Chapter 177: Delving Into Ice Extermination Cavern (1)

Chapter 177: Delving Into Ice Extermination Cavern (1) 

Ice Extermination Cavern was situated between two snowy mountains, creating a world of frost where few dared tread. And outside the entrance of Ice Extermination Cavern, there was a vast stretch of flat land completely covered in ice.

Since they didn’t have any Floating Light Silk on them and they didn’t know if they’d be able to get their hands on it, they decided to go after the Shadow Snaring Water first.

With Morning Glory Chime in the lead, their group soon arrived at Ice Extermination Cavern.

Likely due to the pure white snow blanketing the one-person-tall entrance, the party of four was almost unable to spot it when they flew by on their mounts.

As most of the monsters in this region gathered in the flatlands outside the entrance, Shen Jingbin and Morning Glory Chime remained seated on their mounts, while Pure Crane and Quiet And Steadfast drifted down to dispatch the monsters that were loitering about the entrance.

The monsters in this area were all pretty cute. The Snow Mountain Bears were as furry as polar bear cubs, while the Snow Demons were as pretty as fairies.

Once they had cleared out most of the monsters, Shen Jingbin and Morning Glory Chime descended.

The moment she hit the ground, Morning Glory Chime jogged over to where Pure Crane and Quiet And Steadfast were and said, “Brother Pure Crane, Brother Quiet And Steadfast, can you guys help me catch a Snow Mountain Bear? I really like them; they look so cute!”

She’d seen these absolutely adorable Snow Mountain Bears the previous time she was here, but the male players accompanying her were all too noob. Let alone helping her catch a Snow Mountain Bear, they couldn’t even get her into the cavern without having to sneak into it. It was a far cry from how they now cleared out the monsters and just swaggered in.

Quiet And Steadfast wordlessly glanced at her before he sheathed his dagger and walked over to Shen Jingbin. Quiet And Steadfast’s blatant ignoring caused Morning Glory Chime to reveal a look of embarrassment immediately, so Pure Crane stepped in once again to smooth things over. “A Snow Mountain Bears’ level is too high; they’re not suitable for you. Later I’ll help you catch some Floofy Bears instead.”

Youzhou was a high-level region, so the monsters around here naturally wouldn’t be weak either. Though a Snow Mountain Bear wasn’t anything to write home about for both Pure Crane and Quiet And Steadfast, it had shaved off a considerable chunk of Morning Glory Chime’s health when it clawed at her. The Floofy Bear that Pure Crane had mentioned, on the other hand, was another bear-shaped monster found in Central Almond Bear Ridge. It looked a little fatter than a racoon, didn’t deal much damage, and was easy to capture. Many male players liked catching them to gain favour with female players.

Morning Glory Chime’s expression eased up a little once she heard Pure Crane say that.

After Quiet And Steadfast neared Shen Jingbin, he coughed and lowered his voice, “Do you like that bear? Want me to catch one for you?”

Shen Jingbin turned to look at the Snow Mountain Bears that were frolicking around in the distance and shook her head. “It’s too troublesome. Mascot’s enough for me.”

She didn’t like those dumb looking bears.

Snow Mountain Bear: Screw you! How can you call me dumb when I look so cute! You’re just blind!

“Let’s enter the cavern,” Pure Crane gave Morning Glory Chime a pacifying nudge on the back and led her in. “I’ll scout ahead. As an added measure, Morning Glory will follow behind me to point you guys in the right direction. Little Jing, you walk in the middle and Guildmaster Steady will bring up the rear. Any objections?”

Shen Jingbin and Quiet And Steadfast shook their heads at the same time. “No problem.”

Morning Glory Chime replied cutely in turn, “I’ll listen to whatever Brother Pure Cranes says.”

After that, the four of them entered the cavern in succession based on the order Pure Crane had decided.

Around ten minutes later, another group of people appeared at the entrance of the Ice Extermination Cavern. The monsters outside the cavern entrance would respawn once every three minutes, and by the time these people showed up, the Snow Mountain Bears that were cleared by Quiet And Steadfast had all respawned. So, they’d had to repeat what Quiet And Steadfast’s group had done and slowly cleared the entrance of monsters.

Shortly after entering the cave, a very narrow path presented itself to Quiet And Steadfast’s group, with many ice spikes protruding from all over the walls of the cavern. After tripping twice, Morning Glory Chime started to throw a tantrum.

“Brother Pure Crane, it hurts, I can’t move anymore.”

Pure Crane, who was at the front of the group, turned and said, “Just hold on for a little bit more. It’s too narrow here so I can’t carry you on my back.”

Morning Glory Chime rubbed her knees and revealed a miserable look on her face. “Brother Pure Crane, can you hold me as we walk then?” While she spoke, she reached out for Pure Crane.

“Girl didn’t you manage on your previous trips?! Dare I ask how you managed in here last time?!” Shen Jingbin thought to herself as black lines covered her forehead.

Pure Crane eyed Morning Glory Chime’s small, outstretched hand that reached towards him, and then glanced at the two expressionless people behind her. His eyes twitched a little before he turned back and held her fingertips. “Let’s go.”

Morning Glory Chime smiled sweetly and stubbornly pressed her hand into Pure Crane’s palm. “Alright.”

Shen Jingbin couldn’t help but share a glance with Quiet And Steadfast.

Did you see that!? Girls these days are so scary!

Good thing you're not the least bit scary!

That’s because I’m reserved!

Indeed, you’ve always been very reserved… when can you show me your unreserved side?

Eh, I feel like I’ll turn into a terrifying person when I let loose.

Quiet And Steadfast gave her a profound look.

…Alright then. In that case, you better remain reserved.

Shen Jingbin: …

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