Chapter 138: The Zhao’s Family’s Big Brother (2)

Chapter 138: The Zhao’s Family’s Big Brother (2) 

She had never been to Zhao Chengning’s bedroom before. All of her previous visits were with her parents, so she had had no chance of entering his bedroom. In other words, this was closest she’d ever been to Zhao Chengning’s private life.

There were 4 bedrooms on the second floor. At a glance, she could tell that two of them belonged to Old Master Zhao and Zhao Chengning’s parents. As for the other two, she had difficulty deciding on which one belonged to Zhao Chengning.

In the end, she chose the door that had a poster of someone she didn’t recognize.

In her mind, there was no way the serious Zhao Chengan would stick a poster on his bedroom door.

Mustering up her courage to reach out and open the door, what surprised her was that the door wasn’t even locked.

With just a bit of strength, the door slowly opened and the nervousness in Jian Cishu’s heart intensified.

Behind the door was the typical layout of a boy’s bedroom. Neat and tidy, the room had no excessive decorations. Jian Cishu suppressed the excitement in her heart and took a deep breath.

It was Zhao Chengning’s fragrance! She guessed correctly! This was his room!

Her heart suddenly raced!

Carefully stepping towards the large bed in the middle of the room, Jian Cishu heard a small voice speak to her: Just once, I’ll touch his bed just once.

Her slender white fingers trembled uncontrollably as they came in contact with the bed’s soft blanket made of swan feathers. Shortly after, her body gravitated towards the bed as well.

Just for a bit, I’ll lie down for just a bit! Then I’ll leave!

Jian Cishu mentally convinced herself as her body made contact with the bed.

However, she suddenly heard a flurry of light footsteps.

When one felt guilty about something, their senses would become exceptionally sharp and they’d be able to hear sounds they normally wouldn’t be able to pick up.

Despite her enhanced senses, her reflexes were unable to keep up. A man’s chilly voice could be heard before she could even rise from the bed.

“What are you doing?” It was a low and magnetic voice, yet it sounded completely different from Zhao Chengning’s voice.

Jian Cishu finally stood up. Her guilt-ridden gaze fell upon the intruder and all of the blood in her body froze up, almost as if it had coagulated.

Zhao Chengan was staring at her with a cold expression on his face. His gaze was frigid, not a single iota of warmth could be seen. It was as though he was looking at a criminal.

Jian Cishu felt her legs tremble uncontrollably under his intense gaze.

“I said, what are you doing?” Zhao Chengan asked once more.

“I… I...” Her lips visibly trembled and her voice subconsciously shook. She found herself unable to squeak out even one complete sentence. “I’m sorry!”

Unable to bear the pressure, she sprinted out of the room with reddened eyes and a sobbing voice. From there, she didn’t even look back as she fled the Zhao family residence.

After that incident, she didn’t dare to visit the Zhao residence for a very long time. She didn’t dare to look for Zhao Chengning either because she was afraid of running into Zhao Chengan.

This incident also led to Zhao Chengan becoming a form of mental trauma for her. Jian Cishu only heaved a sigh of relief when she heard of his departure.

But now…

Quietly holding down her hand that began to tremble, Jian Cishu squeezed out a smile and said, “So, it’s Big Brother Zhao.”

Zhao Chengan nodded in affirmation. Glancing at the luggage by her feet, he asked, “Did you just return? Were you on holiday?”

“No, I left for England for a month of further studies… Did Big Brother Zhao just return from overseas?”

“Yeah, Grandfather called regarding some family matters and bade me to return.”

“Is that so?”

Zhao Chengan looked at the surroundings. “You’re by yourself? Where’s your driver?”

“Mm, I’ve made a call and they said he’s on his way,” Jian Cishu mumbled in reply.

“Is that so,” Zhao Chengan said. “Then, I’ll make a move first. Do come over for a visit if you have the time.”

“Alright, thanks Big Brother Zhao,” Jian Cishu smiled as she bade him farewell.

Jian Cishu let out a sigh of relief when Zhao Chengan stepped into a taxi and vanished from sight. Suddenly, the sound of a car horn could be heard. Turning around, she noticed that it was her family’s car.

The driver apologized as he stepped out of the car and opened the door for her.

“I’m sorry Miss, I went the wrong way and ended up at Terminal 2.”

“It’s alright, let’s hurry on home,” After the surprise of running into Zhao Chengan, she no longer had any energy left to waste on the driver. Jian Cishu went straight into the car and instructed her driver to set off.

“Alright, Miss,” The driver bowed in reply and got into the car as well.

The car slowly started up and gradually disappeared from the airport.

Zhao Chengning had just stepped out of the gaming pod when a knock rang out from his office door.

After tidying up his crumpled clothing, a consequence of playing games, Zhao Chengning grunted in reply and heard Keyuan speak, “Boss, your Older Brother is here.”

Zhao Chengning paused, “Who did you say was here?”

Keyuan repeated himself, “Your Older Brother.”

Zhao Chengan?

Why was this Lord back?!

“Quickly, invite him in.”

“Understood, Boss.”

Only a minute had passed since Keyuan left the room before a towering man entered.

“What made you decide to come back?” Zhao Chengning stood up from his seat and asked.

Zhao Chengan walked next to his brother and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. “I heard from our Grandfather that you’ve taken a liking to a girl, so I’m here to check her out.”

Zhao Chengning placed a hand on his forehead in exasperation. “That Grandfather of ours, he’ll say anything to coax you to return.”

Zhao Chengan didn’t stand on ceremony as he sat on Zhao Chengning’s seat. He tilted his chin and asked, “Let’s talk, which family is she from? It couldn’t be the one from the Jian family, right? Speaking of which, I just ran into her at the airport. It’s been awhile since I last saw her, she definitely became a lot prettier.”

“Are you talking about Jian Cishu? No way, you’re overthinking it.”

Zhao Chengan raised an eyebrow. “Oh? Then which family is this girl from?”

The corners of Zhao Chengning’s mouth curved upwards as he gave a provocative laugh, “You want to find out? Beg me then.”

Zhao Chengan narrowed his eyes threateningly. “Brat, do you have a death wish? Hm?”

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