Chapter 161: A Sly Boy (1)

Chapter 161: A Sly Boy (1) 

The siblings helped the three of them settle down in the hotel before bringing them out to eat.

Thinking that they would be exhausted after rushing about all day, they decided not to bother them any further and returned home after the meal.

Before they returned home though, Zhao Chengning told Shen Jingbin that they already had plans for the next morning and that she didn’t need to worry about them.

This just so happened to be in line with her thoughts. After all, she had something to do.

Early the next morning, Shen Jingbin shook Shen Jingchen awake and had him send her to school.

Rumor had it that the successful entrepreneur’s lecture was to be held in the school auditorium. Jiang Meng and Xiao He had already gone ahead to save them seats, leaving Huajuan at the school entrance to wait for her.

After meeting up with Huajuan, Shen Jingbin dismissed Shen Jingchen with a wave of her hand and left with Huajuan.

Arriving at the auditorium, Shen Jingbin was a little startled when she saw the dense crowd of people that filled the room.

When did their Management Department have so many people?

“Someone posted a 101[1. 101 means "introductory something". The allusion is to a college course with the course code 101, which in the American system and probably others indicates an introductory course, often with no prerequisites.] about this entrepreneur on the school forums along with his photo. This resulted in him becoming a hot topic and people from other departments ran over to join in on the action,” Huajuan explained.

“Photo? Is he hot?” Only a hot guy could stir up such a huge commotion in A University. As she glanced over at the auditorium, apart from the students in the Management Department, a large majority of the occupants were beautifully dressed female students from other departments.

Huajuan’s eyes lit up, “He’s not just hot, he’s practically divine! How else do you think he could’ve attracted so many she-wolves?” After saying so, she started digging through her phone. “I don’t remember whether I saved his photo, let me find it for you.”

After searching for a while, it seemed as if she hadn’t actually saved it. Huajuan thought that this was very irrational. “Strange, it looks like I didn’t save it! No matter, I’ll look for that 101 thread; it shouldn’t have been deleted yet,” She then began surfing the forums in an attempt to find the post.

However, it might have been due to the confined space in the auditorium, or it might have been because there were too many people, but her phone’s internet was just too poor and she couldn’t open the page at all.

Shen Jingbin wasn’t bothered much by this. Either way, she’d be able to see this person’s face once the lecture began, so the photo wasn’t that important. “Forget it, don’t bother searching anymore. We’ll see him in person once the lecture starts.”

Huajuan thought for a moment. “That’s true.”

Jiang Meng and Xiao He had gone quite early, so they managed to nab seats that were right at the very front, earning themselves a very good view.

Shen Jingbin attracted a lot of attention the moment she stepped into the auditorium. After all, she was someone who had her own built-in special effects.

The Management Department’s Goddess didn’t show her face often. Upon seeing her, many people swiftly fished out their phones and started taking pictures of her.

This was the Goddess! Even if today’s lecture was really boring, the Goddess alone made coming here worth the while!

Luo Xiaoqian had been dragged over by her roommate to attend the lecture. She had said that the lecturer was handsome enough to arouse the indignation of both men and gods, and yet he was still a bachelor!

She hadn’t seen the 101 thread on the forums, nor did she have much faith in her roommate’s tastes, but she still wasn’t able to avoid being dragged along.

Whatever, it’s not like she had classes in the morning anyway, she’ll just act as a spectator.

However, she hadn’t expected to run into Shen Jingbin!

It was truly a case of something knocking at your door after searching everywhere for it. She’d spent so much effort looking for Shen Jingbin, but she ended up showing up when she least expected it.

Luo Xiaoqing and her roommate arrived a little late, so they only managed to nab themselves some seats near the back door. Seeing Shen Jingbin about to pass her, Luo Xiaoqing got to her feet with a stomp.

“Xiaoqing, what are you doing?” Her roommate was startled by her action and looked at her in confusion.

Seeing Luo Xiaoqing glaring towards the center aisle, her roommate shifted her gaze over as she spoke.

Nearly everyone in A University knew about Luo Xiaoqing from the Music Conservatory and the Management Department’s Goddess, Shen Jingbin. The main reason for this was the Goddess’ overwhelming popularity amongst the seniors. People would take note of even the most minute of things related to her, let alone something as huge as this. Naturally, Luo Xiaoqing’s roommate knew of it as well.

However, she thought that Luo Xiaoqing was a complete imbecile. She had absolutely no chance of winning against Senior Shen.

Afraid of her doing something irrational in such a public place, her roommate hurriedly grabbed her and said, “Xiaoqing, don’t be so impulsive. You have to be aware of the consequences of doing something in a place like this!”

Her roommate’s words helped cool off some of Luo Xiaoqing’s hot-headedness. She snorted as she angrily watched Shen Jingbin walk further away before returning to her seat.

Her roommate quietly heaved a sigh of relief.

“Are you the Music Conservatory’s Luo something-something?” At this moment, a fashionably-dressed girl sat beside the two of them and suddenly spoke.

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