Chapter 184: The Second Clue (2)

Chapter 184: The Second Clue (2) 

Looking at how much time had elapsed, Pure Crane figured that Quiet And Steadfast and Nutjob should be catching up soon, and the light in his eyes dimmed a little.

Going back to Morning Glory Chime.

She’d immediately turned back when she heard Pure Crane’s warning and caught sight of the shorty’s sword coming down towards her head.

“Ah!” Morning Glory Chime gave a blood-curdling cry as she dodged to the side.

A woman’s shriek could, at times, be more terrifying than one imagined. The shorty was only one weapon’s length away from Morning Glory Chime, and her world-shaking shriek instantly pierced his eardrums and made its way towards his brain.

With a buzz, the shorty’s ears started ringing, followed by a stab of pain which caused him to draw back his hands and cup his ears unconsciously.

The f*ck! Women are truly terrifying!

At this moment, a silver light flashed, and a dagger punctured the air as it flew by and buried itself in the shorty’s chest.

Bullseye! A critical hit to a weak spot!

The shorty didn’t even have time to cry out for help before he hit the ground.

The sudden change in circumstances caused Morning Glory Chime to unconsciously stop shrieking and stare blankly in the direction the dagger had come from.

The man’s sneaking suit was tightly wrapped around his tall and slender body, allowing the outline of his figure to stand out and give rise to feelings of arousal. His long black hair was simply tied together with a black hairband, which gave off an exceptionally casual and carefree feel. His face was hidden behind a black veil, revealing only a pair of eyes that could draw in a person’s soul. They were a deep black and seemed both expressive and indifferent at the same time. It was as if fire and ice were joined, causing others to be enraptured the moment they laid eyes on him.

“Brother Quiet!” Morning Glory Chime happily called out.

Pure Crane, who was embroiled in a battle with the two other players from the Shinra Sect, immediately beamed with joy when he heard Morning Glory Chime cry out Quiet And Steadfast’s name.

They’ve come!

In contrast to his joy, the Shinra Sect players paused what they were doing, and all of the hairs on their backs instantly stood on end.

There were others behind them!

The two of them promptly gave up on Pure Crane and spun around with their weapons pointed forward and at the ready.

When they’d turned around, they were greeted with the sight of a gigantic, awe-inspiring White Tiger pouncing towards them. When it saw them facing it, it even opened its maw to unleash a roar.

“Roar!” A wave of heat coupled with the stench of blood swept towards them. The force of which was so intense that the two of them unintentionally shut their eyes. Although they couldn’t see, due to the enormous beast’s proximity, they managed to roll to the sides and dodge its claws.

“The Divine Beast, White Tiger?!” After recovering from his roll, the tall man exclaimed in bewilderment as he looked at the enormous white beast in front of Pure Crane.

Shit, we’ve fallen into their trap!

“Ole third, let’s leave!” The tall man shouted to his companion. Then, with a swish of his large cloak, he disappeared from their very eyes.

The remaining fatty, upon seeing that his Boss had run away, also chose not to hang around any longer. In a similar manner, he gave a swish of his cloak and disappeared.

Shen Jingbin, who was trailing behind Mascot, hurriedly ran over to stare blankly at the spot where they’d disappeared from. Feeling a little depressed, she sighed. She then turned to face Morning Glory Chime who was latching onto Quiet And Steadfast beside her and asked, “... Was that a skill?”

Quiet And Steadfast thought for a bit and said, “Mm, that should be a skill that’s exclusive to the Shinra Sect.”

“... Can we still keep playing at this rate?”

“They have lesser people, so they’re disadvantaged no matter how you look at it. If there’s going to be an entertaining showdown between good and evil, they’ll need all sorts of cheats to even the playing field for themselves.” Pure Crane chimed in.

Shen Jingbin curled her hands into fists and said, “We have to kill the members of the Shinra Sect on sight the next time we meet them! We definitely can’t let them get away.”

“As you are now, the only thing that you’ll be doing is being killed on sight.”

“... Screw you!”

Morning Glory Chime stood by Quiet And Steadfast’s side once again; her eyes filled with adoration for him and said, “Brother Quiet, thanks for helping me out just now!”

Quiet And Steadfast just indifferently nodded his head and replied, “Don’t mention it.”

“You were so cool just now!”

“I know.”

Shen Jingbin: … Tsk.

Where’s your sense of modesty!

Realizing that they hadn’t accomplished their goal yet, Pure Crane said, “They’re gone now, but what should we do about the Angelica Ginger that’s in their hands?”

Noticing that the corpse of the shorty Quiet And Steadfast had disposed of hadn’t disappeared just yet, Shen Jingbin walked up and started looting him.

“Congratulations on obtaining a clue related to the Shinra Sect.”

She didn’t find the Angelica Ginger, but she did manage to dig out a clue. After pulling out the clue from the shorty, his corpse turned into a beam of white light and disappeared.

Shen Jingbin stood up and waved the piece of paper in her hand. “It looks like the Angelica Ginger wasn’t on him, but I did find this instead.”

The rest of them proceeded to surround her. “What’s that? Let me see!” Morning Glory Chime asked as she stretched out her hand to snatch the paper away.

Shen Jingbin feinted, causing Morning Glory Chime to grab at air and glance unhappily at her.

“It’s a clue relating to the Shinra Sect,” Shen Jingbin said as she slowly unfolded the slip of paper in front of everyone else.

“Players who’ve joined the Shinra Sect can also invite other players into the sect. However, each player is only allowed to issue one invitation. Moreover, only elite players are given the option to invite others into the sect.”

The four of them looked at one another before Quiet And Steadfast took the slip of paper from Shen Jingbin. “I’ll take this and pass it to Next Week Is Unlikely. I’ll get him to bring it to Hundred Daybreaks so that she can release an announcement about it.”

Shen Jingbin nodded.

“Let’s go back and have another look to see if the Angelica Ginger has respawned. I doubt the players from the Shinra Sect will make another appearance,” Pure Crane said.

The rest of them nodded in agreement.

In reality, disagreeing wasn’t an option since this was the only way forward.

They doubled back to the Angelica Ginger’s gathering point. Luckily for them, the Angelica Ginger had respawned pretty quickly and was there by the time they reached it.

The four of them then began making their way back after picking the Angelica Ginger.

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