Chapter 175: An Unavoidable Encounter With An Enemy (1)

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Chapter 175: An Unavoidable Encounter With An Enemy (1)  

It took nearly three hours to travel from A City to B City by plane.

Ever since the day that she’d been ruthlessly rejected by Zhao Chengning, Jian Cishu had been doing her best to avoid him.

First of all, she hadn’t thought of how to face him, and second of all, she didn’t want to give him the impression that she was shameless.

As they’d bought the return ticket on the spot, the only type left was economy class. The three of them sat adjacent to one another, but Jian Cishu didn’t fight to sit by Zhao Chengning’s side like she did in the past. Instead, she took the initiative to sit on the innermost seat, ceding the seat in the middle to Zhao Chengan.

By the time the plane took off, Jian Cishu was feeling drowsy and she nodded off shortly after.

The silence within the plane’s cabin, coupled with the close distance between them, meant that Zhao Chengning could hear the soft sounds of Jian Cishu breathing even with Zhao Chegnan sitting between them.

After casting a glance at Jian Cishu, Zhao Chengning shifted his attention to Zhao Chengan and said, “Bro, why’d you say such things at the airport lounge?”

Zhao Chengan didn’t even look up as he casually flipped through an old magazine and said, “I just wanted to see what she thought of you.”

Tearing the magazine away from his brother’s hand, he said, “You’ll chase your sister-in-law away if you keep this up.”

Now relieved of his magazine, Zhao Chengan turned his attention to his younger brother and said, “Miss Shen probably leads a pampered life at home, right?”

Zhao Chengning nodded. “But she’s not as fragile as…” Zhao Chengning cut himself off halfway and gestured towards Jian Cishu.

“You know what our Mother’s temper is like. Although her opinion isn’t important, she’s skilled at riling others up,” Zhao Chengan said in a slow and deliberate manner.

Seeing his brother nod in agreement, he continued, “No matter what, Miss Shen also hails from a wealthy and prestigious household. Just because she’s good-tempered doesn’t mean she has no temper. If she isn’t serious about you, she’ll leave you once Mother makes things difficult for her and when you end up feeling all depressed, Grandfather will probably take his anger out on me. To avoid that, I decided to help you test her first.”

“You don’t even understand her… Have you ever thought of what would happen if she really overheard what you said and decided to keep her distance from me?” Zhao Chengning retorted.

Zhao Chengan rolled his eyes resentfully at his brother and suddenly changed his tone. “I don’t want a sister-in-law who’s so easily put off.”

“...” Bro, have you forgotten what I told you about me not having even taken the first step with this girl yet?! No wonder you don’t have a girlfriend even when you’re almost thirty. If you desire it, you definitely deserve it! 

Zhao Chengning deeply felt that aside from his Grandfather, who could kind of be considered as on his side, everyone else was against him! Realising this, he resolved to never to bring Shen Jingbin back home again till she became his girlfriend… No, he wouldn’t even bring her back till they were married!

Shen Jingbin resumed her blissful days of enjoying life in the game.

<<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> had invited her to be their ambassador. Before, when she had briefly shown off to Shen Jingchen, the latter had indignantly used his phone to take a photo of himself. He’d then grabbed Shen Jingbin’s phone and asked for Xiangpeng’s WeChat account. A few taps later, his photo was sent over with a caption attached to it: if you’re planning to make her an ambassador then hire me too!

After sending his message, Shen Jingchen felt that his actions weren’t in line with the cold and aloof persona that he portrayed. He attempted to delete his message but found that there was no such function, causing him to fall into depression for a while.

Thankfully for him, his exceptional appearance earned him an immediate reply from Xiangpeng, who said that he’d check in with his superiors for further instructions. To top it off, he even assured Shen Jingchen that there wouldn’t be a problem. Looking at the reply, Shen Jingchen wondered whether he’d been a little too shameless.

Quiet And Steadfast also seemed to have fallen back into his usual login timings. However, something significant had happened in the game during the few days that they were gone for.

While they were away, the game had suddenly made a system announcement. It said that more than half of the players had entered the Shinra Sect through various means. It also mentioned that members of the Shinra Sect could now earn contribution points if they killed disciples from any of the other sects, earning themselves between 1 to 5 contribution points. The exact amount they earned per kill would be determined by the differences between them. Also, any Lead Disciple they took out would earn them 50 contribution points; while taking out a Sect Leader would earn them 500 points and the opportunity to meet their Sect Leader once.

The system announcement had caused waves of shock to run through countless players.

Players who joined the Shinra Sect would still retain their identities as disciples of the Six Great Sects and would act like undercover agents.

Furthermore, if they launched a sneak attack on other players, the victim would only receive a notification that ‘a disciple of the Shinra Sect has launched a sneak attack’ on them instead of revealing their names. The coup de grace was that the Shinra Sect had completely broken away right from the get-go. Normal players who were targeted by them had no chance of escaping and could only quietly sink to the depths of Hell as they were slaughtered.

In short, it was now an uphill battle to fight an enemy in the dark.

When Shen Jingbin logged in, the entire game was filled with talks of who the Shinra Sect disciples were; everyone felt danger all around them.

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