Chapter 180: Ice Crystal (2)

Chapter 180: Ice Crystal (2) 

After she spoke, she turned around and looked towards the Soul Snaring pond located in the depths of the Ice Extermination Cavern.

To be precise, her gaze fell on the silhouette by the bank of the Soul Snaring pond.

She then walked over to where the silhouette was.

She’d previously gotten a recipe for a high ranked medicinal elixir, and amongst the ingredients, there one was called Shadow Snaring Water which she’d never heard of before. She only knew that said ingredient could be found here when she’d sent someone to ask around about it.

However, the person who’d sold her this information had told her that this was only a possibility but didn’t bring up the specifics of the item. Hence, she’d had to come over to verify the authenticity of the information personally.

“Old man, I have something to ask you,” Crying Fish arrogantly said once she got close enough to the silhouette by the bank of the pond and determined that it belonged to an old man.

She’d been spoiled silly and didn’t know what respect was at all, let alone respect towards an NPC.

But, it didn’t matter how high and mighty she acted, because the old man assumed a sleeping pose on the bank of the pond with his head bowed low and his hands folded against his body; he didn’t respond in the slightest.

Moving back to Quiet And Steadfast’s group, the four members of the party parted ways after leaving the Ice Extermination Cavern. Quiet And Steadfast and Shen Jingbin headed towards Mochan Mountain in search of the Ice Crystal, while Pure Crane and Morning Glory Chime went to Liangcang Peak to look for Angelica Ginger.

Quiet And Steadfast and Shen Jingbin wasted no time in flying to the peak of Mochan Mountain. The old man had given them a hint - the Ice Crystal was named as such because it grew at the highest point on Mochan Mountain. The temperature there was the lowest, causing all living things to turn into crystal.

Locating the peak of Mochan Mountain was a simple matter; a moment’s search was all it took for the two of them to find it.

A small sparkling and translucent flower was swaying about in the frigid winds of Mochan Mountain’s peak.

This was a plant Shen Jingbin had never seen before. Its entire body was translucent, reflecting the colours of the rainbow under the sunlight. It was a breathtaking sight.

“This should be it,” Said Quiet And Steadfast.

Shen Jingbin nodded, and the two of them dove downwards at the same time, breaking their descent when they were about half a meter away from the Ice Crystal.

Shen Jingbin jumped off Mascot and landed on a boulder. She then slowly approached the Ice Crystal with its beauty on full display for all to see.

Shen Jingbin stretched out her hand and drew nearer to the Ice Crystal’s roots. When the flesh on her fingers came into contact with the Ice Crystal, a slight chill coursed through her hand.

“The cold air from the Ice Crystal has frozen you. You have lost 100 HP.” The system notification rang out in Shen Jingbin’s ear, catching her by surprise and causing her to withdraw her hand on reflex.

She’d adjusted her pain level ever since her first death, which was why she’d only felt a slight chill even though the system had informed her that her hand was severely frozen.

Noticing her suddenly withdrawing her hand, Quiet And Steadfast immediately jumped off his mount and walked to her side. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

“It’s nothing. The cold air just froze my hand.”

Quiet And Steadfast frowned. “You're too careless. Since it grows in the coldest region of the mountain, the plant itself is obviously going to be just as cold. How can you just pick it with your bare hands?”

As he spoke, he fished around inside his backpack and pulled out a shabby looking piece of sackcloth.

“What’s this?” Shen Jingbin curiously asked.

“It’s a shabby piece of sackcloth. This can be used as a substitute for silver when you purchase special equipment from the prestige point shop. However, you can only use this to lower the price of silver to a maximum of ten taels, which is also equivalent to five shabby sackcloths.”

Quiet And Steadfast ripped the shabby sackcloth by its seams as he spoke. He then pulled her hand towards him and helped her to wrap it up slowly.

Thanks to the game’s character modifications, her once clear knuckles and her white, slender fingers, were now short and stubby, enabling Quiet And Steadfast to wrap the palm of his large hand around hers in an instant.

Don’t ask why Quiet And Steadfast didn’t just help her pick the Ice Crystal at the very start. Shen Jingbin wasn’t so frail and delicate that she’d start sobbing and asking for help just because she was frozen.

Quiet And Steadfast understood what kind of personality she had, and didn’t bring up helping her. His movements were swift, taking only a moment to wrap up her hand nicely. His did an excellent job of it, and her hand was wrapped up beautifully.

“I’m done,” Quiet And Steadfast said as he patted her bandaged hand after finishing up the last bit of wrapping.

She raised her hand and placed it under the sun to get a better look at it.

Tsk, why’s it so short? My hand was thick, to begin with, but it looks even thicker now after he bandaged it. It seems like it’s swollen!

“Thank you,” She disliked it with a passion, but not even the slightest bit of her displeasure leaked onto her face. After thanking him, she turned around and approached the Ice Crystal once again. This time around, the flesh on her fingers didn’t feel cold when she touched the Ice Crystal’s roots.

She tightened her grip around the Ice Crystal and gradually exerted force with her wrist, lifting it upwards.

“Congratulations, you have obtained an Ice Crystal.”

The system notification rang out the instant the root of the Ice Crystal broke free from the rock. She held the sparkling and translucent Ice Crystal in her hands as it gently swayed about in the sunlight.

“Quickly, put it in your backpack. It’s too cold, don’t hold it in your hands,” Quiet And Steadfast was afraid of her getting frozen and quickly urged her to do as he said.

Shen Jingbin opened up her backpack and obediently placed the Ice Crystal inside it.

Then, they summoned their mounts and quickly returned the way they came.

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