Chapter 171: You’re Different (1)

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Chapter 171: You’re Different (1) 

The moment Shen Jingbin stepped out, she spotted Zhao Chengning standing beneath a street lamp.

No longer in the suit that he wore during the day, the khaki pants he had on now revealed his slender legs for all to see, while the shirt he wore still looked the same as the one he was wearing earlier, but without a trace of his classy tie. Instead, it was replaced by a beige windbreaker, making him look far more easy-going than he did before.

The warm light spilling from the lights above dyed his shoulders a hazy hue of yellow, causing Shen Jingbin to suddenly feel like exclaiming: he looks amazing.

Recalling his low voice over the phone, she worriedly thought that he might have something important to tell her. She quickened her footsteps and walked briskly over to him.


Before she finished, Zhao Chengning suddenly leaned towards her. Many years of martial arts training made her want to instinctively dodge, but almost as if he’d seen through her movements, Zhao Chengning grabbed her by the wrist. By the time she stopped, she was already wrapped in his embrace.

The f*ck! What the hell just happened?!

Shen Jingbin’s head imploded.

She could feel the thudding of his heart and his hand tightening around his back. She could even feel even the faint rising and falling of his chest as he breathed.

Freaking hell, this is too stimulating! Her nose felt so itchy!

Meanwhile, Shen Jingchen had run out to see what had happened and immediately felt his knees turn to jelly when he saw the scene in front of him. Fortunately, he gripped the doorframe in time to stop himself from collapsing.

Goodness gracious, what did he just see?!

Was his family’s demon queen actually being held in the hands of another man like a rabbit? And what’s more was that Shen Jingbin wasn’t actually resisting him. She was acting like an obedient rabbit!

This is too f*cking unreal!

Zhao Chengning, I respect you, bro!

Zhao Chengning’s restless heart only managed to slowly calm down after he caught a faint whiff of Shen Jingbin’s fragrant hair and felt her delicate yet strong body in his arms. The feeling of disgust lingering from being hugged by Jian Cishu was now replaced by an indescribable sense of joy from within.

Having calmed down, Zhao Chengning released her when he felt a sudden force push against his chest.

Using the force of the push to take a small step back, Zhao Chengning spoke first. “Sorry.”

Since he’d apologised, pursuing the matter any further would make her seem a bit too aggressive. After calming herself down, she asked, “What happened to you?”

“It’s nothing,” He couldn’t possibly say that he felt disgusted after being hugged by another woman so he came looking for her for consolation. That’d make him out to be too much of a weakling!

And he could vouch that Shen Jingbin didn’t like guys that were too weak.

Is it nothing?

Shen Jingbin’s brows knitted.

Was he reluctant to tell her?

After giving him a once over, although she wasn’t satisfied with his answer, her good upbringing prevented her from pressing him any further. Instead, she changed the topic and said, “The public transport back to your hotel ends pretty early. Getting a cab at night isn’t easy either. How do you plan to go back later?”

Zhao Chengning was acting purely on impulse when he came looking for her, so he hadn’t thought so far ahead. The reality of his situation only dawned on him when he’d heard what she said.

No wonder the taxi driver had looked so suspicious of him on the way here.

Seeing him remain silent, Shen Jingbin continued asking, “Where’s your brother and Miss Jian?”

“They’re at the hotel.”

“You came on your own?”

“Mhm. It would’ve been inconvenient if they came along.”

Hey, bro, what’re you planning to do?

At that moment, Shen Jingchen came running over. He had waited till they parted before he came over, so this wasn’t him being inconsiderate!

As he neared, he asked. “Ah Ning, why are you here?”

“Uh,” Tongue-tied, Zhao Chengning was at a loss for words.

Shen Jingchen looked at him, then at his sister, before he revealed a “hehehe, I get it I get it” look on his face. “Oh, don’t mind that, I was just asking. Now that you’re here, you probably can’t get back at this time. Why don’t you stay the night here then? We have empty guest rooms anyway.”

“Won’t I be intruding?”

“No no, why would you be intruding? But, does your brother know you’re here?”

“Mhm,” Whether he knew or not wasn’t important.

“Then let’s go in, it’s quite cold outside,” Shen Jingbin had no qualms about Shen Jingchen’s suggestion. Since Zhao Chengning agreed, then she’d follow along as well.

Immediately after she spoke, a gust of chilling wind swept past them. Zhao Chengning was fine, but the two Shen siblings that had previously rushed out of the house in a hurry shivered from the cold.

It was only then that Zhao Chengning realized Shen Jingbin only had a knitted shirt on her when she came outside. Her thin waist was so delicate that it looked like it’d shatter from the slightest touch. Suddenly, Zhao Chengning felt his heart going out to her.

Had he been too rash?

Having thought of that, he no longer dared to delay them any further and hurriedly gave a grunt of affirmation to Shen Jingbin before he followed them into the house.

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