghuang and Baima, so he rarely used it. However, Fuzhu had a unique ability; all of its stats would increase by leaps and bounds when it came into contact with water.

Fuzhu was a beast that ruled water to begin with, so this battle was the perfect opportunity to use it.

Fuzhu usually looked like a lovable and harmless little white deer that was slightly plump. It was a classic example of the type of pet that captured the hearts of girls. However, the moment it came into contact with water, it suddenly grew in height and turned into an elegant and alluring white deer with impressively long antlers, making it look extraordinarily formidable from afar.

The Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake was charging over in a frenzy and slammed straight into Fuzhu’s antlers a short while later. The clash jarred both sides, causing them to shift back a little from the recoil.

“Fuzhu, call upon the water!” Quiet And Steadfast shouted.

Fuzhu reared back, and two vortexes of water appeared beneath its forehooves. The vortexes of water spun at high speed, expanding in size the more they spun and shifted in shape till they became two large water bullets. When Fuzhu tapped the water bullets with its antlers, they immediately shot out and exploded on the Scarlet Marsh Thunder Snake’s body.

“Tss.” A faint buzzing of electricity could be heard when the water bullets exploded. Everyone underwater suddenly felt their bodies go numb as if they’d been electrocuted.

At this moment, the old man shouted in a panic, “This is bad, it’s about to use the power of the lightning tribulation within its body!”

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