Chapter 14: Wu Lang The Wanderer

Chapter 14: Wu Lang The Wanderer Having trolled himself, Shen Jingchen had to wash the dishes. After her dinner, Shen Jingbin leisurely made her way back to her room and continued gaming.

Shen Jingbin immediately received a friend request the moment she logged into the game. She casually glanced at it and found that the player had a very nice sounding name. On top of that, he was an extremely high leveled Lich as well.  

In <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>, unknown players who sent friend requests to others had their class and level clearly indicated by the system as a form of warning.

“System Notification: Player ‘Quiet And Steadfast’ has requested to be your friend. Will you accept their request? Yes/No.”

Shen Jingbin selected “Yes”. The moment she did, a carrier pigeon came flying over from the other party.

“Were you the one who was taken in as a disciple by Song Yuqing?”

Shen Jingbin furrowed her brows and retorted, “You are?”

The other party didn’t reply. Shen Jingbin curled her lips but didn’t give any more thought to the matter. She then summoned the old horse she received from her new player gift box and slowly rode it through River City while looking for quests.

She had no choice in the matter. Who asked her to have such a low level and know so little people. She didn’t have any means to experience the joys of a jianghu[1. More info for those want to know more about the concept of jianghu] grudge either. As a new player, she could only obediently complete quests to raise her level.

Since it was mealtime, there were a lot less players online than there were during the day.  Even so, there were still many people who cast strange looks at her. Shen Jingbin frequently experienced such things in reality as well, but the two were completely different. The former were looks of fear and resentment, while the latter were looks of admiration. All this attention had left her feeling a little restless, so she made her way over to a more remote area.

Bouncing up and down while riding her horse, she arrived at a narrow, desolate alley that was especially dim. She swept her gaze about the empty alley, but couldn’t find any shops that were open for business. It was if there weren’t any NPCs around. Shen Jingbin decisively turned her horse around and prepared to leave for a different area. But, little did she expect to see a silhouette suddenly pounce in front of her, causing her to hurriedly reign in her horse in shock.

What the f*ck, what the hell was that!?

She threw herself off her horse and recalled it, lingering fear still clutching at her as she took a step forward in an effort to examine the person who’d landed in front of her. At the same time, she inwardly prayed that this person had better be a player and not an NPC!

One had to know that harming an NPC in <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> gave rise to grave consequences!

Regardless of whether they were an important quest NPC or a meaningless NPC, as long as they were an NPC, they were the boss. Harming an innocent NPC would erase any goodwill they had towards a player. If they were unlucky, they would even be thrown into the game’s prison.

She had no intention of experiencing life inside a prison.

Seeing her stop in front him, the figure immediately embraced her leg. Without waiting for her to react, he began to speak while sniveling, “Young hero, a few days ago, my younger sister left to help me deliver a letter to Landlord Yang who’s in the eastern part of the city. I had no intention of letting her go at first, but I fell sick before that. Due to the urgency of the letter, my sister was worried that Landlord Yang might condemn me if it was delayed, so she delivered the letter in my stead. Everyone says that Landlord Yang is insane and loves tormenting young maidens the most. Worry for my sister has resulted in me blocking your way. If it’s not too much trouble, please young hero, find out what’s happening in Landlord Yang’s residence for me.  

After his bout of lamenting, the familiar sound of the system’s notification rang out.

“Quest: ‘The Down and Out Wanderer, Wu Lang’s Request’ — Find His Missing Sister (0/1). Will you accept this quest? Yes/No.”

After Shen Jingbin chose to accept the quest, Wu Lang immediately jumped to his feet and handed her a map. She gave it a cursory glance and found that it marked out the exact location to Landlord Yang’s residence.

Shen Jingbin spent a great deal of effort to placate Wu Lang who was standing at her side and miserably staring at her. Once done, she jumped onto her mount with lightning speed and made her way towards the point marked out on her map.

Honestly though, she was no expert at playing the leading role for such a plight!

Shen Jingbin was confronted with her brother’s carrier pigeon the moment she emerged from the alley, “Where are you where are you where are you?”

Not long after sending her coordinates over to him, Shen Jingchen appeared with another person in tow.

This person had a slender build, with a head of white hair, and wore black clothes. A veil covered his facial features, but a pair of beautiful eyes could still be made out from within them. Their arrival was accompanied by an invitation to join a party.  

“Come come, your big brother will introduce you. This is our guild leader, Quiet And Steadfast.” Shen Jingchen sent out the party invitation before he grabbed ahold of the other person’s shoulder and smiled at her, “Leader, this is my younger sister, Nutjob. She’s the disciple of White Cloud Temple’s Sect Leader. Don’t judge her by her current ugly appearance, in truth, she’s actually a great beauty! I would have laid my hands on her if she weren’t my own sister.”

Quiet And Steadfast? So this was the person who messaged me just now. Shen Jingbin gazed at Quiet And Steadfast with a flabbergasted look on her face.

Feeling her gaze on him, Quiet And Steadfast looked over, his own gaze hovering on her face for a second before he nodded in her direction. Shen Jingbin could have sworn she saw the corners of his eyes twitch.

After exchanging greetings, Quiet And Steadfast said to Shen Jingchen, “Should I take your last sentence as you wanting to commit incest?”

“F*ck, what the hell are you talking about!” Shen Jingchen fumed, “Why are the two of you working together to attack me on your very first meeting!”

Shen Jingbin had never paid any attention to him when he got angry. She turned to Quiet And Steadfast and asked, “Were you the one who sent that mail to me just now?”

Quiet And Steadfast nodded his head and said, “Mmhm.”

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