Chapter 166: Meeting A Love Rival Once Again (2)

Chapter 166: Meeting A Love Rival Once Again (2)

Before long, the school forums had a new trending post that was labeled with “hot”. The post was only published a few minutes ago, but it had already gotten almost a million views.

“【The longer you live longer, the more you experience】I’ve found a new God to match with my Goddess!”

“The one above me, give me a second to catch my breath first! OP [1. Don’t forget, OP = Original Poster. Netspeak ftw \(^▽^)/] is still very excited!!”

“How many people went for the lecture at the Management Department today? I’m talking about students from the other departments. I’m from the Foreign Language Department and I had nothing better to do, so I decided to attend. And then… freaking hell! I was KO-ed by the lecturer's appearance! He’s so freaking hot!”

“Inb4 thread goes viral.”

“OP, please don’t beat around the bush.”

“Alright. Moving on to the main point, once the lecture ended, this poster went to Little Fragrance Pavilion to eat with my dorm mates. But who would’ve thought that we’d actually bump into the God from the lecture and Goddess Shen from the Management Department who were there to eat together! F*ck, seeing that picture made me feel like my eyes, that had been polluted for the past twenty years of my life, had now been purified!”

“Look at these pictures I secretly took! Shh, let’s keep this to ourselves kay! Don’t disclose it!”



“OP! I saw them too! I was at Little Fragrance Pavilion today too! F*ck, the two of them looked so compatible I had a nosebleed! I used to worry about what kind of guy it’d take to be worthy of our beautiful Goddess Shen, but today I’ve finally understood the true meaning of the words ‘a match made in heaven’!”




The carnage taking place outside, however, was completely different from the lovey-dovey atmosphere within the room. The two of them enjoyed an extremely pleasant lunch and left together.

When they came out, the dining hall was still full of people.

Zhao Chengning swept a look around and said, “Business here looks pretty good.”

“Mhm, it’s decent.”

But, why were all these people still hanging around even though they’d already finished their food?

Not minding the scorching gazes that stemmed from the ‘children’ in the dining hall, the two of them walked straight out of the restaurant.

When Zhao Chengning offered to send her back home, Shen Jingbin simply nodded her head and accepted.

However, Zhao Chengning’s phone started ringing shortly after they drove off.

Zhao Chengning picked it up and “Mhm”ed a few times before hanging up.

“Do you have something on?”

“My brother said that he and Jian Cishu are at the mall and told me to pick them up. They haven’t had lunch yet.”

The mall was in the complete opposite direction of Shen Jingbin’s house, so Zhao Chengning couldn't quite decide on where to go first.

“Go pick them up since they called. I can get off here and go back on my own.”

Zhao Chengning’s brows knitted. He wasn’t just willing to drop her off like this; that would be far too ungentlemanly of him. And...

He couldn't bear to do so.

“Hold on, how about we go together instead? I'm not very familiar with what’s good in A City. You can help me if you come along.”

After thinking about it for a bit, Shen Jingbin retracted her hand that was reaching towards the car door. “That’s fine too.”

The faintest of smiles stretched across Zhao Chengning’s lips.

The car slowly started once again and u-turned, before it drove off in the other direction.

Both Jian Cishu and Zhao Chengan were seated at a cafe in A City’s mall, drinking coffee as they waited for Zhao Chengning to pick them up.

To give them a better view of things, they’d chosen to sit near the window.

Jian Cishu would always feel unconsciously anxious and wouldn’t know what to do whenever she was around Zhao Chengan.

Zhao Chengan had clearly noticed her anxiety, causing his black eyes to further darken in response. Despite that, he continued acting as if he hadn’t seen anything.

Only the sounds of their spoons clinking against their coffee cups could be heard as they stirred their drinks.

Jian Cishu’s eyes, that had been staring out the window the whole time, suddenly lit up. “Ah! It’s Brother Chengning!” She excitedly exclaimed before she immediately stood and rushed out the door towards the Jaguar parked outside.

The car was provided as a means of transport for Zhao Chengning by the hotel they were staying in, and Jian Cishu had gone with him to collect it so she could clearly remember what it looked like.

Zhan Chengan glanced at the shopping bags on the floor that Jian Cishu had forgotten to take and picked them up before following her out.

The Jaguar’s window slowly lowered, revealing Zhao Chengning’s incomparably handsome face that she’d expected.

“Brother Chengning, you're here!”

Zhao Chengning nodded his head indifferently and asked, “Where's my brother?”

It was only then that she thought of Zhao Chengan. She gave a soft “ah” at her realization and said, “Brother Chengan is behind…”

However, she was cut off by someone before she could finish. “I'm here.”

Zhao Chengan walked out after Jian Cishu with shopping bags in hand. Upon seeing what he held, Jian Cishu said a little embarrassedly, “Brother Chengan, why don't I carry my own things?”

However, Zhao Chengan refused to let her take them from him. “We’ll put it in the car later, so it's the same regardless of who carries it. Let's get in the car.”

“Oh,” Jian Cishu replied obediently and rounded the car as she made her way towards the passenger seat.

“Jian Cishu…” Both brothers said in unison, but Jian Cishu had already opened the door to ride shotgun.

A flawlessly perfect girl was currently sitting impressively inside.

After noticing Shen Jingbin, Jian Cishu paused for a moment before she said, “It’s you… Why are you here?”

Jian Cishu, whose head was only filled with thoughts of Zhao Chengning, had completely failed to notice that there was another person in the car. Now that she’d seen Shen Jingbin, she was a little unsure of how to react.

Zhao Chengan had already noticed someone sitting in the passenger seat when Zhao Chengning lowered the car window. He tried to warn Jian Cishu when he saw her walking towards the passenger seat, but ended up being just a moment too slow.

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