Chapter 141: The Girl’s Actions (1)

Chapter 141: The Girl’s Actions (1) 

Shen Jingbin was obediently crafting potions in the medicine room that Quiet And Steadfast had rented for her.

Reaching into her backpack, she withdrew her medicinal cauldron that she’d casually bought from the shop. The cauldron was pitch black; just like how it’d look like in a television drama. Once retrieved, she appraised the cauldron.

“Sandalwood Cauldron, crafted from sandalwood found in the Central Plains. A faint scent of sandalwood can be detected. A common medicinal cauldron suitable for Beginner Apothecaries. Pill refining success rate is increased by 0.15%.”

After appraising it, she took out a recipe from her backpack. Upon opening the recipe, its contents automatically appeared in her mind.

“Soul Returning Pill.”

“Required ingredients: Breath Suppressing Grass x2, Cloud Mist Flower x3, Thousand Petals Orchid x1.”

Shen Jingbin placed the Sandalwood Cauldron onto the medicinal room’s brazier and opened her backpack once more. After pulling out the necessary amount of Breath Suppressing Grass, Storm Cloud Flower, and Thousand Petals Orchid, she threw them into her cauldron. Setting the heat to low, she sat in a corner as she waited for her pills to finish.

In most cases, the higher the pills’ grade, the longer it took to craft. A low grade pill like a Soul Returning Pill should take about a minute to complete.

An entire minute was about to elapse when an electronic bell rang out. Shen Jingbin immediately sprung up and opened the cover of the Sandalwood Cauldron.

Ten dark blue glistening and plump pills sat quietly at the bottom of the cauldron, looking extremely attractive.

Shen Jingbin carefully took out the pills from the cauldron.

“Congratulations, you have obtained Soul Returning Pills (High Quality).”

“Soul Returning Pill (High Grade). Consumption grants 580MP. One minute cooldown after usage. Usable only when out of combat.”

The ingredients indicated on the recipe that it may produce between three to ten pills depending on the crafter’s Luck. Furthermore, the quality of the pills ranged from Low, Medium, High, and Superior quality.

Shen Jingbin was able to craft 10 pills on her first try, and they were all High Grade ones at that. One could only wordlessly look on and sigh enviously at her Luck.

Initially, Shen Jingbin had just been trying her hand at pill crafting when she discovered that her excellent Luck was just as effective in the field of pill crafting. Relieved at the result, she proceeded to sort out the necessary ratio of ingredients required to craft Soul Returning Pills and dumped them all into her cauldron.

A minute later, she heard the sound of the system announcement once more and opened the lid. The vessel was stuffed full of pills that came in three different degrees of blue. There were a total of 110 pills inside when she poured the pills out and counted them. She tossed in 13 batches of ingredients into her cauldron. Although it wasn’t as good as her first attempt, she still produced more than 8 pills per batch.

She was very satisfied with the overall result.

Leveling life skills was extremely difficult. After making so many pills, her proficiency had only increased a mere 5 points, a far cry from the 150 points required.

Seeing as it was still early, Shen Jingbin dumped all the ingredients and recipes she had onto the ground and began crafting pills in earnest to raise her proficiency.

Almost two hours had passed by the time Shen Jingbin managed to almost finish using up all the ingredients she had to craft various pills. As she cleaned the place up, she realized there were still several ingredients she hadn’t fully expended.

As she’d gathered the herbs haphazardly, she was now left with bits of herbs from various species. Not wanting her backpack to be filled with these leftovers, she decided to dump all of them into her cauldron and casually logged out after setting the fire to medium.

She didn’t need to worry about it since the system would help her collect the pills once the time was up.

After climbing out of the gaming pod, she made a beeline for the bathroom and took a shower, taking the opportunity to wash her hair as well. Just as she was in the midst of drying her hair with a towel, her sharp ears picked up the sound of faint footsteps originating from the hallway just outside her door.

Shen Jingbin’s excellent hearing was undoubtable, which was why she could clearly tell that these footsteps came from the staircase. They were careful and deliberate, not the kind that Aunt Zhang usually made when she came up to call the two siblings.

Who was it?

Setting down the towel in her hands, she lightly stepped towards the door of her room and opened it a crack. With her excellent control of strength, not a sound was made and the person outside was none the wiser.

Outside the door was a crouched figure that was inching forward. Although the person wasn’t facing Shen Jingbin, she was still able to identify the figure all the same.

In the villa, apart from Shen Jingchen and her, there was only Aunt Zhang and Qu Yanxin. Since the back of this person didn’t look anything like Aunt Zhang, it had to be Qu Yanxin.

What was she doing up here?

Shen Jingbin opened her door just a fraction wider, making no noise just like before.

Judging from the direction Qu Yanxin was moving in, she seemed to be going towards Shen Jingchen’s room. Was she looking for Shen Jingchen?

But why’d she have to be so sneaky about it? Did she have something to say that couldn’t wait till dinner? She had already been explicitly warned not to come upstairs without a valid reason on her very first day.

Shen Jingbin’s eyes narrowed as she quietly observed her quarry.

She eyed Qu Yanxin curiously and wondered what she was going to do next.

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