Chapter 154: Horrors At Every Turn In Life (2)

Chapter 154: Horrors At Every Turn In Life (2) 

“Congratulations! You have activated the hidden quest ‘Redemption Of Souls’. Will you accept this quest? Y/N.” (Activation Requirements: Defeat Entertainer Lianshui and the surrounding mobs.)

“Quest ‘Redemption of Souls’—— Proceed to the City Lord’s Manor and help the citizens of Undying City find peace. (0/1)”

Upon receiving the quest, the party immediately made a beeline towards the City Lord’s residence.

Undying City’s gate was located in the east, while the City Lord’s manor was located in the westernmost part of the city. With a structure as grand and massive as the City Lord’s manor, the party was able to spot the City Lord’s banners that were proudly flying in the air from a mile away.

A censer materialized before the party when they arrived at the entrance of the manor. A row of incense lay beside the censer. On closer inspection, three joss sticks were placed together as a set, for a total of five sets.

“Please offer incense and pray for Undying City.”

At the behest of the system’s notification, the party stood in a line as they went up one by one to light the incense and pray for Undying City.

Shen Jingbin stood at the very end of the line. The moment she placed her incense inside the censer, everybody received a ‘Quest Complete’ notification.

“Congratulations on completing the quest ‘Redemption of Souls’. Quest Rewards: A clue about the Shinra Sect. 20,000 Experience points. 58 taels of silver. 300 Chivalric Prestige points. Note: This is an investigation quest, therefore no equipment will be rewarded.”

“As you have completed the hidden quest ‘Redemption of Souls’, you will be transported back to your original world in five seconds. Please be prepared.”

“Teleportation commencing in 5, 4, 3...1.”

“Teleportation in progress, please wait.”

“You have returned to your original world. We wish you a pleasant gaming experience.”

Everything happened in a blur. Before anyone could realize what the countdown timer was for, the party found themselves transported back to the entrance of Blood Soaked Hell while they were still in a stupor.

They glanced at one another before snapping back to reality.

Everyone was flabbergasted. After all the work they had to go through, the reward they received at the end of it didn’t look like it was worth it at all!

“It didn’t drop any equipment or materials for us! Even the Experience points given were so little!” Black Hawk was the first one to voice her dissatisfaction as she ruefully stomped on the grass.

The others remained silent. Their attention was drawn to the item called ‘a clue about the Shinra Sect’.

A small note appeared in the hands of each party member. They exchanged glances with each other before opening the note in their hands. Realizing that no one had bothered to answer her, Black Hawk wrinkled her nose and opened the note in her hands as well.

“People who have died twice will become members of the Shinra sect without exception. Hint: Falling at the hands of the Lead Disciples of the Six Great Sects will result in death for the second time.”

The hint on the note was plain and simple, causing Shen Jingbin to instantly think of Reckless East Emperor.

“What does dying twice mean? Does it mean dying a second time? Countless people have died N number of times in the game by now. Are you telling me that all of them are part of the Shinra Sect?” Black Hawk, who had no idea what ‘dying twice’ meant, asked. “Brother Pure Crane, you’re the Lead Disciple of the Swordmaster Pavilion, do you know what ‘dying twice’ means?...Mmf!”

Before Black Hawk could finish, Delicate Flower and Cheshire Cat covered her mouth whilst looking at Shen Jingbin in a panic.

F**K! Black Hawk you dumbass! How can you say out everything you think!

However, the duo was a step too late, and Shen Jingbin ended up hearing everything.

The Swordmaster Pavilion’s Lead Disciple?

She looked at Pure Crane in astonishment.

Pure Crane glared at Black Hawk helplessly. Feeling his gaze, Black Hawk realized she’d said something unnecessary and met his gaze with a pitiful look on her face.

Pure Crane sighed, he wasn’t afraid of god-level enemies; he was instead terrified of bungling teammates. Never did he expect that despite his best efforts to keep his identity as the Swordmaster Pavilion’s Lead Disciple hidden, it was blown almost immediately by Black Hawk.

“Who would’ve thought that you’re actually the Lead Disciple of the Swordmaster Pavilion,” Shen Jingbin said.

“Mm, but I hope that you’ll be able to keep this a secret for me.”

Shen Jingbin recalled Quiet And Steadfast looking for the Lead Disciples of the Six Great Sects and replied, “It might be difficult for me to keep this matter under wraps. I have a friend who needs to find the Lead Disciples of the Six Great Sects.”

Pure Crane raised his eyebrow and asked, “Quiet And Steadfast?”

Shen Jingbin remained silent. Pure Crane continued, “If your friend is Quiet And Steadfast, then I’d advise you to not tell him just yet. He’ll be in a difficult position if he finds out since my identity would make things awkward.”

“What identity of yours?” Shen Jingbin asked.

Pure Crane paused, looking a little perplexed. “You don’t know who I am?”

“Must I know?” She countered.

“Oh no… not really,” Pure Crane replied, finding it difficult to answer her.

At that moment, the entrance behind the party glowed as another party was sent out from the dungeon. The leader of the party recognized Shen Jingbin at a glance.

“Nutjob, what are you doing here? And the person behind you is… F*ck, Pure Crane!?”

Shen Jingbin turned towards the sound of the voice to find Slight Chill standing outside the entrance to Blood Soaked Hell with some members of the guild, along with a girl that she didn’t recognize.

Noticing that Shen Jingbin was with Pure Crane, Slight Chill cut between the two of them with her weapon drawn. Shortly after, the other members of Jade Sea Pavilion ran up and distanced the two of them from one another.

“Why’re you together with him?! Did they do something to you?! Well done, Pure Crane. Who would’ve expected you to resort to such despicable means! Fight it out with us right now if you’ve got the guts!” Slight Chill tilted her head up slightly and continued glaring daggers at Pure Crane while she gave Shen Jingbin a once over out of the corner of her eyes.

After listening to Slight Chill’s declaration and seeing the tense atmosphere between her and Pure Crane, Shen Jingbin felt that Slight Chill might have misunderstood something.

“Slight Chill, is there some sort of a misunderstanding?”

“Misunderstanding? What kind of misunderstanding? Don’t you know that the person before you is the Vice-leader of Sovereign’s Descent?! He’s the think tank behind the entire guild! He must have some kind of ulterior motive in approaching you.”

Shen Jingbin looked at Pure Crane and suddenly remembered Shen Jingchen saying something about this in the past. But, she clearly hadn’t been paying attention to it, so this nugget of information was forgotten in a heartbeat.

Pure Crane, on the other hand, looked at her with an unchanging expression. His eyes seemed to say: See, I told you my identity would make things awkward.

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