Chapter 151: The Strange Changes In Undying City (1)

Chapter 151: The Strange Changes In Undying City (1) As soon as the notification popped up, the group felt the scene in front of them start to distort, and they then found themselves within Undying City once again.

“Ahh!” An exceptionally mournful shriek suddenly assaulted their ears.

The shriek was closely followed by wave after wave of blood-curdling screams that grew increasingly louder as they erupted from all corners of the city. At present, the city looked almost the same as it did in the Recollection.

The party of five subconsciously pulled out their weapons and braced themselves for battle as they faced the direction that the very first shriek had come from.

Lianshui now stood before them with her makeup ruined. Splotches of colour the size of a palm could be seen on the left and right sides of her face that accentuated her sunken eyes. Her pupils themselves emitted a red glow as reddish-black blood continuously leaked out of them and rolled down her cheeks. No matter how one looked at her, what was once a picture of beauty was now the face of terror.

Suddenly, her body began to wither like a deflated ball at a speed that could be discerned by the naked eye. Moments later, all that was left was a layer of skin and bones, as well as her thick garments that hung loosely from her body.

Lianshui wasn’t the only one who’d changed. The street that had been filled with translucent silhouettes gradually became more fleshed out. However, this new form of theirs was truly horrifying. Just like zombies in a horror film, they unconsciously let out low growls the entire time.

Black Kite was the type of girl that couldn’t even stand hearing the words ‘horror film’ in her daily life. Faced with a scene that far exceeded her emotional threshold, she immediately paled and cried out in alarm. She ran behind Pure Crane and hid, staunchly refusing to pop her head out even if she was beaten to death.

However, no one could fault her for her cowardice, because apart from Shen Jingbin, everyone else didn’t look that good either.

With great difficulty, Delicate Flower gulped down a mouthful of saliva and asked, “Now what? Are we really gonna fight? It’s getting a bit hard for me to bear with.”

Cheshire Cat glanced at Lianshui who was still a few steps away from them and replied, “We spent quite a bit of time in the Recollection, so there’s probably not much time left here. Why don’t we hide out for a bit and wait for the system to teleport us out?”

Both Pure Crane and Shen Jingbin approved of his idea. Thus, they immediately turned around and began running in the other direction. Although Black Hawk’s legs were weak from fright, her steps didn’t slow at all as she followed closely behind Pure Crane.

The moment they made a break for it, they heard a terrifying wail erupt from behind them. Shen Jingbin glanced back at them and snuck a look.

With Lianshui leading the charge, the legion of undead began chasing after them. As she ran, Lianshui’s garments continuously flapped in the wind, complimenting her current appearance. Shen Jingbin felt that this year’s award for the “Best Female Ghost” definitely belonged to her!

Members of the development team, show yourselves! I want to have a good long chat with you guys about Marxism!

Shen Jingbin turned her head back. She had no intention of looking back at that scene ever again!

Undying City had quite a sizable population. After running for a short while, their party realised that not only were there pursuers behind them, the path before them was also filled with monsters from every direction!

F*ck! Does the development team even want players to continue playing this game?!

Everyone present couldn’t help but curse in their hearts.

At this moment, a light bulb lit up in Cheshire Cat’s head when he glanced at the houses on both ends of the road. “Run to the roof!”

Black Hawk’s voice trembled as she said, “Ghosts can probably fly too! Wouldn’t it be even worse if we end up getting trapped up there?!”

“I think that’s a feasible idea! Have you ever seen zombies fly?! At the very least, we’ll be able to throw off the rest of them and Lianshui will be the only one who can follow us up!” Delicate flower replied.

Compared to Lianshui, those zombie-like commoners were the last thing they wanted to face.

Pure Crane slowed his steps and grabbed Black Hawk’s waist. He then issued a very simple order, “Get to the roof, now!”

As soon as he said that, everyone in the party utilized their qigong to swiftly leap up to the rooftop.

Qigong belonged to the same category as appraisal; they were both common skills that everyone could use.

Delicate Flower’s deduction was right on point. These low levelled monsters couldn’t fly and weren’t able to come up to the roof. They could only gather around the spot the party disappeared from and repeatedly stretch their hands towards the group. It was almost as if doing so would allow them to grab onto the group.

The entirety of the city’s changed population slowly assembled at the party’s location. Said party stood on the roof and gasped for breath as they felt their scalps go numb.

That many monsters alone would pose quite a bit of a problem for just the five of them. Even worse, their appearance caused the party to feel a huge mental burden.  

At this moment, Pure Crane and the rest felt that compared to the countless number of mutants that dotted the landscape before them, Shen Jingbin was a true beauty!

Female Daoist, we won’t snub you for your looks in the future! You look as beautiful as a fairy!

“There’s still ten minutes left, all we need to do is hold on for a while more and we’ll be able to leave,” Pure Crane reminded his party members after looking at the time.

Delicate Flower suddenly asked, “Then, are we going to give up on the reward?”

With things as they stood now, Undying City having a hidden quest was basically a sure thing. And, based on the analysis of the situation, the reward for completing this hidden quest would definitely be huge.

Wasn’t the purpose of their visit this time to rush for the hidden quest? Would they really be satisfied with just waiting for time to run out and leaving empty-handed?

Either way, Shen Jingbin herself wouldn’t be satisfied with this outcome.

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