Chapter 157: Hundred Daybreaks (1)

Chapter 157: Hundred Daybreaks (1) 

Shen Jingbin suddenly recalled the slip of paper she’d received in Undying City, so quickly fishing it out, she then handed it to Quiet And Steadfast.

“I got it this morning in Undying City when I was with Pure Crane and his friends. Have a look.”

Quiet And Steadfast took the slip of paper from her hand. After glancing at it, the expression on his face changed. Seeing this, Shen Jingbin asked, “What’s wrong?”

“This clue of yours really came at the right time,” Seeing the look of confusion on Shen Jingbin’s face, he continued, “It’s been quite some time since the release of the Demonic Sect expansion, and someone in our guild heard that players from the Demonic Sect have already killed other players. However, we didn’t have any information on who the members of the Demonic Sect were because the system is protecting them while they’re still weak.”

Shen Jingbin frowned. “Not even from the players that were killed? Didn’t they see what their assailants looked like?”

Quiet And Steadfast shook his head. “No. They were wearing mantles when they appeared, so none of them managed to get a good look at their attackers. There wasn’t any notification when the players were attacked either.”

Quiet And Steadfast paused for a moment. “We’ve suffered many losses because we didn’t know who our enemies were. Now, with this hint of yours, we have a few clues about who the past attackers could have been.”

“I know someone who’s definitely from the Demonic Sect.”


“Reckless East Emperor of Sovereign’s Descent. He mounted a sneak attack on me when I was in Hell during the Redwood Forest incident. I killed him a second time without much trouble.”

“Alright. I’ll get the guild members to take note of him.”

Shen Jingbin felt that this wasn’t enough. “You’re very close to Hundred Daybreaks. You can reveal it to them so that more people will know about the clue.”

Quiet And Steadfast was a little flabbergasted. “This was a reward that you fought for, are you sure you want to just give it out like that?”

“This likely concerns both factions. There’s no point in me keeping it to myself; it’d be much better to make it public.”

“Alright. I’ll look for Hundred Daybreaks in a bit then.”


“Do you want to meet Hundred Daybreaks with me?” Quiet And Steadfast suddenly asked.

Shen Jingbin had been curious about Hundred Daybreaks for a very long time. Hence, she agreed to meet this person who seemed to know about all the happenings within the game in a heartbeat.

The two of them immediately summoned their mounts and set off to look for Hundred Daybreaks.

Hundred Daybreaks could normally be found in Peach Plum Academy, which was located in Jiangnan. Apparently, that was to emphasize the fact that he or she was a cultured person.

There were many players in Peach Plum Academy, so when the duo touched down, they attracted the gazes of many people. Putting Quiet And Steadfast’s identity aside, Shen Jingbin felt that seeing an attractive person together with an ugly person would probably be even more conspicuous.

Peach Plum Academy was made up of two parts; an inner courtyard and an outer courtyard. The outer courtyard was used to distribute quests, while the inner courtyard was for players to participate in the Imperial Examinations and for them to attend classes while in-game.

Hundred Daybreaks was rumoured to be a top scorer in several Imperial Examinations, which undoubtedly marked them as a true talent.

Since Quiet And Steadfast regularly met up with Hundred Daybreaks, he led Shen Jingbin along the familiar twists and turns of the academy, before stopping in front of a room that had its door tightly shut.

Knock, knock, knock.

Quiet And Steadfast knocked on the door.

“Can players get their own private room in Peach Plum Academy too?” Asked Shen Jingbin.

“Yes, but only those who’ve obtained the top scores in the Imperial Examinations eight times in a row have the right to their own private room.”

This meant that Hundred Daybreaks had obtained the top score in the Imperial Examinations for at least eight times in a row!

Tsk, this person is definitely a top student in real life!

“Who is it?” A slightly husky voice could be heard from within, but Shen Jingbin couldn’t tell whether it belonged to a male or a female.

“It’s me,” Came Quiet And Steadfast’s maddeningly simple reply.

Even so, the person behind the door recognised him. “Come in. The door’s not locked.”

Shen Jingbin raised her eyebrows. Tsk, it looks like these two are really close.

Quiet And Steadfast pushed the door open and strode right in with Shen Jingbin following behind him; the dimly lit room eliciting a squint from Shen Jingbin as she tried to make out its contents.

The room was very simple and clean. A thin, feeble silhouette sat behind a tea table in seiza[1. An upright kneeling position which is traditionally used in Japan in meditation and as part of the preparation in martial arts. Picture!


], reading a book that was currently in their hands. Hearing their footsteps, Hundred Daybreaks looked up from their book to face the visitors.

Hundred Daybreaks was actually a girl!

Shen Jingbin was a little taken aback when she managed to make out the face of the person sitting behind the tea table. She’d always thought Hundred Daybreaks was a man! Never had she expected that this person would actually turn out to be a girl!

But, this made sense as well since only girls had the propensity to be so gossipy.

Hundred Daybreaks’ gaze lingered on Quiet And Steadfast for a few seconds before shifting to Shen Jingbin. Yet as her gaze shifted, Shen Jingbin noticed that her eyes seemed to slightly flash.

“Is that person behind you Nutjob, the ugliest girl in the game? She’s even more ‘impressive’ in person,” The very first thing that came out of Hundred Daybreaks’ mouth wasn’t all that polite.

Shen Jingbin didn’t know whether it was Hundred Daybreaks’ personality, or if she was mocking her. Shen Jingbin definitely wouldn’t tolerate her if that was the case. But, since Hundred Daybreaks was Quiet And Steadfast’s friend, Shen Jingbin wouldn’t pick a fight with her with for the time being.

Shen Jingbin reached out and quietly pinched Quiet And Steadfast’s back to express her discontent.

What’s up with your friend?!

Quiet And Steadfast glanced in the direction that he’d been pinched. He then reached behind him to rub this sore spot before turning to look at Shen Jingbin.

That hurts!

Oh, my bad.

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