Chapter 147: The Entertainer Lianshui (1)

Chapter 147: The Entertainer Lianshui (1) 

At the dinner table, Shen Jingbin sensed the strange look that her elders were giving her. Their expressions made it seem like they had something to say, and it made her feel very anxious.

“Gramps, Granny, you can just say it if there’s anything on your minds,” Unable to bear it any longer, Shen Jingbin set her utensils down and looked solemnly at her Grandparents.

“Ahem,” Old Master Shen coughed once in an attempt to gloss over it. “Um, how are things recently?”

“What are you referring to?”

“Hm, your lifestyle, studies, mental state… as well as your relationships.”

Shen Jingchen interrupted, “The last part was probably the most important one.”

Old Master Shen used his chopsticks to whack him on the head. “Who asked you! Shut up and eat your meal.”

Shen Jingchen: ...

Shen Jingbin looked her Grandparents in the eye and said, “My life’s good, studies are good, and I’m doing fine mentally. As for my relationships...”

The elders focused all of their attention on her.

“It’s pretty good too.”

“That’s it?” Granny Shen asked.

Shen Jingbin nodded. “That’s it.”

Old Master Shen nearly threw his chopsticks onto the table. “Don’t patronize me!”

Shen Jingbin: …

Grandfather, just what are you trying to achieve with that aggrieved look on your face?

Regardless of the Shen elders’ attempts to squeeze out more information from her through roundabout questions, threats, and incentives, Shen Jingbin chose to grit her teeth and keep a tight lip on the details of her relationship and life. In the end, her Grandparents came out of it empty-handed when the siblings finished dinner and left for home.

After they returned home, the siblings resumed their life of bliss.

The days passed quickly and Sunday soon arrived. The entry count on the three Demonic Sect dungeons was also refreshed. Today, Shen Jingbin logged on early in the morning and even coerced Shen Jingchen into going out and buying breakfast for her.

Even though it was still early, Pure Crane and the others were online.

Shen Jingbin received a letter from Pure Crane the moment she logged in.

“We’re just about to take on the three Demonic Sect dungeons, do you want to join in?”

“Alright,” She had just sent a reply when the party invitation was sent back.

A brief look at the invite revealed that she was the last person. Apart from Pure Crane, Black Hawk, Delicate Flower, and Cheshire Cat, there were 5 other player IDs that she didn’t recognize. Pure Crane explained that the other group was also on their way to explore the Demonic Sect’s map, so the two groups decided to team up and run the dungeons together.

By using a teleportation scroll, players in the same party would be able to instantaneously move to the same area together, preventing them from being separated.

The group consisted of highly experienced players, so with excellent teamwork, they cleared the three dungeons without much trouble. After exiting Blood Soaked Hell and properly distributing the dropped equipment via dice rolls, Pure Crane took the initiative to bid the other five players farewell.

Afterwards, the five people tore the transfer scrolls in their hands.

Five white streaks of light flashed and they vanished from sight.

They were pretty lucky. Surprisingly, upon opening their eyes, they found themselves just outside the gates of Undying City.

This time, there wasn’t even the slightest bit of hesitation as they made a beeline towards the theatre located at the heart of Undying City.

Once they surrounded the theatre, the party looked at one other. After signalling the rest with his eyes, Pure Crane stepped forward and reached out with his hand to touch the stage cloth.

Yet, for some strange reason, nothing happened despite him placing his entire hand on the stage.

“What’s going on? Why isn’t anything happening?” Black Hawk turned about in a circle to survey her surroundings before she asked in confusion.

Delicate Flower fell silent for a moment before she said, “Blackie, touch it and see what happens.”

The previous event was triggered by Black Hawk. Since nothing happened when Pure Crane touched the cloth, there was a very high probability that the event would only begin after Black Hawk did something.

At Delicate Flower’s suggestion, Black Hawk gingerly reached out her hand and placed her palm onto the theatre’s stage cloth.

Delicate Flower’s hypothesis was right on the money.

The moment Black Hawk’s hand made contact with the stage, a sorrowful, female voice could be heard.

“Beauties and commoners aren’t fated to be, while romance taken lightly births regrets.”

Soon after, the once silent Undying City came alive once more; the translucent silhouettes that they’d previously seen appearing before their eyes again. The group of five huddled up, alert and fully aware of their surroundings.

Mere moments later, a scarlet figure appeared just outside the crowd of translucent silhouettes in the direction of the city gates.

Despite the distance, the group could clearly tell that it was someone with a slender and delicate figure. She walked with a seductive grace and radiated boundless charm.

Shen Jingbin was willing to bet that this person was definitely a real beauty!

Pure Crane issued a warning to everyone as the beauty in red walked closer, “Be on your guard, there’s probably something wrong with this person.”

The group of five only managed to get a clear look at the beauty when she was a few paces away from them.

This was a woman who wore the garments of a huadan in a play. Complicated accessories adorned her hair, while the exquisite makeup of a huadan was layered on her face. While the makeup concealed her original appearance, her large, watery eyes were enough to win the hearts of anyone who laid eyes on her.

“May I ask, what are your intentions in coming to our Undying City?” The woman softly inquired while using a sleeve to cover up half her face.

Her voice was akin to a cup of fragrant white wine and caused anyone who heard her to fall into a stupor; as though they’d been intoxicated.

When the waves of dizziness hit her, Shen Jingbin felt every single cell in her body switch to full alert. She immediately patted the arms of Black Hawk and Delicate Flower, whose eyes had already started to become dull and blank.

At the same time, Pure Crane patted Cheshire Cat on the arm and met Shen Jingbin’s eyes.

The trio who’d been bewitched by the woman broke out of their stupor. Coming to their senses, they gave an apologetic look to Pure Crane and Shen Jingbin, before turning to glare at the woman.

Apparently, their party’s reaction wasn’t what the woman had expected. There was a momentary pause before she continued to softly speak, “This girl is truly impressed by your abilities.”

The woman’s roundabout manner of speaking frustrated Black Hawk to no end. “Who are you, and what are you doing here?” She asked.

“This girl’s name is Lianshui, the huadan of Undying City’s Pear Garden.”

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