Chapter 150: Undying City’s Past (2)

Chapter 150: Undying City’s Past (2) 

Wuyang broadened her stride and stepped onto the stage. As she approached Lianshui, her steps slowed, taking each step forward in time with the blood-curdling shrieks that arose from the city. It was almost as if she were taking slow, deliberate steps on Lianshui’s innermost feelings.

“What are you planning?!” Lianshui couldn’t help but cry out as Wuyang drew nearer to her.

“What do I plan to do? What an utterly stupid question. What do you think I’m going to do?” Wuyang felt as if she and Lianshui were playing a game of cat and mouse; she was the cat and Lianshui was the poor, pitiful mouse. The thought of this gave rise to a feeling of indescribable pleasure within her.

Lianshui spun around and ran off. She was like a headless chicken, running wildly in an attempt to escape Wuyang’s pursuit. However, what awaited her beneath the stage was an even more grisly scene of hell. She had nowhere to run!

Lianshui couldn’t endure the mounting fear within her any longer and cried out at the top of her voice, “Help! Someone help! Yang dearest, where are you?!”

However, all she heard in return were even more frightening blood-curdling screams.

Lianshui’s face paled.

Almost as if she was just toying with her, Wuyang lazily pursued Lianshui whilst she pulled out tiny daggers and casually tossing them at her. However, all of the daggers that she let fly only scraped past her arms or thighs, leaving streaks of blood on them.

This game of cat and mouse continued as time went on. None of the shadows bothered with her when Lianshui jumped off the stage and ran towards the City Lord’s mansion, probably because Wuyang was chasing just behind her.

When she neared the City Lord’s mansion, Lianshui grit her teeth and endured the pain from the wounds riddling her body, mustering all her remaining strength to sprint forward. At the same time, she issued a final, loud cry.  

“Yang dearest!”

Moments after, a dagger came flying from behind and penetrated her throat, cutting off the rest of her voice. All of Lianshui’s strength left her body in an instant and she slumped down in front of the City Lord’s mansion door.

However, she wasn’t quite dead just yet. She still had a final spark of life left in her.

Wuyang slowly walked over to her and crouched beside Lianshui. As Wuyang looked down at Lianshui with her alluring almond-shaped eyes, she said, “Did you really think you’d be safe if you managed to reach the City Lord’s mansion? The truth is, your Yang dearest was no longer yours once he stepped into the City Lord’s mansion.”

Gurgling sounds could be heard from Lianshui’s throat, almost as if she was trying to say something.

Wuyang smiled. “Don’t believe me? That’s fine, just wait and see.”

Lianshui’s eyes widened, she had trouble understanding what Wuyang meant. Just then, she heard the sound of footsteps.

She didn’t need to see the person to know who it was, it was definitely her Yang dearest!

With great difficulty, she managed to turn her head. The dagger lodged in her throat bit into more of her flesh, causing her vision to go black in an instant, leaving her with her last breath.

“How did it go?” The new arrival asked Wuyang who was crouching on the floor.

Lianshui’s eyes lit up, it really was her Yang dearest!

She did her best to push herself up so that her Yang dearest would notice her, which he did. Unfortunately, his next sentence left her feeling chilled to the bone.  

“Don’t let this woman die just yet. We’ll use her to attract and control the rest of this city’s spirits once we’re done massacring everyone here.”

Yang Wuyu’s voice no longer sounded gentle, kind, and pleasant like it did before. Instead, it was cold and unfeeling.

Having made her point, Wuyang cast a sidelong glance at Lianshui before she said, “Yes, Elder Yang.”

Yang Wuyu’s beautiful eyes lacked any of its former brilliance. In its place, dull lifeless eyes could be seen. “I’ll handover everything here to you. The Sect Leader and I will make a move first.”  

“Yes,” Wuyang respectfully replied.

“Elder Yang, have you completed the handover?” Lianshui heard yet another pleasant sounding voice from a different man. “Eh? What happened here?”

“Sect Leader, this is the woman we’ll be using to attract and control the spirits this time around,” Wuyang replied.

The man’s voice immediately rose an octave, “Oh, the same woman who caused Elder Yang to be so flustered? Elder Yang, how could you bear to do such a thing?”

“Nothing can compare to the order of the Sect Leader,” Came Yang Wuyu’s reply that lacked a single shred of emotion.

‘Bang’, Lianshui felt as if she’d heard the sound of her heart shattering into pieces.

“Yang dearest, why are you doing this to me?!” Lianshui cried out in her heart.

Following that, the world before her descended into pitch black darkness...

Shen Jingbin suddenly stood up and chased after a figure that she couldn’t quite make out.

They’d been following behind Lianshui the entire time, quietly observing everything that had previously happened in Undying City.

Truth be told, this was an unprecedented shock for them; it was as if they’d seen a 3D film with spectacular special effects. The scene of the entire city being massacred still remained vividly within their minds. Although the development team had thought about the players’ tolerance levels, blood wasn’t flying all over the place, nor were there any bloodsoaked scenes. However, the blood-curdling cries they’d heard and the sight of people falling before them had left a bitter taste in their mouths.

After Lianshui crumpled onto the ground, Shen Jingbin and co found their vision controlled by the system. Regardless of what they did, they were only able to look at Wuyang and Yang Wuyu. As for the appearance of the man who seemed to be the Sect Leader of the Shinra Sect, his face was shrouded in a dense fog the entire time.

The Sect Leader of the Shinra Sect! The final BOSS!

Shen Jingbin resolved to find out what this man looked like! Who knows, she might even run into him in the future!

However, her hand was grabbed after taking a single step forward. Looking back, she saw that it was Pure Crane.

Pure Crane shook his head at her and said, “Don’t go after them. You wouldn’t be able to make out his face even if you did catch up. His appearance has been obfuscated by the system, so we definitely wouldn’t be able to see it. It wouldn’t be good if you ended up getting lost.”

Shen Jingbin reluctantly looked back at the figures of Yang Wuyu and the man he was accompanying as they got further and further away.

At this moment, the group heard a notification from the system.

“In three seconds you will be teleported out of the recollection.”

“Three, two, one, initiating teleportation…”

“You have returned to Undying City.”

“Please take note: the Entertainer, Lianshui, is enraged!”

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