Chapter 160: Love Rivals (2)

Chapter 160: Love Rivals (2) 

By the time Shen Jingbin had finished changing her clothes and come down downstairs, Shen Jingchen was also done and had neatly packed away all the groceries, so the pair of siblings then left for the airport.

Coincidentally, Zhao Chengning called just after the siblings parked their car. However, the number that he dialed was Shen Jingchen’s.

Shen Jingchen gave her a smug wink before he picked up the phone while Shen Jingbin, on the other hand, wordlessly rolled her eyes.

Shen Jingchen hung up after issuing a few grunts. The smug look on his face was now gone, replaced by a look of uneasiness instead.

“What’s with that look on your face?” Shen Jingbin asked.

Shen Jingchen pondered over how he should break the news he’d heard to her.

“Uh… Ah Ning didn’t come alone. He’s brought several friends along with him…”

“Friends? Do we know them?”

“From his tone, it doesn’t sound like we know them.”

“We can get to know them now then. What’s wrong with your face?”

“I was just feeling sorry for you. I thought you guys were going to have some time alone, but who would've thought that Ah Ning himself would bring along some light bulbs.”

“... You’re full of it. Shut up.”


As they talked and walked along, the pair found themselves in front of the arrival gate.

There were a lot of people waiting around at this time, so all that could be seen was a wave of people gushing out of the arrival gates. Some pulled along luggage bags, a few slung on their backpacks as they made calls, others exited in a rush, and the rest leisurely strolled out.

At this moment, an eye-catching silhouette appeared within the thronging crowd. He had a slender build and air of excellence about him. He captured the attention of everyone present the moment he appeared, preventing onlooking from looking away.

“Ah Ning!” Shen Jingchen raised his voice and shouted. He even waved his hand in tandem to indicate where he was.

When he heard Shen Jingchen’s voice, Zhao Chenging looked towards them and spotted Shen Jingbin standing beside her brother. At that moment, his eyes seemed to glow a little brighter.

Shen Jingbin felt like her heart was beating a little faster.

Once Zhao Chengning neared them, Shen Jingchen look around for a bit but wasn’t able to find anyone else.

“Eh? Weren’t you with your friends? Where are they?”

“They’re off getting our luggage. I came out first to look for you guys.”

“Will you be staying here for a few days this time around?” Shen Jingbin curiously asked.

When Zhao Chengning heard her voice, he subconsciously shifted his gaze to Shen Jingbin and his eyes curved upwards in joy. Shen Jingbin felt as if his eyes were filled with twinkling stars, making them look especially beautiful.

“Mm. If nothing out of the ordinary happens, I should be here for a few days.”

Shen Jingbin nodded her head and was just about to reply when she heard a woman’s delicate voice.

“Brother Chengning.”

The two siblings looked towards the source of the voice.

A sweet looking girl walked up to them with a mixture of curiosity, anxiousness, and happiness on her face… In short, her face was riddled with emotions as she looked on at them.

Behind her was a tall, well-built, and handsome man with dashing eyebrows and sparkling eyes. Based on his appearance, he seemed to resemble Zhao Chengning closely. In his hand, he held three luggage bags. Exuding a gentlemanly aura, he looked towards the Shen siblings and nodded at them.

This man was probably Zhao Chenging’s relative.

At this moment, Shen Jingbin suddenly thought of what Zhao Chengning had told her last time about his older brother who was in Africa.

The siblings shared a tacit understanding and retracted their gazes at the same time. They then waited for Zhao Chengning’s introduction.

After calling out to Zhao Chengning, the girl jogged up to the three of them. She gazed bashfully at the two siblings before she looked down at the ground in embarrassment.

She looked just like a young married woman.

At this moment, the well-built man walked over and used his hand that had been dragging along the luggage bags to shake hands with Shen Jingchen.

“Hi, I’m Zhao Chengan, Chengning’s older brother.”

“I’m Shen Jingchen, and this is my younger sister Shen Jingbin,” Shen Jingchen courteously replied.

Noticing Zhao Chengan’s gaze had fallen on her, Shen Jingbin gave a slight smile in acknowledgement.

“This girl over here is the daughter of a family friend, Jian Cishu. She came along with us to see what A City’s like,” Seeing as Jian Cishu had no intention of introducing herself, Zhao Chengning took the initiative to introduce her instead.

However, Jian Cishu was evidently very dissatisfied with her identity as ‘the daughter of a family friend’. Like a child throwing a tantrum, she immediately cried out softly, “Brother Chengning”, but Zhao Chengning acted as if he hadn’t heard anything.

“Let’s go. We’ll send you guys to your hotel first since you’ve got a lot of luggage,” Shen Jingbin said.

Zhao Chengning nodded his head and retrieved his luggage from his brother. He then followed behind Shen Jingbin and left.

In accordance with gentlemanly etiquette, Shen Jingchen offered to help Jian Cishu carry her luggage. At the same time, he also took a box from Zhao Chengan.

Jian Cishu shot a winning smile at Shen Jingchen and thanked him before she jogged after Zhao Chengning who’d gone ahead.

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