Chapter 143: An Argument Between Mother And Daughter (1)

Chapter 143: An Argument Between Mother And Daughter (1)

Although Aunt Zhang was normally busy at work and lacked the time to look after her daughter, was there any mother who didn’t know the inner thoughts of their own daughter?

As she was rarely by her daughter’s side, her precocious daughter had unknowingly cultivated a haughty temperament. She thought that she always had to be better than others, and preferred making connections with wealthy people.

Making connections was a good thing, but choosing to interact with others based on their status wasn’t a good thing. When she was young, a few words were enough to put her in her place.  However, as she got older, she became more adept at putting on a facade.

If it wasn’t for today’s incident, Aunt Zhang would have almost forgotten about this fact.

“Um, Little Chen, Little Jing, I’m sorry, Xinxin was at fault here. Allow me to apologize on her behalf. She’s still young and ignorant, so don’t hold it against her,” Aunt Zhang took Qu Yanxin into her arms and apologized to the Shen siblings.

Even though she knew full well that it was her daughter’s fault, she couldn’t bear to lecture and embarrass her in front of everyone, so she could only step forward and apologize.

“It’s alright, Aunt Zhang, you don’t have to apologize like this. It’s not a big deal anyway,” Aunt Zhang’s serious demeanor made the siblings feel embarrassed as they hastily gave their assurances.

Upon hearing this, Qu Yanxin immediately raised her head from within her Mother’s embrace, tears still glistening from her watery eyes. “Big Brother Shen, does that mean that you’re not angry at me anymore? And does that mean that I can take a look at your room?” After saying that, she looked as if she suddenly remembered Shen Jingbin as well and turned to look at her. “Big Sister Shen as well, you wouldn’t mind if I took a look at your room as well, right?”

“Qu Yanxin, what are you doing?!” Aunt Zhang couldn’t stop herself from reprimanding her.

Qu Yanxin tightened her grip around Aunt Zhang’s waist. Her voice, affected by her recent outburst of tears, sounded nasally as she began whining, “Mom, why are you shouting at me? Didn’t Big Brother Shen say that this wasn’t a big deal?”

What was called being shameless? Shen Jingbin had finally witnessed it first hand. She’d originally decided not to hold this incident against Qu Yanxin since she was just a little kid, but not when she was being this audacious!

Children mustn’t be spoilt!

“Aunt Zhang, is Xinxin returning home tomorrow?” Shen Jingbin suddenly asked Aunt Zhang.

Aunt Zhang looked at Shen Jingbin in confusion. She didn’t know why Shen Jingbin was suddenly bringing it up. Qu Yanxin, who was in her arms, also glanced over. “That’s right,” Aunt Zhang replied.

“Are her belongings packed? I just remembered that you’d bought a lot of things and said that they were for your daughter. If she doesn’t pack now, she might not have enough time to do so tomorrow,” Shen Jingbin’s beautiful face betrayed no emotion. It was impossible to tell whether she there was happiness or displeasure on it as she spoke to Aunt Zhang.

Aunt Zhang was a very sharp person. She naturally understood the meaning behind Shen Jingbin’s words and immediately pulled at Qu Yanxin’s arm, exclaiming as though she had remembered something too, “Oh that’s right, I remember now! Xinxin, I bought a lot of things for you, so we should pack them in your luggage now. Otherwise, it’ll be difficult for you to bring them back tomorrow.”

Qu Yanxin was reluctantly led downstairs. She couldn’t help but grumble, “Mom, what are you rushing for? We can pack after dinner...walk slower!”

Shen Jingbin retracted her gaze after she saw that the Mother-daughter duo had disappeared from sight. Shen Jingchen glanced at her. “Sis, you pissed?”

Shen Jingbin rolled her eyes at him. “Not at the level of being pissed, just upset, that’s all.”

Shen Jingchen tutted, “Girls these days are becoming more and more devious. But while their intentions are getting more and more devious, less can be said about their intelligence. Though, I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing,” While he spoke, he realized that his sister was giving him an uncomfortable stare with a strange expression on her face.

“Hey, what’s with that look?”

“I was just looking to see which part of you managed to attract those girls.”

“Tsk, this is called being suave and unrestrained.”

“I think you really need to see an optometrist.”


During dinner, Qu Yanxin never once brought up the topic of looking at the siblings’ rooms again, and they chalked it up to Aunt Zhang saying something to her. However, leaving aside Aunt Zhang’s parenting skills, all was well as long as Qu Yanxin didn’t bother them.

After dinner, the Shen siblings came up with a reason to excuse themselves from Aunt Zhang and her daughter’s company, and left the house for a walk. From the window, Qu Yanxin watched the siblings’ gradually receding figures with a look of displeasure written all over her face.

Loudly running back into the kitchen, Qu Yanxin asked her Mother, “Mom, what do you think of me coming over to play for a few days after my high school exams?”

Aunt Zhang, who was in the middle of washing the dishes, paused for a moment. Without looking back, she said, “No, you’re not coming back here ever again, not even to see me.”

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