Chapter 139: The Jian And Zhao Families Meet (1)

Chapter 139: The Jian And Zhao Families Meet (1) 

Truth be told, Zhao Chengning still really admired his Older Brother and was unable to best him so he hastily replied, “Things between me and the girl aren’t set in stone yet. If I were to tell you now, what would I do if you happened to fancy her as well and decided to blindside me?”

Zhao Chengan burst out laughing, “You don’t have to worry about that, our definition of beauty is entirely different.”

Zhao Chengning shrugged. “I’m still not convinced even if you say that. I’ll let you two meet when I feel the time’s right. That being said, did you really came back just for this?”

Zhao Chengan placed a hand on his cheek and mused to himself, “That’s what I thought at first as well, but from the looks of things, I think the old man still has something else planned.”

“Big Brother, how old are you this year?” Zhao Chengning suddenly asked.

“Twenty eight, why?”

“Then, I think I know why.”

“About what?”

A smug smile instantly appeared on Zhao Chengning’s face, one that seemed to be laughing at his brother’s misfortune. “Look at me, even I’ve found someone I fancy; of course Grandfather is going to start to worrying about your own marriage.”

Zhao Chengan’s bushy eyebrows instantly furrowed. “I’ve just remembered that I have some stuff I need to settle, so I’ll be leaving first.”

Zhao Chengning extended an arm to stop him. “Don’t you think it’s a little too late to be running away?” Seeing his brother’s tightly knit brows, Zhao Chengning continued, “Don’t be so nervous, ease up a little. I’m not working overtime today, so let’s go back together in a bit.”

Honestly speaking, Zhao Chengan knew full well that since he returned, going back just like that wasn’t an option. Thus, he nodded at his brother’s suggestion.

Zhao Chengning got off work on time after settling what he had on hand and proceeded to drive his brother back home.

“Grandfather, Dad, Mom, Older Brother’s back,” Stepping inside, Zhao Chengning raised his voice and called out.

However, what he was met with was a female’s surprised voice.

“Big Brother Chengning!”

Zhao Chengning, who was in the midst of changing into his home slippers, paused. Looking up, he saw a girl dressed in a light yellow one piece in front of him with a face full of smiles.

A pair of curved eyes that seemed to contain twinkling stars was paired with her chiffon yellow dress that accentuated her fair, white skin. Two locks of her chestnut hair sat framed the sides of her face, adding another layer of amiability to her already stunning features.

It was Jian Cishu.

Zhao Chengning’s back gradually straightened. Furrowing his brows, he looked at her and asked, “What are you doing here?”

“I’ve just returned today. Auntie found out, so she invited me over to have dinner together. My parents are here as well.”

At that moment, Zhao Chengan entered. Seeing Jian Cishu, he turned to her and asked, “You’re here as well?”

Jian Cishu’s body subconsciously stiffened up at the sight of Zhao Chengan. “B...Brother Chengan.”

Grunting in reply, Zhao Chengan patted Zhao Chengning who had a dark expression on his face and said, “Don’t block the entrance.”

Zhao Chengning silently glanced at him before he walked past Jian Cishu and into the house.

Jian Cishu’s face paled.

Seeing this, Zhao Chengan said, “You should go in as well.”

“Oh, okay,” Jian Cishu replied in a small, unwilling voice, and followed Zhao Chengan into the living room.

The parents of both the Jian and Zhao families were currently sitting on the sofa as they talked about interesting things that had happened in their lives.

The head of the Jian family was the first to see Zhao Chengning. He immediately stood up and welcomed him with a smile, “Chengning, you’re back.”

“Uncle Jian,” Came Zhao Chengning’s polite reply.

Just then, Jian Cishu’s Mother broke into a smile and spoke to Zhao Chengning’s Mother who was beside her, “Bifen, your family’s Chengning is really making a name for himself. Such a remarkable boy, I bet he’s caused quite a number of girls to fall for him.”

Zhao Chengning’s Mother was obviously overjoyed when she heard her son being praised. Yet, her face betrayed no sign of her elation as she gave a smug smile like it was a matter of course, and calmly raising a hand, she stroked her piled hair. “He’s alright, it’s nothing really.”

Jian Cishu’s Mother knew that it was all just an act, but she still maintained her look of envy and said, “I’m really envious of your good fortune. You have such a good son.”

As she spoke, Zhao Chengan walked in with Jian Cishu.

“Oh, isn’t that Chengan?” Jian Cishu’s Mother exclaimed. She turned back to Mama Zhao and asked with a look of astonishment on her face, “Chengan’s back too? Oh my, Chengan, do you still remember your Aunt Jian? You’ve become even more suave since I’ve last seen you.”

The hostile atmosphere around Zhao Chengan seemed to have been worn off over the years he spent in Africa. Although he still seemed stern, it wasn’t to the point where others would feel on edge.

One should never forget their basic manners when facing their elders. “Auntie Jian, Uncle Jian,” Came Zhao Chengan’s greetings.

“Chengan still remembers us, that’s good, that’s good,” Jian Cishu’s Father happily exclaimed.

Zhao Chengning silently retorted: He doesn’t have Alzheimer's, of course he remembers.

“Your family is truly lucky to have such exceptional children. In the future, whoever becomes your Daughter-in-law would be smiling even in their dreams,” Jian Cishu’s Mother added.

Mama Zhao saw the look in Mama Jian’s eyes and replied, “They may be excellent, but no girls have caught their eye just yet. Despite their ages they still haven’t gotten themselves a girlfriends, let alone fiancées… That’s right, what about your Cishu? I seem to recall that she’s already twenty four, right? Does she have a boyfriend?”

Startled by her name suddenly being called out like this, Jian Cishu’s face instantly turned beet red. “N...N...Not yet.”

Mama Zhao smiled in response, “Oh my, she’s feeling shy now. What’s there to feel embarrassed about? You should go out and date if you’re of age… How about this: since you’re still single, what do you think about my sons?”

Zhao Chengning immediately cut in, “Mother!”

Mama Zhao glared back at him. “Do you have to shout? I can hear you.”

Overcome with indignation, Zhao Chengning was about to retort when his brother tugged at him.

Jian Cishu stole a timid glance at Zhao Chengning and said, “I think… Big Brothers Chengning and Chengan are both pretty good.”

“Both of them are pretty good?” Zhao Bifen looked at her in amusement. “So, does that mean you want both of them?”

“No no no! Auntie, that’s not what I meant… I just...” Jian Cishu instantly panicked.

Seeing that his wife was getting increasingly out of hand and that his son was boring a hole into him with his sharp gaze, Papa Zhao cleared his throat and chided his wife, “As an elder, is this really something you should be saying to the younger generation?”

His wife pouted in reply, “I was just joking, or are you telling me I can’t even crack a joke?”

“You can joke, but you also need to know where to draw the line.”

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