Chapter 155: Negotiations (1)

Chapter 155: Negotiations (1) 

Slight Chill glowered at Pure Crane. The few other Jade Sea Pavilion members who’d followed her surrounded Shen Jingbin, separating her from Pure Crane. She then turned to look at Black Hawk and co and realised they weren’t members of Sovereign's Descent. She sneered and said, “Ha, why’re you pretending to be a good person and lying to these newbies instead of hanging out with your guild today?”

Black Hawk interjected before Pure Crane could reply, “What’s it to you? And why do you have to be so harsh when you speak?!”

Slight Chill was good-tempered towards those who were innocent, and would never take her anger out on them. “I have a bit of a personal grudge to settle with the person in front of you. You guys should quickly be on your way. Otherwise, don’t blame me if I end up accidentally hurting you guys.”

Black Hawk stretched her neck out and said, “We’re not leaving! What’s so good about you guys? There’s nothing skilful in using numbers to overwhelm us!”

“What kind of skills do we need in a game? He only has his own bad luck is to blame for us catching him alone. Besides, I don’t see them going easy on us when they caught our guildmates by themselves.”

Delicate Flower and Cheshire Cat stepped forward and stood beside Pure Crane. Cheshire Cat then said, “We know we can’t beat you guys, but neither can we just leave. Let’s begin.”

Slight Chill felt that they were ridiculous for overestimating their own abilities. Even though she admired their sense of camaraderie, she wouldn’t go easy on them just because of that. This was how the game was like; if you didn’t corner me today, I’d be the one killing you tomorrow. There wasn’t anything to be soft-hearted about.

It looked as if a fight was about to break out at any moment now. As the person at the heart of the conflict, Pure Crane unhurriedly spoke to his companions behind him, “Black Hawk, Delly, Cat, don’t make a scene. You guys leave first.”

He didn’t want to involve them in this grudge battle of his.

“Brother Pure Crane, we’re not leaving. We want to stand by your side!”

Pure Crane suddenly raised his voice, “Don’t make me repeat myself, leave!”

His sudden roar stunned Black Hawk and co. Cheshire Cat, who was the first to come around, tugged Black Hawk and signalled Delicate Flower with his eyes. The two of them then proceeded to drag Black Hawk away from the scene.

After the three of them disappeared, Slight Chill said, “Looks like you still have a bit of a conscience.”

Pure Crane shot her a brilliant smile. To be honest, this smile felt a little odd to Slight Chill and she was immediately on her guard.

“It’s only natural I want them to leave because…”

He paused and looked up at Shen Jingbin who’d been surrounded by the members of Jade Sea Pavilion. They were eyes that looked as if he was mulling something over.

“I don’t intend to fight you guys at all,” Once he said that, he disappeared from where he was standing.

He actually logged out!

“Fuck! How can this kid be so spineless?!” Someone cursed out.

No one expected Pure Crane to just log out. No matter what, he was the Vice-leader of Sovereign's Descent. Wasn’t he afraid of them using this incident to make fun of him?

Fleeing from a fight was the most embarrassing thing that one could do!

Since Pure Crane logged off, everyone decided to disperse.

However, even after the rest of them had left, Slight Chill remained by Shen Jingbin’s side and incessantly questioned her about why she was with Pure Crane. In the end, Shen Jingbin sent her away after saying a few words, choosing to not reveal a single bit of information.

That night, she immediately sent Quiet And Steadfast a message the moment he logged in.

After ascertaining where she was, he summoned his mount and rushed over.

Quiet And Steadfast spotted Shen Jingbin as he neared where she was located. Upon landing, he went up to her and asked, “What’s happened? Why are you in such a rush to find me?”

“I found the Lead Disciple of Swordmaster Pavilion,” Shen Jingbin replied.

Although Pure Crane’s identity made things a little awkward, she still felt it best to report this piece of news to Quiet And Steadfast. What he did with the information afterwards was his business.

“Eh? Who is it?”

“Pure Crane from Sovereign's Descent.”

Quiet And Steadfast’s silence came as no surprise. “What’s wrong? Does this pose a problem?” She asked.

She had no idea what Quiet And Steadfast was thinking of. A few seconds later, Quiet And Steadfast’s reply came, “It’s not really a problem, it’s just a little troublesome.”

Noticing Shen Jingbin’s intense gaze, he said, “Pure Crane and Neverending Journey; the Guild Leader of Sovereign’s Descent, are very different individuals. Pure Crane can be described as a person who’s talented in diplomacy; a man who schemes and has tricks up his sleeves. Even if we’re on bad terms with Sovereign’s Descent now, I believe many of our members are on rather cordial terms with him.”

“But I met Slight Chill and a few others from the guild this afternoon when I was outside a dungeon with him. Her attitude wasn’t very good at that time.”

“This was the troublesome part I was talking about. Not everyone respects the way Pure Crane does things, regardless of how brilliant he is. All his schemes are useless in the face of Slight Chill, who’s a noob in the field of diplomacy. It shouldn’t be too big of a problem on his end if we were to cooperate. The difficult bit, however, is how to appease our own guild members.”

Shen Jingbin nodded in understanding.

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