Chapter 135: Capitalism Is The Root Of All Evil (1)

Chapter 135: Capitalism Is The Root Of All Evil (1)

Quiet And Steadfast estimated the distance between Shen Jingbin and the Universal Envoy before walking to her side. “Do you know that guy?” He enquired.

He was referring to Marco Polo Bun.

The reason for his enquiry was because he noticed her eyes sparkling whenever she looked at that person. It was an expression that he’d never seen before.

“Yeah,” Shen Jingbin nodded in affirmation.

At the sight, Quiet And Steadfast evaluated Marco Polo Bun once more.

Marco Polo Bun, who was in the midst of playing a game of tag with the Universal Envoy, felt a sudden chill run down his spine.

No matter how formidable the Universal Envoy might be, it was still unable to handle the onslaught of numerous top-tier players. Not much time had passed since it started pursuing Marco Polo Bun before its Health bar was almost empty. However, Marco Polo Bun was running out of steam as well.

Even if the Universal Envoy knocked him out now, it wouldn’t be able to carry him back to its nest. Since that’s the case, screw it! He might as well fight!

With this thought in mind, Marco Polo Bun steeled himself against running and turned around, preparing to use every skill he had against the Universal Envoy.

At the same time, the number one Dragonkin in Jade Sea Pavilion, Asuka, happened to unleashed a powerful skill.

Not only was Asuka Jade Sea Pavilion's number one Dragonkin, she was also the top Dragonkin in <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>> and her DPS was off the charts. The Universal Envoy’s Health was instantly reduced to just a few points after Asuka unleashed her skill, followed by Marco Polo Bun’s own skill immediately after.

With a resounding roar, the Universal Envoy collapsed, never to rise again. At the same time, a scarlet red announcement appeared.

[System Announcement] Congratulations to Player Marco Polo Bun for successfully defeating the Universal Envoy and ridding the world of an evil! He’s the honour of the hour!

Marco Polo Bun almost choked on his own spit. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that he would actually be the one to deal the final blow!

Wasn’t he just too lucky?!

There was no longer any threat now that the Universal Envoy was dead. “Sunhill, Lotus, and Luoluo, search for our comrades and bring back those who have been taken away. Nymphs, see if you can rouse those around us. Polo Bun, harvest the Seven Cycle Reincarnation Fruit before looting the corpse,” Morally Grey ordered.

The players who were chosen began carrying out the tasks that they were assigned to do.

Marco Polo Bun jogged over to where he’d first discovered the Seven Cycle Reincarnation Fruit and began harvesting it.

Gathering it was slow due to its rarity, so it took him a whole five minutes before he was able to dig it out.

“Congratulations on obtaining the Seven Cycle Reincarnation Fruit.”

The pleasing sound of the system announcement rang out. With a face full of smiles, Marco Polo Bun gingerly placed the gathered fruit into his backpack before running over to the Universal Envoy and reaching out to loot the corpse.

“Congratulations, you have obtained 50 silver.”

“Congratulations, you have obtained a Graceful Jade Whisk x1. ”

“Congratulations, you have obtained a Lustrous Clear Cloud Robe x1. ”

“Congratulations, you have obtained Floating Light Silk x5”


The items dropped from the Universal Envoy were numerous. A casual glance from Marco Polo Bun informed him that these items weren’t bad at all.

“What’s the matter, what dropped?” Morally Grey walked up to him and enquired.

Marco Polo Bun reported the items that he’d received. With slightly furrowed brows, Morally Grey pondered for a while before saying, “Pass me the whisk.”

Marco Polo Bun gave the Graceful Jade Whisk to him without hesitation.

Morally Grey took the whisk that the Universal Envoy dropped in hand and walked up to Shen Jingbin. “I noticed that your equipment seemed to be lacking, so please take this as a token of our appreciation.”

“There’s no need,” Shen Jingbin declined. As the saying goes: He who does not work shall not eat. She wasn’t shameless enough to accept something she didn’t deserve.

“Please accept this, this wouldn’t have been so easy if it weren’t for you calling the players of Jade Sea Pavilion over to help,” Morally Grey said before pushing the whisk into her hands.

Shen Jingbin was about to return the whisk to him when Quiet And Steadfast said to her, “You should just accept it since he’s given it to you.”

Shen Jingbin looked at him and the silent Morally Grey before quietly accepting the Graceful Jade Whisk.

Even though Shen Jingbin felt that she hadn’t contributed in any way, it was anything but that in Morally Grey’s eyes. He wasn’t someone who liked owing others a favor and immediately sought to repay his debts as soon as possible.

The Daoists in his guild were few and the elite players mostly had weapons that they’d painstakingly crafted, while an ordinary whisk would suffice for the remaining few. As such, the whisk wasn’t very important in the eyes of his guild despite its good attributes. Instead, it would serve better as repayment for the debt that he owed.

Quiet And Steadfast had clearly noticed this, which was why he persuaded Shen Jingbin to accept it.

Morally Grey chuckled as he saw Shen Jingbin accept the whisk. He turned to Quiet And Steadfast and said, “Thanks for today’s help.”

Quiet And Steadfast gave him a polite smile in return. However, due to the mask he was wearing, only his ink black eyes conveyed his intent.

“You’re welcome.”

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