Chapter 152: The Strange Changes In Undying City (2)

Chapter 152: The Strange Changes In Undying City (2)

With a face full of tears, Black Hawk shot a wretched look at Delicate Flower and said, “Delly, aren’t you afraid? If we need to get rid of these monsters first before we can complete the hidden quest, then I’ll willingly give up on it!”

Cheshire Cat looked at Black Hawk, who was trembling with fear and said, “Although hidden quests are uncommon, they aren’t all that rare. I think the hidden quest for Undying City is more than what the five of us can handle. Let’s try again some other time when we manage to get lucky and have more people on our side.”

Cheshire Cat was referring to a situation where they ran into another party. The destination of the teleportation scroll was random, so there were many instances where two, three, or even more parties ended up on the same map.

Delicate Flower gave him a look of disapproval and said, “The conditions to trigger the quest might change the next time we try it. There’s also the chance that the quest might have been changed. What would we do if the quest became even harder?  With all this in mind, are we still going to leave? Pure Crane, say something.”

Cheshire Cat, Delicate Flower, and Black Hawk turned their attention to Pure Crane.

At this moment, Shen Jingbin realized something wasn’t right.

At first, Lianshui and the rest of the monsters gathered below them, growling and baring their fangs at them the whole time. However, all that was left now was the group of mindless monsters that continued to crane their necks at them and reach for them. Shen Jingbin couldn’t find a single trace of Lianshui!

Shen Jingbin suddenly stood up. “Lianshui’s gone missing, be careful,” Warned Shen Jingbin.

“What?!” The rest of the party exclaimed in alarm as they got to their feet and looked below.

Sure enough, the street was a dense mass of black, but Lianshui’s eye-catching red pupils were nowhere to be seen.

“She’s really gone! What do we do?! With things as they are, she might just appear behind us in the next moment!” Black Hawk anxiously said.

“Don’t be afraid, there’s not much time left, we can hold out!” Cheshire Cat consoled her.

Pure Crane chose this moment to finally speak out. “There’s not much time left, let’s get ready to retreat. Don’t be discouraged Gentle Flower, what Cheshire said was right, hidden quests aren’t all that rare. There’s always another even if we aren’t able to complete this one. For now, let’s focus on Lianshui. She really might just appear at any time.”

Almost as if it was trying to prove the authenticity of his words, Shen Jingbin caught sight of a red silhouette speeding over from the corner of her eyes, followed closely by a warning from Delicate Flower.

“Little Jing, behind you!”

A violent gale that was laden with murderous intent blew past her ears.

Shen Jingbin had been on her guard ever since she’d realised Lianshui was missing, so she was able to easily dodge Lianshui’s strike.

Having missed her prey, Lianshui released an angry howl and pounced on them once again. However, everyone in the party managed to dodge it by jumping nimbly to the sides. It might have been because they were in a game, but the roof tiles weren’t as brittle as they were in real life. They remained no worse off than they were from before, even with the party jumping all over the place.

Black Hawk was the least agile amongst them. Although none of the attacks that landed on her were critical, Lianshui’s sharp finger bones drew out five bloody scars on her back, causing her health to instantly decrease by half.

What the f*ck, isn’t that a bit too much?!

Black Hawk’s agility may have been lacking, but her overall stats were pretty good. Her defence, in particular, stood out. She probably knew that her poor agility would cause her to lose out in fights, so she paid a lot of attention to her defensive stats. At the same time, due to her being a Nymph, she didn’t need to DPS. All she needed to do was take care of herself and she’d be doing her part.

In spite of that, one slash from Lianshui was enough to take off half her health. It looked like she had a terrifying amount of attack power.

But that wasn’t the most horrifying thing.

The time they had was steadily decreasing as they exchanged blows. With things as they were, the party would be able to leave at any moment. However, the demonic-looking system notification rang by their ears in the moment Lianshui’s claws came flying over.

“Lianshui’s attack has afflicted you with ‘Lianshui’s Curse’. The teleportation scroll has lost its effect and is unable to teleport you out.”

“One of your party members has been attacked by Lianshui. The party is now afflicted by ‘Lianshui’s Curse’. The teleportation scroll has lost its effect and is unable to teleport your party out.”

“Hint: Try defeating Lianshui and the nearby trash mobs if you’d like to return to your original time.”

It was as if the system’s hint had given everyone a blow to the head. The timer that was just about to hit zero flashed a few times before disappearing before their very eyes, leaving them feeling all hot and bothered.

F*ck! Stop toying with us!

However, they didn’t have time to vent their frustrations towards the development team. Lianshui’s attack wasn’t over just yet.

The house they were on was a common one that could be seen everywhere along the streets. The rooftop was only so large, and there wasn’t enough space for the five of them- ah no, the five of them and one ghost to move about. In fact, there wasn’t anywhere for them to hide at all! To top it off, the reason why they chose this house was due to it being the shortest one around. Beside it were high-end three-story houses. The other houses were so tall, the only way they could escape from the rooftop was to jump into the mass of trash mobs on the streets.   

Shen Jingbin was overcome with misery. She felt as if they were trapped in a bugged area and forced to fight monsters.

Shen Jingbin’s expression turned sombre as she rubbed her face. She turned to the rest of her party and declared, “Don’t be afraid! Fight!”

As soon as Shen Jingbin finished making her declaration, she pulled out her horsetail whisk and sent her skills flying towards Lianshui. While they were on cooldown, she rushed forward and pounded Lianshui with her horsetail whisk.

She’d used her horsetail whisk as a dagger on countless other occasions, so her movements were especially practised.

However, she suddenly heard a crack when she viciously slammed the handle of her horsetail whisk towards Lianshui.

What the f*ck? The horsetail whisk was caught between her bones!

In response, Lianshui gave up on chasing after Black Hawk and turned around. Her horrifying face, that was now devoid of any makeup, stopped less than a centimetre away from her small nose.

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