Chapter 145: Aunt Zhang Returns Home (1)

Chapter 145: Aunt Zhang Returns Home (1) 

Xiang Peng’s eyes remained inscrutable as he looked at his handphone’s display.

Xu Ya’s words still resounded clearly in his ears. In that case, should he still continue with his investigation?

The Great God clearly wasn’t someone that he could afford to offend, but the person himself didn’t say anything about carrying out an investigation. So, should he take the risk?

While immersed in his thoughts, his once dark phone screen suddenly lit up again.

It was his superior calling.

“Hello, Boss.”

“Little Xiang, have you found the person I’ve asked you to look for?”

Bringing the phone to his ear, Xiang Peng stood up and walked over to the window where he was greeted by the glowing nightscape of B City. “I’ve completed my investigation and I’ll be able to give you the necessary information tomorrow.”

“Good job Little Xiang, I knew you’d be able to get it done. I definitely picked the right person! Alright, make sure you do a good job, I won’t disturb you any longer. Print out the details once you’re done compiling them and pass it to me tomorrow at work.”

“Yes Boss.”

“Carry on then. And rest early, you have to remember to take care of yourself.”

“Understood. Thanks Boss.”

Xiang Peng hung up and took a deep breath. He then squeezed his phone several times before he made his way back to his computer.

His bony fingers danced across the keyboard. In just a few short seconds, dizzying lines of code popped up on his screen.

Rows upon rows of data zipped past Xiang Peng’s eyes. At the same time, bits of information he needed gradually appeared as well, punctuated by the press of a backspace key.

A window that looked like a personal particulars file appeared on the screen. In the top left corner, there was a passport-sized photo with a red background. The person in the photograph had features that were a work of God himself.

As he looked at the photo, the corners of Xiang Peng’s mouth curled into a smile.

It’s done.

After returning home from their evening stroll, the Shen siblings couldn’t find hide nor hair of Aunt Zhang and Qu Yanxin. They might have gone to sleep, or they could have left the house.

The next day, the siblings had just returned from sending Qu Yanxin to school when they happened to witness Aunt Zhang in the midst of packing her belongings.

Seeing them back home, Aunt Zhang came forth to welcome them with an apologetic look on her face, “Little Chen, Little Jing, I there’s something I need to discuss something with the two you.”

The siblings glanced at one another.

“Go ahead Aunt Zhang, we’re listening,” Shen Jingchen answered.

A look of hesitation crept onto Aunt Zhang’s face. She remained silent for a long while before she finally worked up the determination to continue speaking, “It’s like this, I wish to resign so that I can go back home and look after Xinxin. She’s in her third year of high school and her studies are putting quite a lot of pressure on her. Her Father’s a pretty careless person as well, so I think it’d be best for me to return home to look after her,” Aunt Zhang chose to not reveal the real reason behind her resignation. “Don’t worry, I’ve already spoken to Ole Yuan about this.”

She was referring to the siblings’ maternal Grandfather.

The siblings were taken aback by Aunt Zhang’s sudden revelation.

Shen Jingbin was the first to speak up, “Aunt Zhang, how about this instead? We’ll give you some time to go on a vacation, and you can come back once your daughter’s done with her high school exams. What do you think?”

Aunt Zhang shook her head. “No no no, how could I do something like that...”

Shen Jingchen cut in and interrupted her, “Aunt Zhang, don’t be so quick to refuse. After taking care of us for so long, you’re the only one who knows our tastes. Adapting to someone new will be way too troublesome for us.”

Aunt Zhang started hesitating once again. However, she still felt uncomfortable about it. “Then… I’ll be put in a tight spot if the two of you do this. How would you cope when I’m not around?”

“We can take care of our meals. As for cleaning, we’ll just employ a part-timer to do it.” Shen Jingbin replied.

“That’s right, we can take care of our own meals, they’re just not as delicious as the ones you make. We can always eat out if there’s no time, and if that doesn’t work, we could always go back to Grandfather’s for dinner. Either way, Granny can’t wait for us to go back… Alright Aunt Zhang, you don’t have to hesitate any longer, we’ll let you go on vacation,” Shen Jingchen added.

Aunt Zhang had wanted to say something else when Shen Jingbin spoke, “Aunt Zhang, are you going to go back with Qu Yanxin? How do you plan to go back?”

Aunt Zhang nodded. “Mm, I’ll be going back with Xinxin. Her school’s transportation doesn’t have any extra seats, so I’ll go to the bus stop and head back on my own.”

“Have you booked your ticket yet?” Shen Jingchen asked.

Aunt Zhang shook her head.

“In that case, why don’t Shen Jingbin and I send you back home since we’re free? That way, you won’t have to crowd around at the bus stop,” He then glanced at Aunt Zhang’s pile of luggage and said, “With the amount of things you have, it’s going to be difficult for one person to manage on their own, so we can help you with that as well.”

Aunt Zhang followed his gaze and looked back on her own half-packed luggage; it really wasn’t something she could manage on her own. Realizing this, she nodded her head and accepted their offer.

What a good boy, her daughter truly wasn’t worthy of him.

After Aunt Zhang finished packing her belongings, the siblings drove her back home.

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