Chapter 185: Entering The Pond (1)

Chapter 185: Entering The Pond (1) 

Crying Fish’s group was waiting by the entrance of the Ice Extermination Cavern when they returned. It looked as if they were waiting for someone.

Upon seeing them, Crying Fish immediately walked up to greet them with a flirtatious smile on her face and said, “You’re here to look for the Shadow Snaring Water as well, right? What a coincidence, we’re also looking for it. Let us have a bit of it once you’ve gotten your hands on some.”

Both of her eyes were firmly locked on Quiet And Steadfast when she said this; it was as if she couldn’t see anyone else aside from him. Shen Jingbin found this extremely unsettling as it felt like someone was eyeing her belongings in front of her.

Big sis, the main wife is still here. Are you sure it’s alright for you to act so brazenly? Your eyes are practically glued to him!

However, it looked like Crying Fish had never paid her any attention at all. To Crying Fish, Shen Jingbin was no threat to her whatsoever.

Shen Jingbin wasn’t the only one feeling uncomfortable about this - Morning Glory Chime felt the same as well.

Quiet And Steadfast’s previous act of saving the damsel in distress had made Morning Glory Chime’s heart throb as she threw herself at him. So what if he was married? With a wife that ugly, she would dethrone her sooner or later and take her place. Morning Glory Chime refused to believe that she couldn’t match up to an ugly monster like Nutjob. The only way that could happen was if Quiet And Steadfast was mentally unsound.

However, she seemed to have forgotten about Crying Fish.

Although Morning Glory Chime was just a small fry, she’d still been present at the guild’s recent alliance talks with Life At First Sight to help boost the numbers. Due to that, she naturally knew who Crying Fish was.

Morning Glory Chime knew that she could easily crush someone like Nutjob, but that she stood no chance against Crying Fish.

Feeling threatened, Morning Glory Chime stepped forward and said harshly, “Why do we have to give it to you? It belongs to us.”

Crying Fish casually glanced at her before she raised an eyebrow at Pure Crane and said, “Is she from your guild? Why is she so unruly?”

Crying Fish usually paid more attention to people who looked good, and Morning Glory Chime was quite the looker. So, even though Morning Glory Chime was just a small fry from Sovereign’s Descent, Crying Fish still had some recollection of her.

Without waiting for Pure Crane to reply, Quiet And Steadfast interjected and said, “What she said was right. This belongs to us, why do we have to hand it over to you?”

Crying Fish’s expression stiffened. Upon hearing that, the Mara behind her immediately kicked up a fuss and said, “Leader, why are you wasting time with them? Let’s just grab it from them!”

After saying that, the Mara was immediately confronted with the resentful gazes of his party members.

Bro, you crazy?! That’s Quiet And Steadfast! Don’t drag us down if you’re planning on getting yourself killed!

The Mara also realised his faux pas and shrunk back without another word just as Crying Fish glared at him.

“Are we fighting? That’s just what I was thinking,” Quiet And Steadfast replied.

Crying Fish hurriedly waved her hands and said, “No no, we’re not fighting. We just wanted a bit of the Shadow Snaring Water. Can you give us some on account of me liking you for so long?”

Pfft. She couldn’t bear listening to any more of this.

“So we have to give it to you just because you like him? What kind of screwed up logic is that?” Shen Jingbin didn’t want to waste any more time on her, so she continued and said, “Please make way for us, we still have a quest to do.”

After she said that, Shen Jingbin summoned out Mascot and used it to clear the way. There were two people behind Crying Fish who were planning to jump out and block their way at first but quailed and quietly let them pass when they saw Mascot appear.

In the end, Shen Jingbin stood at the front of the group and cleared the way while Quiet And Steadfast, Pure Crane, and Morning Glory Chime followed behind her. They didn’t spare a single glance for Crying Fish’s group, except for when Morning Glory Chime shot a smug look at Crying Fish when she passed her.

“Leader?” Seeing their Leader’s expression darken, a player cautiously called out to her.

“I’m alright. Ask around and find out where Nine Ballads is, then let her know that Nutjob’s here.”


“Send another message to Neverending Journey from Sovereign’s Descent. Tell them that their Vice-Leader is doing something in secret with Jade Sea Pavilion’s Leader.”


“Then what are we going to do about the Shadow Snaring Water, Leader?”

“What should we do… Hmph, do you really think they’d still refuse to hand it over with Nine Ballads and Neverending Journey around?” A smug look of her own appeared on Crying Fish’s face.

“Leader is so clever! Quiet And Steadfast must be blind, he doesn’t even realise how magnificent our Leader is! Instead, he chose to marry that ugly woman,” Someone else parroted.

“That’s right. The way I see it, he probably felt that he couldn’t match up to our Leader.”

Crying Fish glared at the player who said it and rebuked him. “What do you know!” Although she said that, her expression betrayed how she really felt.

“Leader, we’ve sent out the news,” Reported the two players who were charged with sending out the news.

Crying Fish nodded and said, “The two of you will hide here and keep an eye on the Shadow Snaring Water; make sure you watch this place and stay on full alert. The rest of you will follow me.”

The other players gave a grunt of acknowledgement and proceeded to carry out her plan.

Now armed with the Ice Crystal and Angelica Ginger, Shen Jingbin’s group ventured into the depths of the Ice Extermination Cavern once again. The old man was still seated beside the Shadow Snaring pond with his head drooped down, making it look as if he was sleeping.

Shen Jingbin held the items in her hands and took a step forward, towards the old man. She then reached out and gently patted him on the shoulder. Lowering her voice, she softly said to the old man, “Old mister, we’ve brought the things you’ve asked for.”

The old man’s head drooped a little lower before he woke up. He cast a glance at the items she held and gave a sigh of admiration. “You’ve brought them? You’re more capable than you look.”

Shen Jingbin wordlessly returned his compliment with a modest smile. The old man stood up and patted down his clothes. He then took the Ice Crystal and Angelica Ginger from Shen Jingbin and said, “The lot of you should stand a bit further back. I’m about to begin.”

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