Chapter 153: Horrors At Every Turn In Life (1)

Chapter 153: Horrors At Every Turn In Life (1) 

F*ck me!

Those two words instantly appeared in Shen Jingbin’s mind. She decisively released the whisk that was trapped in Lianshui’s bones and jumped back a step.

Pure Crane and Delicate Flower took this moment to attack Lianshui at the same time which caused her attention to be drawn towards the duo.

As a Daoist, many of her skills required the use of her whisk. Right now, that very whisk was embedded in Lianshui’s chest, swaying about with every movement she made. Shen Jingbin’s skills, however, were now greyed out.

Isn’t this what people call ‘Trying to steal chickens, only to end up losing the rice’? She’d tried to gain an advantage but came out worse off in the end.

The light in Shen Jingbin’s eyes dimmed.

Don’t think that I can’t kill you off just because I can’t use my skills!

Shen Jingbin opened her backpack and searched for her backup weapon. In most cases, aside from her essential horsetail whisk, she would stash some backups in her backpack. It could be a dagger or a longsword, anything would do as long as it wasn’t a weapon for Nymphs.

Her search yielded a longsword. In the past, when she participated in a training camp, she met a girl who was skilled in swordplay. The duo hit it off, with the girl teaching her a few sets. Shen Jingbin was extremely intelligent, so picking up the techniques had been a simple task for her. As such, her swordplay wasn’t bad either.

Taking out her longsword, Shen Jingbin chased after Lianshui. With the slight twitch of her blade, its tip left a bloody gash on Lianshui’s arm. Roaring to the heavens with rage, Lianshui turned and attempted to pounce on Shen Jingbin. However, Shen Jingbin immediately jumped away from Lianshui after her initial attack, leaving not even her shadow behind by the time Lianshui had turned back.

Pure Crane and the others used this as an opportunity to unleash all their skills at Lianshui. Upon receiving damage, copious amounts of blood began to flow out of Lianshui’s eye sockets.

Shen Jingbin was able to completely lock Lianshui down with her hit and run tactics. She would slash Lianshui once before immediately dodging after that. She didn’t hold back on her strikes either, putting her all into every strike and targeting Lianshui’s vitals. Lianshui would always be provoked by Shen Jingbin before being subjected to a lynching by the other party members.

A short while later, the wounds on Lianshui’s body increased. In turn, the blood gushing from her sockets had increased proportionately as well. In the end, Lianshui finally fell to the ground after she was subjected to a powerful strike from Pure Crane.

“Congratulations, you have defeated the Entertainer, Lianshui. Please keep up the effort and eradicate the mutants of Undying City.”

The party heard the system announcement the moment Lianshui hit the ground. Shen Jingbin kept her longsword, walked over to Lianshui’s corpse, and pulled out the whisk that was lodged in her chest.

Lianshui’s body immediately turned to ashes when the horsetail whisk was removed.

Seeing this, Black Hawk commented, “Ehh, isn’t this monster going to drop something?”

Delicate Flower sat down. Through her ragged breaths, she asked, “What about the hidden quest? Did any of you receive a quest notification?”

The rest of them shook their heads.

“Let’s talk after getting rid of the trash mobs. Otherwise, we might not be able to leave this place if we don’t,” Cheshire Cat said.

Black Hawk let out a wail, “I feel cheated! I mean, look at this! Not only did we get the living daylights scared out of us, this BOSS didn’t even drop anything despite the tiring battle we went through. On top of that, there wasn’t even a single trace of the hidden quest. How frustrating!”

Delicate Flower nodded in agreement.

Pure Crane chuckled at the two of them, “No need to be so impatient. For all we know, the quest might appear once we take care of these mobs.”

Black Hawk’s eyes immediately lit up. “Really?” However, her expression crumbled just as fast when she turned to face the ugly mobs beneath her. “Brother Pure Crane, can I refrain from clearing these mobs? I really can’t conquer this psychological obstacle of mine.”

Delicate Flower patted her on the shoulder. “You have to. If you don’t, the one crying would be you when you’re the only one who didn’t get the hidden quest.”

Black Hawk mumbled to herself, looking as if she’d been deflated.

At that moment, Cheshire Cat shifted his gaze to Shen Jingbin and gave her a once-over before he said, “Does Little Jing know some moves in real life?”

Shen Jingbin nodded. This wasn’t something that could be hidden; anyone with a discerning eye would be able to notice.

“You practice swordplay?”

Shen Jingbin shook her head. “I spent two days learning it from someone else for fun.”

A figure appeared in Cheshire Cat’s mind. “The person who taught you swordplay must be really good.”

Shen Jingbin recalled that that girl seemed to be the defending champion of some competition and nodded, “She’s pretty good.”

Their conversation took place in front of everyone else, allowing them to overhear everything. Black Hawk was pleasantly surprised by this revelation. Turning to Shen Jingbin, she said, “Wow, I didn’t know that Little Jing was so strong! When there’s time in the future, could you teach me?!”

Cheshire Cat looked at her helplessly. “You just want to learn everything. Last time, you even wanted to learn the piano after seeing Delly play. Are you sure you’re able to learn it?”

Black Hawk gave a light snort and ignored him.

At that moment, Pure Crane spoke, “Let’s go clear up these mobs. Regardless of whether there’s a hidden quest or not, we can only return after killing them.”

Black Hawk mumbled as she got to her feet, “This doesn’t make any sense. Why are there so many trash mobs here and yet there’s no hidden quest to be found? I don’t want to work for free… Ugh, this is just so frustrating!”

Compared to Lianshui, the slow and weak mobs were much easier to deal with. The only troublesome thing was that their numbers were a bit too much.

Roughly an hour later, the party finally managed to cleanse the entire city of the trash mobs.

Pure Crane’s hypothesis was right on the mark. The party finally received their hidden quest the moment they dispatched the final mob.

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