Chapter 170: I Want To See You (2)

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Chapter 170: I Want To See You (2) 

“I have nothing to say as long as your company is able to comply with her personal wishes. However, I won’t stand idly by if your company uses underhanded means to do so,” Zhao Chengning knew the other party wasn’t able to see his face, but he still wore a resolute expression in spite of it.

He knew there were some gaming companies that promised one thing when they offered a deal but did something else once the actual contract was signed. This led to many young ambassadors, who lacked experience, to be tricked.

Even though Conglan was a large corporation and Shen Jingbin didn't seem like those simple-minded ambassadors, he still wouldn’t allow a single thing to go wrong.

Yes, Conglan was a large company, but it was also a company from B City. And, as long as it was in B City, he’d have some influence.

“Rest assured, I can definitely promise that! Also, our company wouldn’t dare to provoke someone with Miss Shen’s background.”

Zhao Chengning hung up after exchanging a few more words with Xiangpeng over the phone. He turned back and found that Jian Cishu was still sitting on the bed with red eyes and staring bitterly at him through the French window.

With his face falling, Zhao Chengning walked over and asked, “Why are you still here?”

Jian Cishu locked her gaze on him without speaking, and that had him narrowing his eyes as he said, “It’s late and I need to rest. You should head back.”

Jian Cishu refused to budge. Several seconds later, she stood. Just as he thought she was going to leave, she suddenly pounced on him.

“Jian Cishu! What are you doing?!”

Although they were near one another, Zhao Chengning hadn’t expected her to be so daring and jump right at him.

Her pyjamas were made out of a thin and silky material, so when she pressed against him, Zhao Chengning could tell that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath them.

That realisation left him in the foulest of moods. Stretching out both his hands, he roughly jerked her out of her tight embrace without the slightest of care for her being a woman.

“Uncle and Auntie Jian sure taught their daughter well, huh? Jian Cishu, you better immediately get out of my room, or else don’t blame me for what I do next!” Zhao Chengning declared as anger brewed in his eyes.

Tears had once again started streaming down Jian Cishu’s face when she was pushed away by Zhao Chengning; she’d never expected Zhao Chengning to ignore her feelings for him even after she went to this extent. Looking at his handsome, ashen face, she indignantly wiped her tears and got up, before dashing out of his room without looking back.

After hearing his door slam shut, Zhao Chengning loosened his tie and raked a hand through his hair in frustration.

He hadn’t expected Jian Cishu to suddenly pull off a stunt like that. Just thinking about her chest pressing up against him when she embraced him made his hair stand on end.

Feeling strangely impatient, Zhao Chengning looked about his room before he eventually grabbed a jacked and left the hotel without looking back.

In the Shen siblings’ villa, Shen Jingbin realised Quiet And Steadfast hadn’t logged in these past few days and, for some strange reason, the thought of this made her feel a little empty inside. She clearly hadn’t felt this way before.

It’s probably because he’d brought her levelling and she’d developed a sense of reliance on him, right?

Eh, that definitely wasn’t a good sign.

Sitting on the sofa, Shen Jingbin suddenly shook her head as though she was trying to shake something out of her head. Unfortunately for her, Shen Jingchen happened to see her doing that.

“What’re you doing? Going crazy?” Shen Jingchen said as he handed her a cup of milk.

Shen Jingbin accepted the cup of milk and rolled her eyes at him. “You’re the one who’s going crazy.”

Shen Jingchen shrugged and sat beside her. “Not logging on to play?”

Shen Jingbin sipped a mouthful of milk. The pure, fragrant milk was unsweetened, leaving a rich aftertaste in her mouth. “You’re not playing either.”

“Tch, your brother here is trying to strike a balance between work and play; I need to rest.”

“I’m resting too.”

“Bah, like I’d believe you,” Shen Jingchen supported the back of his head with his hand as he looked at her and said, “Say, are you not playing because our Guild Leader’s offline? I saw you levelling with him a lot these past few days; looks like you’ve been enjoying life. What, did things heat up between the two of you?”

“You really have a black hole in your head.”

“Sigh, this brat really is a handful. Can’t we have a proper chat?”

“With you?” Shen Jingbin turned to look at him. “Impossible.”

Shen Jingchen immediately grabbed a bolster and raised it as if he was about to hit her. However, he wilted in terror when Shen Jingbin shot a glare at him.

“Tigress,” He hissed out, feeling unresigned.

Shen Jingbin shot a disdainful smile at him before she tipped her head and downed the rest of the milk. Standing up, she said, “Wash the cup, I’m going to bed after I take a shower. Remember to get up earlier and wake me up in the morning.”

“F*ck! I’ll tell Mom and Dad you’re bullying their son!”

Shen Jingbin rolled her eyes and opened her mouth to retort.

At that moment, her phone started ringing.

Shen Jingbin motioned at him in an intimidating manner before she picked up her phone.

“I’m outside your house, can you come out for a minute?” Zhao Chengning’s low voice was heard when she picked up the phone.

Shen Jingbin immediately turned to look out the wooden door but it was tightly closed, so she couldn’t see anything.

“What’s up?” Shen Jingchen followed suit and turned to look at the door.

Shen Jingbin ignored him. “You mean now?”


“Hold on,” Shen Jingbin hung up, threw the phone at Shen Jingchen, and then ran out.

“What’s with her?” Shen Jingchen caught the phone, a look of confusion crossing his face as he stared at her back. “Didn’t she say that she’s going to sleep after washing up? Where’s she going? Why does it seem like she’s going to meet her lover?”

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