Chapter 140: The Jian And Zhao Families Meet (2)

Chapter 140: The Jian And Zhao Families Meet (2) 

Noticing that the atmosphere had taken a turn for the worse, Jian Cishu’s Mother changed the topic, “Oh my, don’t get angry Brother Zhao. It’s just a joke after all. The kids have their own destinies, so we all know it’s pointless to worry over these things.”

Old Master Zhao, who’d been silent the entire time, nodded in reply, “Well said, these children have their own destinies to follow. We shouldn’t interfere with their lives and leave it to fate.”

Changing the topic, Old Master Zhao turned to Zhao Chengning and asked, “Chengning, how are things with you and Ole Shen’s granddaughter?”

Noticing his Grandfather’s subtle hint, Zhao Chengning replied in understanding, “Pretty good. We call each other every now and then.”

A look of satisfaction appeared on Old Master Zhao’s face. “I feel that Ole Shen’s granddaughter is pretty good. You should cherish her if there’s chemistry between the two of you.”

Zhao Chengning’s reply was swift this time around. “Yes Grandfather, I understand.”

Old Master Zhao’s words were like a bolt from the blue to Jian Cishu’s and Zhao Chengning’s Mothers. Zhao Bifen’s expression darkened and she exclaimed in dissatisfaction, “Dad, why are you bringing that girl up?”

Old Master Zhao cast a sidelong glance at her and said, “Are you telling me I need your permission just to mention someone?”

“Dad, you know that’s not what I meant...”

“In that case, what’s wrong with me mentioning it if that’s not what you meant?” Old Master Zhao said as he interrupted her. He had a look on his face that seemed to say, “Don’t to talk to me about logic, I don’t want to hear it.”

Not daring to offend Old Master Zhao, Mama Zhao’s lips twitched before she folded her arms in indignation and turned the other cheek.

At that moment, Jian Cishu’s Mother inquired, “Old Master Zhao, just who is the granddaughter of the Shen family that you’ve been mentioning…?”

Old Master Zhao’s mood was lifted at the mention of his friend’s granddaughter. “Oh, she’s the granddaughter of a friend I haven’t seen for many years. That girl’s a beauty, and I’ve yet to see any other girl match up to her looks.”

“Old Master Zhao, beautiful girls these days are all spoiled. They’re very difficult to to put up with,” Jian Cishu’s Father said.

“That’s right,” His wife added

The Zhao’s patriarch snorted, “You shouldn’t make such sweeping statements. Ole Shen’s granddaughter is not only as humble as she is pretty, she’s also a Wushu champion.”

“So instead of learning how to be a good wife, she goes around fighting instead. I wonder what others think of her,” Mama Zhao said ambiguously.

Zhao Chengning’s Father glared at her. “Can’t you just shut up?”

Mama Zhao issued a vicious snort in response.

The Shen family’s granddaughter was starting to grate on the nerves of Jian Cishu’s parents. However, this old man was clearly trying to stir up trouble. Yet because he wasn’t willing to fall for their bait, coupled with the fact that putting down someone younger than them was beneath them, they were suddenly at a loss as to how to respond.

Fortunately for them, the housekeeper entered at this moment and informed them that dinner was ready. Everyone placed the topic on hold as they left their seats and proceeded towards the dining room.

Jian Cishu intentionally slowed her pace and walked beside Zhao Chengning. She reached out to tug at his sleeve and whispered, “Brother Chengning… Who were you talking about?”

Zhao Chengning withdrew his arm from her embrace without hesitation. Without even casting a glance at her, he said, “It’s none of your business.”

“Brother Chengning!”

Zhao Chengning refused to pay any attention to her and went straight towards his seat, seating himself between Papa Zhao and Old Master Zhao.

Zhao Chengan had overheard their conversation. Stopping to wait for Jian Cishu, he bent his waist slightly and whispered to her, “Let’s have dinner first, we can talk about other things later.”

Due to their proximity, Zhao Chengan’s breath fell on her ear. Jian Cishu recoiled in an instant, her face beet red as she glanced at him.

Zhao Chengan’s eyes narrowed ever so slightly. He then proceeded to wordlessly turn around and make his way towards his seat.

Jian Cishu rubbed her ear. She looked at Zhao Chengning who had completely ignored her, before she turned to Zhao Chengan who was taking a seat and her expression turned a little strange.

“Cishu, what are you standing there in a daze for? Come over and sit down,” Realizing her daughter was the only one left standing there in a daze, Jian Cishu’s Mother called for her to come over.

“Ah, okay,” Jian Cishu hurriedly jogged over and seated herself opposite Zhao Chengning.

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