Chapter 144: An Argument Between Mother And Daughter (2)

Chapter 144: An Argument Between Mother And Daughter (2) 

“Why?! You’re hardly at home every year. I can’t be by your side even if I miss you and want to see you. Aren’t you on good terms with the Shen siblings? Since I can stay this time, it wouldn’t hurt to let me stay again next time! Moreover, this house is so big, it’s a waste to just use it to house three people. I think I should bring Dad along next time as well. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.”

“Qu Yanxin!” Aunt Zhang wasn’t able to listen any longer. She set down the tableware in her hands and harshly rebuked her daughter.

Startled by her Mother’s stern tone, several seconds of stunned silence passed before Qu Yanxin unhappily asked, “What was that for?! Why are you suddenly yelling?”

Aunt Zhang felt suffocated; it was as if there was something uncomfortable stuck in her chest. “Think back to what you said just now, was that really something you should be saying? Huh!?”

“Did I say anything inappropriate? Wasn’t what I said the truth…? Oh, I see now. You’re unhappy about Dad and I coming to the city to look for you, right? So now you’re neglecting Dad and I after enjoying the delicacies of the rich and wealthy? Be honest with me Mom, do you ever think about Dad and I, who spend everyday in that rundown house, huh?”

“You unfilial girl! Do you realise what you’re saying?!” Never in her wildest dreams did Aunt Zhang ever expect her own daughter to accuse her so maliciously. She felt faint. “Have you ever understood your own position? Your Mother is just a nanny. Have you ever seen a nanny bring her family into her employer’s house? This time, the siblings allowed you to stay here for a few days out of the goodness of their hearts. However, just because they’re being nice doesn’t mean you can overstep your boundaries!”

“Since they did it out of their own goodwill, then they should continue being good Samaritans! Otherwise, their failure to follow through means their goodwill was nothing more than hypocrisy!” Qu Yanxin yelled.“You neglect your own family and only care about their wellbeing, so what’s wrong with them paying back what they owe Dad and I? I didn’t ask for their money, nor did I ask for anything else; I just want to say here for a few days. Their house is so large, so can’t they just make some room for me?!”

“Did your Father teach you all this?” Aunt Zhang felt that her worldview was being twisted beyond recognition.

“Dad? That old stick in the mud only knows how to protect that rickety old house that you left behind, what could he teach me?” Qu Yanxin said with a look of disdain on her face.

Aunt Zhang suddenly fell into silence for a long while before she finally replied, “Qu Yanxin, your Dad and I painstakingly earned money for you to study all these years. I’ve never hoped that you’d come out as an exemplary individual, I just wished for you to earn enough to support yourself. However, I never imagined that you’d turn out like this… This is my failure as a Mother. You accused me of living in a villa and neglecting your Father and yourself while I enjoyed various delicacies? Alright, don’t you worry. I’ll go back with you tomorrow, so don’t bother thinking about returning.”

Not expecting her Mother to come to such a decision, Qu Yanxin instantly became flustered and she regretted what she’d said in the heat of the moment.

“Mom, don’t! Sorry, I was in the wrong! E-everything I said just now was in the heat of the moment, don’t be angry! This job here wasn’t easy to find, how are we going to live on if you resign?”

“You won’t stop thinking about this place as long as I remain as a nanny for a wealthy family in the city… Qu Yanxin, I know what you’re plotting. You’re still young, so you can still be corrected if your character is flawed. However, no one will be able to help you if you grow older and these habits become ingrained into you. I don’t want my daughter to become like those stereotypical, improper, money-grubbing girls who go about seducing wealthy people that others talk about.”

Qu Yanxin’s face instantly fell as it was a rather unpleasant thing for her to hear. “Mom, what nonsense are you talking about? What am I plotting?”

“Did you actually think I couldn’t tell that you’ve set your sights on Shen Jingchen in the hopes of jumping onto the Shen family’s boat? Qu Yanxin, you’re still a high school student, you should concentrate on studying instead of these things. Do you understand?”

Qu Yanxin found it a little hard to accept having the dark, ulterior motives that she’d kept hidden in the deep recesses of her heart being pointed out by her Mother so suddenly. She stood dumbfounded as she saw the look of heartache in her Mother’s eyes and subconsciously took two steps back. She then turned around and ran out the entrance without looking back, throwing her Mother’s cries to the back of her mind.

If even her own Mother had found out, did that mean the Shen siblings had seen through her as well?

In that case, weren’t they treating her like a performing monkey as they watched her wrack her brains to butter them up?

Qu Yanxin thought to herself as she ran.

No, Big Brother Shen wouldn’t do something like that. It’s got to be that woman, Shen Jingbin!

That’s right, it has to be her!

Even today’s incident was caused by her meddling!

If it wasn’t for her, she wouldn’t have been found out by Big Brother Shen, nor would she have argued with her Mother!

Everything was Shen Jingbin’s fault! She showed off how close she was to Big Brother Shen just because she was his sister to make her jealous, and she looked down on her just because she was the heiress of a wealthy family!

Shen Jingbin you bitch!

Qu Yanxin ground her teeth in hatred.

At this moment, the phone in her pocket started ringing.

Slowing her footsteps, she pulled out her handphone and glanced at it.

It was Zeng Lingling.

Why would she call her?


“Qu Yanxin, who’s that beautiful Big Sister who was with you this morning?” Zeng Lingling immediately asked when she answered the phone.

“Why are you asking?” Qu Yanxin asked suspiciously.

“Nothing really, I just felt that that Big Sister was really pretty and wanted to know more about her.”

Qu Yanxin coldly snorted, “What’s her beauty got to do with you?”

“Why do you have to be so unfriendly? All I’m asking for is a bit of information, will you tell me or not?”

“Her name’s Shen Jingbin, she’s the arrogant heir of a wealthy family. Even though she’s really beautiful, the same can’t be said about her character. Not only is she petty and hypocritical, she’s also extremely haughty,” Came Qu Yanxin’s reply as she did her utmost to paint Shen Jingbin black.

“Tsk, I don’t need you to tell me what kind of person she is, I’ll determine that with my own eyes. I do know how rumors can spread falsehoods. Alright, that’s all. I’m hanging up,” Zeng Lingling was utterly unconvinced by Qu Yanxin’s bad-mouthing, decisively ending the call after obtaining the information she wanted. After the call, Zeng Lingling opened her Weibo app and pulled out a conversation window from her list of contacts before she began typing.

“I’ve enquired about her, the beauty’s name is Shen Jingbin. She’s the heiress of a wealthy family and it seems like she doesn’t have a good temper.”

The other party’s reply came swiftly, “Understood, thank you. I’ll contact you again when the reward’s been delivered.”

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