Chapter 156: Negotiations (2)

Chapter 156: Negotiations (2) 

Ever since the news of Sovereign’s Descent wanting to form an alliance with Life At First Sight was announced, the relationship between Jade Sea Pavilion and Sovereign’s Descent immediately turned from that of strangers to a delicate one. After the previous battle in Redwood Forest, their relationship further soured to become like that of water and fire. At this point, both parties had tacitly acknowledged each other as enemies.

There would definitely be a huge misunderstanding if someone found out that Quiet And Steadfast was cooperating with Pure Crane. When that happened it would rattle his guild members’ hearts and their trust in him might be shaken.

Just think about it; one moment you’d be fighting the enemy with all your might, and the next moment you realize your guild’s executives were having unscrupulous relations with the enemy. Who’d be happy with such a slap in the face?

Due to that, appeasing his guild members was a big problem.

“Then what should we do?”

“Did you add him as a friend?”


“Invite him over for a chat.”

Shen Jingbin nodded and opened her friends’ list. Pure Crane’s name was still lit up, so she immediately sent him a message.

“Come to Green Chestnut Lake at the peak of Almond Bear Mountain. Quiet And Steadfast wants to speak to you.”

Pure Crane’s reply was swift and prompt. “Alright.”

Soon, the both of them saw a white speck flying in the sky.

Almond Bear Mountain was a region less frequented by mid-tier players. In particular Green Chestnut Lake, that sat at the peak of the mountain, saw very little traffic. In fact, it was practically deserted. There was nothing special about the scenery, nor were there any quests. A few fishes swimming in the lake were the only wild monsters here. Even amongst the players who had nothing better to do, few were willing to come here.

Which was why Quiet And Steadfast choosing a place like this was something worth pondering about.

Since few players visited this area, the two of them could immediately confirm that the white speck was Pure Crane.

As expected, Pure Crane’s face slowly appeared as the white speck gradually inched closer.

There was a small empty piece of land in the middle of Green Chestnut Lake. At present, Shen Jingbin and Quiet And Steadfast were standing right on that very spot.

“Hello,” Pure Crane greeted Quiet And Steadfast first after getting off his mount. “Guild Leader Quiet is looking for me since I’m the Lead Disciple of Swordmaster Pavilion, right?”

Quiet And Steadfast was evidently very happy about Pure Crane getting straight to the point. Not making any small talk either, he said, “That’s right. I have a quest that I need your help with.”

Pure Crane raised his eyebrows, “Guild Leader Quiet, our guilds are not on good terms these days. Are you sure you can cooperate with me without feeling any apprehension?”

“I naturally wouldn’t be suspicious of you if I decide to work with you.”

“Aren’t you afraid of what your guild members might think?”

Quiet And Steadfast laughed. “You don’t have to worry about that. What I want to know now is: if we cooperate, can you convince your guild members to not cause trouble for us?”

Pure Crane spread his hands. “I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to convince all of them, but I should be able to convince about two-thirds of them. However, I have a question for you. You’ve probably guessed that I have a quest as well. When the time comes, if there’s a need for it, can Guild Leader Quiet and the members of Jade Sea Pavilion promise to not cause any trouble for my guild? Especially that Nymph of yours called Slight Chill.”

“No problem… Then, have we come to an initial agreement?”

“I’d be honoured to work alongside Guild Leader Quiet.”

Quiet And Steadfast suddenly reined in his expressed and said, “But, I need to make it clear that our cooperation is a personal matter between the two of us, and has nothing to do with our guilds. If Sovereign’s Descent really forms an alliance with Life At First Sight, I won’t hold back when we meet on the battlefield.”

Pure Crane nodded. “Relax, of course I’m aware of this. And, I roughly know why you’ve called me out here today. I heard that you’re on good terms with Hundred Daybreaks.”

Pure Crane spoke in a rather ambiguous way, but Quiet And Steadfast understood what he meant.

He’d unintentionally learned from Hundred Daybreaks a long time ago that there was a huge conflict between Pure Crane and Neverending Journey. One could even say that as long as a chance presented itself, Pure Crane would strike Neverending Journey from behind.

“I’m… acquainted with them.”

Pure Crane smiled and said, “Guild Leader Quiet, would Sovereign’s Descent be able to work together with Jade Sea Pavilion if we don’t form an alliance with Life At First Sight?”

“Jade Sea Pavilion has only one enemy, and that’s Life At First Sight. We’re very friendly towards the other guilds,” Said Quiet And Steadfast.

Pure Crane gave a satisfied nod of his head. “Then, I’ll be in Guild Leader Quiet’s care from now on.”

“Well said.”

The both of them seemed to have reached a hidden agreement. Shen Jingbin, who’d been observing the whole process by their side, only had one thought in mind: What the f*ck! It turns out people really do fight and scheme against one another in games! She always used to think that everything written in novels was all overly fantasized!

Quiet And Steadfast and Pure Crane must definitely be crooks in real life!

Since the two of them no longer had a conflict of interest, they could now move on to the next step.

Quiet And Steadfast cleared his throat and summarized his current situation.

“I need to gather the Lead Disciples of the Six Great Sects. At present, there’s me, Nutjob, and you. I’ve got nothing on the Maras, Nymphs, and Dragonkins.”

Pure Crane glanced at Shen Jingbin and spoke after pondering for a moment, “I recall hearing about the Nymphs’ Lead Disciple before, but I’m not too certain. How about this, I’ll go back and confirm it before bringing them over to see you.”

Quiet And Steadfast nodded in agreement. “Sure, I’ll be troubling you with the Nymphs.”

“Don’t mention it, Guild Leader Quiet. I’ll head off now. Contact me if there’s anything else.”


After they added each other as friends, Pure Crane left on his mount.

Shen Jingbin secretly looked at Quiet And Steadfast from the corner of her eyes as they watched Pure Crane’s departing figure. Feeling her gaze on him, Quiet And Steadfast looked at her and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Shen Jingbin shook her head. “It’s nothing, it’s just that I felt there were too many hidden meanings laced within your conversation.”

Quiet And Steadfast smiled and said, “I told you Pure Crane isn’t a simple person. He’s capable, so he obviously wouldn’t be willing to hold the position of Vice-leader for long. I’m guessing that there’ll be a nice show to watch in Sovereign’s Descent soon.”

Shen Jingbin was speechless.

Who said three women were needed to start a drama? Two men could do that too, alright?!

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