Chapter 136: Capitalism Is The Root Of All Evil (2)

Chapter 136: Capitalism Is The Root Of All Evil (2) 

After Memelord’s Nymphs woke their guild members, and the ones who went out in search for the abducted guild members returned, Morally Grey bid the members of Jade Sea Pavilion farewell and left.

Marco Polo Bun trailed at the very end of Memelord’s group. Walking right up to Shen Jingbin, he shot a tentative glance at Quiet And Steadfast before he looked helplessly at her.

Quiet and Steadfast touched his mask and spoke, “You two have a chat, I’ll go and take a look at the guild.”

With that, he turned back and retreated several metres, leading the members of Jade Sea Pavilion to a location slightly further out.

After ascertaining that Quiet and Steadfast had distanced himself to the point where he was out of earshot, Marco Polo Bun asked, “Are you really the wife of Jade Sea Pavilion’s Guild Leader? And, was the person from just now your husband, the Leader of Jade Sea Pavilion?”

Marco Polo Bun couldn’t be blamed for being so nervous. He couldn’t help but feel on edge when facing the legendary top player in the game. Furthermore, he really couldn’t imagine how a girl like her that was not only ugly, but was also cold, thieving, and violent, was able to conquer the God who was at the very pinnacle of all players. Furthermore, it seemed like the God in question cared a great deal about her well being. If he didn’t, how would Marco Polo Bun explain the constant, scathing glare that the God was constantly sending his way.

Seriously, was a god-level player’s sense of aesthetics that different from an ordinary player’s?

Or was there a change in the world’s sense of aesthetics and it was just him being slow on the uptake?

Shen Jingbin shot an inscrutable look at Marco Polo Bun who had a look of constipation on his face. “What kind of weird scenario is playing in your head?” She asked in disgust.

“Nothing!” He hastily shook his head to banish those thoughts from his mind. “Are you an apothecary?”

Shen Jingbin nodded in affirmation.

“Here, I’ve quite a lot of low grade herbs that I don’t need, let me give them to you.” Marco Polo Bun said as he flipped through his backpack in search of said herbs.

Shen Jingbin hurriedly stopped him.

“Don’t. My backpack’s already full, they won’t fit inside.”

At this moment, Quiet And Steadfast appeared from behind and passed a wooden box to her. “This is a High-Class Expansion Box, it’s able to open up 20 more slots in your backpack.”

Shen Jingbin: “…”

Marco Polo Bun: “...”

F*ck! God, didn’t you say that you’ll give us space and not eavesdrop on us?! God, believe me, I have no interest in your wife! God, you’re going to lose a fan here, I’m serious!

Marco Polo Bun had a group of Universal Envoys rampaging around in his mind right now.

“Go further away and don’t eavesdrop on us,” Shen Jingbin said expressionlessly as she took the Expansion Box from his hands.

Quiet And Steadfast shrugged his shoulders and obediently retreated.

Shen Jingbin equipped the Backpack Expansion Box and twenty empty slots appeared in her once-full backpack.

“Are you done, are you done?” Marco Polo Bun asked.

“I’m done,” Shen Jingbin replied.

Hearing her response, Marco Polo Bun immediately resumed rummaging through his backpack.

“Here’s some Gold-Silver Grass, it’ll help in hemostasis, take them.”

“Oh, Violets, you can make Qi Regulating Pills with them, I’ll give these to you.”

“Ahh, I found them. Loopback Flowers, Divine Illusion Pills, take them, take them all.”

Marco Polo Bun had essentially pored through every single low grade herb in his inventory before picking out herbs that were commonly used in low grade medicine. He then dumped them off in Shen Jingbin’s hands, instantly filling all twenty of her slots.

Shen Jingbin hurriedly stopped Marco Polo Bun when she noticed that he was still flipping through his backpack. “That’s enough, don’t look anymore, my backpack’s full!”

“Eh, it’s full again? I didn’t even give you that many.”

“...” Bro, you didn’t even check how much you gave me, did you!?

After transferring the items, Marco Polo Bun said goodbye to Shen Jingbin and left Cloud Dream Swamp, his footsteps unconsciously quickening as he passed by Quiet And Steadfast.

Numerous question marks floated above Quiet And Steadfast’s head: Why was he leaving in such a rush?

There was nothing left to do in Cloud Dream Swamp. Feeling too lazy to summon Mascot, Shen Jingbin decided to sit with Quiet And Steadfast and return to River City instead.

Everyone from Jade Sea Pavilion went about with their own business after the party was disbanded. “Do you have any plans?” Quiet And Steadfast asked Shen Jingbin.

“I’ll be making some medicine. I picked up a lot of herbs just now, so I need to clear out my inventory by using them up.”

“That works, I’ll come with you then.”

Shen Jingbin didn’t reject his offer. Although players could craft potions wherever they were, the success rate would increase if it was done in a specialized medicinal room. When doing so, the chance of crafting better quality potions would also increase.

These specialized medicinal rooms could be found in a few major cities for players to practice their potion crafting. However, players would be charged a set fee based on their Level.

Quiet And Steadfast escorted Shen Jingbin to the location where she could rent a medicinal room, but was informed that the low and normal class rooms had all been rented out, leaving only two high class medicinal rooms available. Furthermore, one of the rooms had already been booked beforehand and the person was about to arrive.

Which meant that there was only one high class medicinal room left.

A fee of fifty taels was required to rent a high class medicinal room for two hours. Thinking that it was a little too pricey, Shen Jingbin was hesitating when Quiet And Steadfast, who was by her side, paid the rental fee without batting an eyelid.

Of course, this great God wasn’t like her. He was a tycoon! Fifty taels was peanuts to him!

Using this as an excuse, Shen Jingbin was just barely able to power through her apprehension and use the high class medicinal room. However, she had to express her gratitude.

“Thank you,” She replied extremely politely.

“It’s nothing… Since you’re playing the game at this time, you don’t have to work or study?” Quiet And Steadfast asked.

“Ah, no. I’m quite free.”

“I’m really envious of you,” A look of envy appeared on Quiet And Steadfast’s face. Seeing the confusion on Shen Jingbin’s face, he added, “I’ve been swamped with work recently and had to do lots of overtime. I’ve basically had no time at all to play.”

“Then what about now?”

“I secretly installed a gaming pod inside my office’s lounge so that I can play every once in a while when I’m free.”

No wonder Quiet And Steadfast’s login timings felt so irregular to her. “Isn’t there anyone in the office to control you?”

“Nope, I’m the highest authority there.”

“Tch, capitalism is the root of all evil.”

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