Chapter 183: The Second Clue (1)

Chapter 183: The Second Clue (1) 

Around three minutes after the three black figures disappeared, another two more silhouettes appeared from where they’d last been.

“They really did chase after Pure Crane.”

“Mm, let’s quickly give chase.”

A moment later, the two of them were speeding after the three black clothed individuals.

As he had Morning Glory Chime by his side and had to consider her, Pure Crane’s speed was significantly reduced. They heard something behind them before they managed to get far.

When Morning Glory Chime snuck a look behind her, she was so horrified that her face turned pale with fright.

“Bro- Brother Pure Crane!”


“They’ve… they’ve caught up!”

When Pure Crane turned behind them to look, there were indeed three lanky figures chasing after them.

“What should we do? How’d they manage to find us so quickly? Will Brother Quiet and Sister Nutty be able to get to us in time?!” Morning Glory Chime said in a panic.

Pure Crane calmly replied, “Stop worrying and calm down first… We can’t slow down; we have to keep running so that Quiet And Steadfast and Nutjob can catch up to us!” In spite of what he said, Pure Crane’s voice was slightly raised at the end of his speech.

Morning Glory Chime’s body trembled, and she quietly voiced a word of assent before she continued sprinting forward with every last ounce of strength she had.

However, no matter how fast they ran, they still weren’t fast enough to outrun the three Shinra Sect players’ hack-like speed.

A gust of wind swept over their heads, pulling them back from their thoughts. The three Shinra Sect players now stood before them, causing Pure Crane and Morning Glory Chime to halt in their tracks.

“Come on, keep running,” When the two of them stopped, the Shinra Sect player in the middle of the group who was the tallest amongst the three of them obnoxiously spoke up.

All three pursuers were covered by black cloaks and caps, making it impossible to discern anything about their appearances.

Pure Crane hid Morning Glory Chime behind himself and wore a smile of indifference. He acted as if he wasn’t bothered at all by what had happened and said, “What’s the point of running? You guys clearly have a skill that increases your speed, so we definitely wouldn’t be able to outrun your group.”

The tall player was a little dissatisfied since he wasn’t able to see the look of panic on the other party’s face. He gave a light snort and said, “It looks like you’re very calm about all this. But I wonder who was it that shat their pants because of us three brothers? Hahaha!”

He then let out a hearty laugh.

A slightly fatter player behind him tugged at the man’s cloak and issued a reminder in a small voice, “Boss, it’s better if you cut the small talk. In general, those who mouth off too much never make it past the second episode!”

“That’s right, Boss, let’s just get it over with! Things’ll be troublesome if other people come by later,” Said a short figure clothed in black. From the voice, it was apparent that this was the one who’d suggested going after Shen Jingbin just now.

“Kuh,” The tall man choked on his saliva and coughed several times. He then shot a glance at the fatty, but none of his companions caught the roll of his eyes. “I know, I don’t need you lot to butt in!”

The tall man cleared his throat and made a show of taking out his weapon before he roared, “Attack!”

In the blink of an eye, three silhouettes sped forth like a bolt of lightning.

Pure Crane had initially planned on stalling for time by screwing around with them, but he hadn’t expected that the three of them wouldn’t fall for his plan. They hadn’t even exchanged three sentences before the fighting broke out.

He could detect the murderous aura being given off by their weapons, so Pure Crane forced Morning Glory Chime back with a shove of his hand and said, “Look after yourself, don’t bother about me.”

“Brother Pure Crane!” Morning Glory Chime was immediately moved to tears by his actions.

Look at how well Brother Pure Crane treated her! He’d even placed himself in harm’s way because he couldn’t bear to see her hurt! What should she do? Her heart was starting to lean towards Brother Pure Crane… But, Quiet And Steadfast was so handsome and suave too! To top it off, he was the top player in the game. She couldn’t bear to give him up either!

Ah, she had to make such a painful choice!

As she looked for a spot to hide in, her mind was playing out a world-shaking play of misery. If Pure Crane knew of the play that spanned ten thousand words being carried out in her mind, his lips would definitely be violently twitching in response.

Girl, you’re overthinking things! Way! Too! Much! I was only afraid of you getting in my way! You’re a burden!

However, to the three people from the Shinra Sect, compared to the fat lamb in front of them called Pure Crane, Morning Glory Chime was nothing more than a piece of average tasting ribs. Although they wouldn’t get many contributions points from PKing her, she was an easy kill.

The tall man motioned at the short one with his eyes and indicated for him to get rid of Morning Glory Chime who was trying to sneak away, while he and the fatty would deal with Pure Crane.

They were originally of middling strength, but after giving in and joining the Shinra Sect, every aspect of their stats saw a meteoric rise as if they’d been hacked. Now, the two of them working together was more than enough to stand toe to toe with the famous Pure Crane on the leaderboards. Because of this, sending out one of their numbers wouldn’t put any strain on their fighting strength.

When the shorty received the signal, he immediately stepped away from the fight. With his weapon raised, he walked towards Morning Glory Chime who had her back towards him and was looking all over for a place to hide.

“Morning Glory Chime, behind you!” Pure Crane noticed where the shorty was going and split his attention to cry out a warning. However, this moment of inattention resulted in his arm receiving a slash.

“Notification: You have been afflicted with Abyss Poison. You will lose 100 Health every minute over a period of five minutes. This poison cannot be cleansed.”

A burning pain immediately erupted from his arm. However, Pure Crane hurriedly calmed himself down and faced his two opponents, no longer concerning himself with Morning Glory Chime.

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