Chapter 162: A Sly Boy (2)

Chapter 162: A Sly Boy (2) 

Luo Xiaoqing and her roommate both turned to face the girl at the same time. “Who are you?”

“Who I am isn’t important. I heard you were trying to provoke Shen Jingbin?”

Luo Xiaoqing frowned. “What does it have to do with you?”

“Ah, little junior, this Senior advises you not to be so conceited. Shen Jingbin isn’t someone you can provoke. With her temperament, she probably won’t bother arguing with you, but those fans of hers aren’t as well-behaved. Don’t claim ignorance when someone screws you over one day,” The girl sized her up from head to toe. “What’s more, I don’t know how you even have the nerve to face her when you look like this. You’re simply asking to be humiliated.”

“You!” The girl’s words infuriated Luo Xiaoqing. Flushed with anger, she immediately tried to refute her.

Unfortunately, their exchange had caused too big a commotion, attracting the attention of the student in charge of maintaining order at the entrance.

“Hello fellow student, can you please keep quiet.”

Because the lecture this time was organised by the Management Department, the one responsible for maintaining order was naturally a student council member from the Management Department.

Shen Jingbin had countless fans in other departments, let alone the Management Department. And, this student in front of them just so happened to be one of those very fans.

Once she saw Luo Xiaoqing’s face, she sneered in her heart. “Ah, so you’re the one who dares challenge our Goddess Shen. I’ll definitely treat you well!

“This lecture is only for us students of the Management Department. I don’t believe you’re one of our students? Since you snuck inside, could I trouble you to maintain a low-profile? Otherwise, don’t blame me for chasing you out.” She said reasonably.

“Senior, I’m so sorry. It wasn’t intentional, we apologise,” Her roommate hurriedly apologised to prevent Luo Xiaoqian from quarrelling with her.

“Please keep an eye on your classmate, thank you!” The student council member glared a warning at Luo Xiaoqing before she left.

Luo Xiaoqing felt like her lungs would burst every time she came over to the Management Department.

Shaking off her roommate’s hand, Luo Xiaoqing sat down indignantly. “Next time, don’t ask me to come for this kind of thing!”

If it weren’t for you being the only one left in the dorm, do you really think I’d call you along?” Her roommate grumbled inwardly. However, she wore an apologetic expression and said, “I’m sorry, she’s our Senior. Let’s just endure it.”

“Haah, you overestimate yourselves,” The girl beside them sneered.

Luo Xiaoqing glared at her, silently suppressing her fury.

“Jing Jing, over here!”

When Shen Jingbin and Huajuan reached the third row, Xiao He stood up and waved them over.

The two of them immediately walked over to the empty seats beside Xiao He.

Right when they were seated, they saw the department’s Director walk on stage with a microphone in hand. He cleared his throat and said, “Students, please settle down! Allow me to say something first: this lecture was originally organised for the students of our Management Department, yet I see a lot of unfamiliar faces… But, I will disregard the intentions of the students from the other faculties. Since you’re here, I ask all of you to give the lecturer your full attention. Who knows, it might bring about a heaven-defying change in your lives…”

“Tch, the Director’s serving chicken soup again,”[2. Chicken soup for the soul, aka inspirational stories about people's lives] Huajuan quietly commented by Shen Jingbin’s side.

Shen Jingbin cast a sidelong glance at her. “You should pay attention, it’ll change your life.”

Huajuan stuck out her tongue. “You trying to pull a fast one on me?”

The Director spent a total of ten minutes serving up chicken soup for the soul. Just when Shen Jingbin felt like she almost couldn’t take it anymore, he halted his supply of chicken soup and began to introduce their lecturer for the day.

“I’m sure you students have all heard of the Conglan Corporation, right? Conglan is a miraculous existence in our industry. In just three years, it went from a small firm with merely tens of personnel to the current biggest taxpayer in B City. Today, the person we’ve invited here for you today is none other than Conglan Corporation’s CEO, Zhao Chengning! Let’s give a warm round of applause to welcome Mr Zhao!”

Once the name “Zhao Chengning” came up, Shen Jingbin stared wide-eyed at the podium until a slender silhouette sauntered up from the side of the stage, the light slowly revealing his form as he came into contact with it. It was then that she was able to confirm that she hadn’t been mistaken.

It really was Zhao Chengning!

This guy had actually managed to cover all of this up!

What a sly boy!

Shen Jingbin suddenly felt cheated.

Lecturer = rumoured deity = Zhao Chengning. This was obviously far too unexpected, and she spent the entire lecture lost in her thoughts.

She only managed to snap out of her reverie when a burst of ardent applause rung out in the auditorium.

“Alright, now let’s move on to the question and answer segment. Students who have questions will now have the time to organize their thoughts. Later, when your name is called, you may direct your questions to Mr Zhao over here. Allow me to remind all of you to ask meaningful questions. Don’t ask about anything too personal.”

Shen Jingbin heard the girls behind her start whispering excitedly when the Director stopped speaking.

“Ahhhhhh! We can ask questions now! I wanna ask him what kind of girls he likes!”

“I want his contact details!”

“Hey, do you think I can request an internship at Conglan? With a Boss as handsome as him, I feel like going to work would become a happy affair.”

Shen Jingbin’s face darkened. Ladies, are you planning to ignore the Director’s reminder? Don’t screw around, the Director of our Management Department is very scary, okay?! Students who dare to disregard our Director’s words so brazenly definitely aren’t students from the Management Department!

The time they were given to prepare their questions was actually very short. In but a moment, the Director announced that they could field their questions.

No one knows whether the Director did it intentionally, but the students chosen to ask questions were all from their Management Department. The questions they asked were all normal questions, so the atmosphere in the auditorium seemed quite harmonious.

However, the Director still made a faux pas and allowed Huajuan to ask a question.

Strictly speaking, Huajuan was normally very well-behaved in front of her teachers, but in actual fact, she was a very mischievous person.

In front of such a large audience, she naturally reverted to her true self.

“Mr Zhao, what kind of girl do you like?! What do you think of this beauty beside me? Is she your type?”

Everyone: …

Director: …

Shen Jingbin: ...

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