Chapter 181: A Volatile Situation (1)

Chapter 181: A Volatile Situation (1) 

The two of them landed at the entrance of the Ice Extermination Cavern to wait for Pure Crane and Morning Glory Chime. Before they’d split up, both groups had agreed to gather at the cavern entrance once they finished. However, other than the gentle Snow Mountain Bears, they weren’t able to spot Pure Crane and Morning Glory Chime. The two of them probably hadn’t gotten their hands on the Angelica Ginger yet.

“Don’t kill all the bears, leave some for me to practice on,” After seeing Quiet And Steadfast finish off a bear in one hit, Shen Jingbin felt a little restless and also wanted to try her hand at taking out the bears.

Quiet And Steadfast gave grunted in affirmation. As the Snow Mountain Bears were aggressive red-named mobs, they immediately pounced towards Shen Jingbin the moment he halted his attack and took a step back.

“... Why aren’t they coming at me one by one?!” She cried out in astonishment as she dodged the bears that were throwing themselves at her while attacking the one that was closest to her.

Shen Jingbin wasn’t strong enough to one shot a bear just yet, so when her horsetail whisk struck down on it, the bear roared out in anger and became enraged.

“Every monster has its weak point. Take a moment to observe where the Snow Mountain Bear’s weak point is,” Quiet And Steadfast said as he folded his arms and guided her from the side.

Upon hearing what he said, Shen Jingbin turned back to the enraged Snow Mountain Bear and gazed intently at it.

Thoroughly enraged, the Snow Mountain Bear shifted its stance and reared up on its hind legs, revealing its snow-white belly for all to see. When it did so, Shen Jingbin’s sharp eyes spotted a faint black line on the bear’s belly.

Was that its weak point? But it was on the bear’s belly; how did Quiet And Steadfast know where it was?

Shen Jingbin took a moment to cast a sidelong glance at Quiet And Steadfast before she mustered her strength and attacked the black line.

Critical hit!

It really was its weak point!

A look of joy surfaced on Shen Jingbin’s face, and she began focusing her attacks on the Snow Mountain Bear’s belly.

“You can summon Mascot to train it,” Quiet and Steadfast suggested.

Shen Jingbin wasn’t used to relying on the help of others; which was why even though she had a killing machine like Mascot, it was rarely used unless she was overwhelmed by numbers and could barely hold on. However, given the circumstances now...

She summoned Mascot without hesitation and switched him to combat mode.

She patted Mascot’s head and commanded, “Go Mascot! Finish each of them with a single swipe!”

“Roar!” Mascot raised its head and gave an oppressive howl to the heavens before it leapt towards the mass of Snow Mountain Bears and began its massacre. The Snow Mountain Bears’ levels were nothing to write home about, so Mascot did as Shen Jingbin had commanded and took down each bear with a single swipe.

After Mascot began its attack, Shen Jingbin retreated to where Quiet And Steadfast was standing. As the two of them watched Mascot’s…solo performance, Quiet And Steadfast said, “I realise you don't like summoning Mascot when you’re hunting monsters or PKing, but to be honest, Mascot is a great help. You can even challenge the top tier players on the leaderboards with its help.”

Shen Jingbin scratched her head. “I'm still not very used to it. I keep forgetting that Mascot can be used in battles too.”

“You don’t seem to have any trouble remembering it when it comes to using it as a flying mount,” Quiet And Steadfast said with a smile that failed to reach his eyes.

“... That's because I can't fly on my own.”

Quiet And Steadfast gave her a profound look and said, “Its strength is dependent on your level. Once it’s developed in the future, it can easily match up against an expert in the game. You have to work hard, so you don’t let Mascot down.”

At this moment, Mascot issued a very timely howl, causing black lines to appear on Shen Jingbin’s forehead.

You brat! Just whose pet are you?!

“I'll help power level you as much as I can. As for your gear… I recall you saying your equipment can grow?”

“Mm, but I haven’t been able to level it yet,” She said helplessly. “I’ve tried going back to look for Bai Hua to ask him about it, but I wasn’t able to find him. I couldn’t find any information elsewhere either.”

After a moment’s contemplation, Quiet And Steadfast said, “There are very few pieces of equipment in <<Legend of Celestials and Demons>> that can level up, so it's quite normal for people to not know about it. After all, a person’s treasure arouses the envy of others, and there are times when a person’s envy can be truly terrifying. Even if someone did manage to obtain a piece of growing equipment, they probably wouldn’t say anything about it… How about this? Let’s go ask Hundred Daybreaks once we’re done here.”

Heh heh. Hundred. Day. Breaks!

Shen Jingbin’s temper suddenly flared. “You can go on your own if you want, I never want to see her again.”

Quiet And Steadfast choked. “I'll have Next Week Is Unlikely ask instead.”

Shen Jingbin gave him a look that said, “at least you’ve got tact”.

She definitely would’ve given him the cold shoulder if he dared to go on his own!

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