Chapter 137: The Zhao’s Family’s Big Brother (1)

Chapter 137: The Zhao’s Family’s Big Brother (1)

It was five in the afternoon at B City’s International Airport Terminal exit.

A tall, young, and beautiful female with an air of charisma about her stood by the roadside. The latest luggage bag from Adele Fendi sat at her feet while she was in the midst of a phone call.

“Mom, I’ve gotten off the plane but I still don’t see the driver,” With the phone in her hand, the woman glanced about for a moment to ensure that it wasn’t an oversight on her part, and that she really couldn’t find the driver.

“You can’t find the driver? That shouldn’t be the case. Don’t tell me they haven’t arrived yet?” Said the voice of a mature woman on the other end of the phone. “In that case, which exit are you at right now?”

The young woman turned back to look at the exit number behind her. “Exit eight.”

“Alright then, just stay right there and don’t move. I’ll give the driver a call and check whether he’s missing or if he’s just in the wrong place.”

“Okay,” Came the girl’s reply before she hung up. She pulled out a pair of sunglasses from her handbag and wore them, their large lenses shielding almost half of her pretty countenance. Yet, it only made her stand out even more.

While she waited by the exit for her Mother’s call, the girl ‘s ears picked up someone’s voice calling her name from behind.

“Jian Cishu?”

Jian Cishu turned to face the source of the voice that had a tinge of uncertainty mixed with it.

Behind her was a tall, muscular male about 1.9m in height. His skin was tanned, yet it was a shade lighter than copper. Although he wore casual clothes, that bit of fabric wasn’t enough to conceal his impressive physique. The man had large eyes and bushy eyebrows that were paired with a stern countenance and an air of valor. This was a marked difference compared to the numerous cute and immature boys that were commonplace these days. Looking over at the man, the girl couldn’t help but think of the words: “A real man.”

Jian Cishu felt that this man was familiar, but was unable to recall who he was on such short notice.

The man had already walked in front of her and shouted her name once more, “Jian Cishu.”

This time, it wasn’t a tone of apprehension but one of affirmation that she was, indeed, Jian Cishu.

Jian Cishu took off her sunglasses and eyed the man suspiciously before she asked, “Hello, you are...?”

The man’s valorous face didn’t betray any emotion as he answered, “I’m Zhao Chengan.”

Zhao Chengan!

Jian Cishu instantly remembered who this man was.

Wasn’t Zhao Chengan the brother of Zhao Chengning who, despite repeated exhortations from his family, went off to Africa? Rumor has it that it’s been two years since he left and he’s hardly returned home, even abstaining from festivities such as the Moon Lantern Festival or New Year’s. So, why would he be in B City’s airport now?

Jian Cishu had only seen Zhao Chengan a couple of times back when she was studying. The only reason why she’d been able to recall who he was upon hearing his name was simply because he’d left far too strong of an impression on her.

Zhao Chengan’s personality was completely different from Zhao Chengning’s. Although both of them normally appeared aloof, Zhao Chengning differed from Zhao Chengan’s serious demeanor; seeming more gentle and warm towards others.

Jian Cishu had been raised like a princess from birth and was the apple of her family’s eyes. Although she was already in her third year of junior high, when she first met Zhao Chengan she was still frightened by his serious and unapproachable demeanor.

Jian Cishu was only two years younger than Zhao Chengning. Having a childhood crush on Zhao Chengning, she had enrolled in his school and following in his footsteps had always been her goal.

Zhao Chengning had exemplary grades since young, yet he hardly went to school. This fact was reinforced during high school, where he loved playing truant. However, due to his stellar academic performance, the school chose to close an eye towards the matter, instead opting to call his home to inform him if there was any important information to be passed down.

The school was aware of Jian Cishu’s relations with the Zhao Family when she enrolled, which was why they would ask her to help relay information when they were unable to contact Zhao Chengning.

Jian Cishu loved coming up with all sorts of reasons to look for Zhao Chengning. With such an excellent opportunity to visit she had absolutely no reason to reject them, readily agreeing without hesitation.

One day after high school, she happily arrived at the Zhao Family’s residence with stuff that the teaching head of the third years had passed to her.

Coincidentally, Zhao Chengning had just left to buy something when she paid a visit to the Zhao residence. It would have been over if she had just passed the items over to the housekeeper, but her purpose in coming was to see Zhao Chengning. So, how could she leave without even meeting him? Thus, she thickened her skin and sat in the living room to wait for his return.

She didn’t know what Zhao Chengning had left the house to buy, but after being left waiting for over half a day with no sign of him returning, and seeing the housekeeper busy with her own tasks, a bold plan formed within Jian Cishu’s mind.

She wanted to look inside his room.

Certain thoughts, upon thinking of them, were akin to opening Pandora’s box and couldn’t be stopped.

Peeking about, she lightly placed the items in her hand down on the table before quietly tiptoeing towards the bedrooms on the second floor.

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