Chapter 148: The Entertainer Lianshui (2)

Chapter 148: The Entertainer Lianshui (2) 

“What’s with all of these translucent silhouettes? What happened to Undying City in the past?” Delicate Flower inquired.

Lianshui revealed a troubled expression on her face. “This girl is but a mere huadan, I don’t quite understand what you’re asking.”

Black Hawk was about to press her for more answers when Shen Jingbin grabbed her arm and signalled her to look behind Lianshui.

At present, the sky was clear and a bright yellow sun hung in mid-air. However, there was nothing behind Lianshui, nothing at all.

Black Hawk instantly felt a chill run down her spine.

Cheshire Cat discreetly supported her.

“Is something wrong with this madam?”

Black Hawk was a person who wore her heart on her sleeve, and Lianshui immediately noticed the irregularity in her expression.

Cheshire Cat jumped in to answer, “She’s fine.”

Pure Crane took the opportunity to continue asking, “Miss Lianshui, what’s your connection to the Shinra Sect?”

He wanted to divert her attention away from the matter.

It turned out to be a very effective tactic and she was distracted in an instant.

“The Shinra Sect?” Lianshui mumbled to herself. “It sounds very familiar. Shinra Sect, Shinra Sect...”

Lianshui immediately sunk deep into her thoughts. At that moment, the system rang out in the ears of the party of five.

“You have triggered Entertainer Lianshui’s memories. Now entering her recollection.”

The announcement had just ended when the scenery instantly changed.

The once translucent silhouettes now became increasingly opaque, turning into flesh and blood people. What was once an empty, desolate street, now had numerous street vendors hawking their wares from their stalls. Undying City, which was previously filled with white noise, was now truly bustling with activity.

“A myriad of beautiful flowers enters the eyes at the light of spring, a sight unseen since three springs past. Jade swallows flit about branches of jadestone, while butterflies flutter about in ignorant bliss,” Behind them, a soft, feminine voice could be heard.

Shen Jingbin and the rest turned around and saw a pair of performers; one male and one female, currently performing on stage. Upon closer inspection, they realized that <<The Peony Pavilion>> was currently being played out.

That female performer was, without a doubt, Lianshui.

Shen Jingbin began to observe her surroundings.

Apart from their party, there were numerous others surrounding the theatre’s stage. The audience looked on at the performers with rapt attention and didn't even notice the existence of the five players.

“We should be in Lianshui’s memories. Apart from each other, we shouldn’t be visible to anyone else right now,” Shen Jingbin said to the other four beside her.

To prove her point, Shen Jingbin walked up to a man who was currently giving his applause. She then stuck her hand into his eyes and waved. The man didn’t react in the slightest. Not even a blink was elicited from him as he continued to stare at the stage.

“Ehh?” Came Black Hawk’s curious voice. She imitated Shen Jingbin by running in front of a spectator and sticking her hand into them.

They really didn’t react at all!

“So, what should we do now?” Delicate Flower asked.

Pure Crane looked at the stage and surveyed the surroundings before he spoke, “We’ve entered a recollection after the system announcement, so let’s adopt a wait and see approach. There has to be a connection between the Undying City and the Shinra Sect. Lianshui probably knows something, or she might have been affected by some event that was related to the Shinra Sect.”

Cheshire Cat gave a nod of approval. “I agree with Brother Pure Crane, let’s wait and see for now.”

Since there were no objections, everyone proceeded with the plan. They each found a suitable position and sat down to wait.

As expected, not long after the five sat down, a group of queerly-dressed people pushed their way through the audience and rushed to the front of the theatre’s stage. Both male and female performers stopped performing and looked at the group that had suddenly appeared.

A slender, scantily-dressed woman sashayed her way down the path that had been made for her. Her long black hair flowed down her back, starkly contrasting against her body that was as white as freshly fallen snow. The slightly raised corners of her eyes exuded a seductive charm. She had a small, delicate nose, and her scarlet lips were parted ever so slightly, which came together to form an irresistible temptation.

Several sounds of saliva being swallowed could be heard from the crowd.

“Elder Yang, you should wake up from your beautiful, idealistic dream already. The Sect Leader has called for you,” Said the lady to the man on the stage.

The man was no longer as expressive and emotive as he was before. Instead, his face was now cold and expressionless. He glared at the lady and said, “What has the Sect Leader summoned me for?”

“How should I know? The Sect Leader only bade me to look for you, he didn’t tell me the reason for doing so,” Came the woman’s reply.

Lianshui heard the two’s conversation. Feeling exceptionally uneasy at the sight of the man’s abnormal change in expression, she tentatively stepped forward and tugged at the man’s sleeve, weakly calling out, “Yang Dearest.”

Although her voice was soft, it was overheard by the lady beneath the stage. She sneered at Lianshui and said, “Yang Dearest? Well, this is interesting. Girl, do you know who stands before you?”

The man’s thick eyebrows rose up at the realization that she was about to reveal his identity. “Wuyang!” He called out sternly.

The lady who’d been called Wuyang spoke, “Elder Yang, what do you mean by that? Is your identity something that should be kept hidden from others?” Seeing as the man was still glaring angrily at her, the lady smirked mischievously and continued, “Miss, the man standing before you is not your darling, but the reputed Elder Yang of my Shinra Sect. Known for being both cold-blooded and ruthless, this man here is in charge of matters relating to disciple and punishment in the Shinra Sect.”

When she heard that, Lianshui immediately looked at the man that she’d been holding on to in astonishment.

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