Chapter 134: Support From Jade Sea Pavilion (2)

Chapter 134: Support From Jade Sea Pavilion (2)

The moment Circles hit the ground, the Universal Envoy turned around and, like a flash of lighting, suddenly pounced towards the player closest to Circles.

Another blood-curdling screech could be heard, followed by the sound of another player falling to the ground.

“Retreat! Everyone, retreat!” Morally Grey howled.

Everyone immediately dispersed.

Upon seeing this, the Universal Envoy let out yet another blood-curdling screech.

Someone amongst the fleeing crowd of players was affected by this, causing his steps to slow for a fraction of a second. The monster immediately caught up to him and struck him down with its mace. Morally Grey saw this scene from the corner of his eye and broke out in a cold sweat.

This is bad. This monster’s IQ is way too high.

Shen Jingbin and Marco Polo Bun quickly withdrew at Morally Grey’s behest. Suddenly, Shen Jingbin saw a string of words appear in her guild channel.

[Guild] Guild Leader Quiet And Steadfast has logged in.

Shortly after, a white carrier pigeon flew straight towards her.

The Universal Envoy swivelled about as it searched for its next target. The appearance of carrier pigeon seemed to have caught its eye, attracting its gaze towards Shen Jingbin and company.

It let out a furious roar and pounced in their direction.


Shen Jingbin nearly jumped out of her skin when she turned to look at the commotion behind her and immediately quickened her pace. On the other side, Marco Polo Bun and Morally Grey noticed Shen Jingbin’s plight.

“I’m here, dumbass!” Marco Polo Bun must have gone mad, because he began running in the direction opposite of Shen Jingbin while flinging clumps of mud at the Universal Envoy’s head.

The Universal Envoy was still undecided on who of the three it should grab when it suddenly felt something connect with its head. Its anger immediately flared up and it threw itself at Marco Polo Bun.

With the disturbance that Marco Polo Bun caused, Shen Jingbin managed to eke out a little bit of time to check her messages.

As expected, it was a message from Quiet And Steadfast.

“What’re you doing?”

My god! Honestly speaking, she’d previously thought that it was quite nice of him to look her up whenever he came online. However, she felt that this habit of his was extremely detrimental to her today! She almost lost her life because of him!

“A monster in Cloud Dream Swamp is chasing after me!”

“Chasing you? What monster?”

“The Universal Envoy.”

This time around, Quiet And Steadfast’s reply came a little slower than before. “Do you need help?”

“The members from Memelord are here. I’ll ask for their opinion.”

Quiet And Steadfast understood the reason behind Shen Jingbin’s actions. Since Memelord was there with her, it probably meant that there was something valuable in the area. Jade Sea Pavilion’s actions might be mistaken as them trying to kill steal and snatch Memelord’s loot if they just suddenly rushed over like that.

Shen Jingbin looked at Marco Polo Bun who was running around like a madman before she turned to the players from Memelord who hadn’t stopped attacking the Universal Envoy. She raised her voice and said to Morally Grey, “Do you need Jade Sea Pavilion’s help?”

Morally Grey looked at her and glanced at his few remaining teammates, hesitating a little.

Shen Jingbin obviously knew the reason for his hesitation, so she added, “They’re only here to help, they won’t steal your kill and neither will they snatch your loot.”

Morally Grey nodded. “Thanks. We’ll be in Jade Sea Pavilion’s care then.”

Having received Morally Grey’s assent, Shen Jingbin immediately sent Quiet And Steadfast a reply.

“Come over. It’s best if you bring more people along with you, we’re in a bit of a pickle.”

Quiet And Steadfast immediately started selecting people from the guild once he received her reply.

[Guild] Quiet And Steadfast: Those from ranged team 1 and 2 who are free, join my team. We’re going to Cloud Dream Swamp.

He recalled Nutjob’s poor sense of direction and figured that she wouldn’t be able to tell him where she was, so he sent her a party invitation instead which she quickly accepted.

Quiet And Steadfast had a very detailed map of the area. Once he entered the party, he immediately opened the map and determined where she was.

After ascertaining her location, Quiet And Steadfast immediately blazed a trail to Cloud Dream Swamp at top speed with his party.

He knew quite a bit about the Universal Envoy. For example, he knew that only Ranged Attackers could deal with it, while Healers were useless because anyone approaching it would be done for.  

He was included in the mix. The only reason why he was going over was to rescue Shen Jingbin and give the others some commands while he was at it.

As combatants of the number one guild in the game, every player’s mount was extremely fast. In just a bit, Quiet And Steadfast arrived in the depths of Cloud Dream Swamp where Shen Jingbin was at with two parties in tow.

Other than a few Dragonkins from Memelord, the Universal Envoy had thrown all the other players of various professions on the ground, and was now in the midst of chasing another player.

Quiet And Steadfast’s sharp eyes immediately caught sight of Shen Jingbin who was hiding behind a tree.

“Let’s surround it and attack. Make sure you don’t get close to it,” said Quiet And Steadfast to his guild members.

The members from both teams nodded and dispersed.

Players from Jade Sea Pavilion were significantly stronger than players from Memelord. With them around, the surviving members from Memelord immediately felt like a weight had been lifted from their shoulders.

Morally Grey immediately noticed Quiet And Steadfast and approached him when Jade Sea Pavilion joined in on the fight.

“Thank you, Guild Leader Quiet.”

“You’re welcome, I’m just here to fetch my wife.”

Morally Grey felt relieved when he heard Quiet And Steadfast say that.

Though Shen Jingbin had given him her assurances before, she wasn’t the Leader of Jade Sea Pavilion. Whether her words could be trusted or not was one thing, but no one would be able to stop him if Quiet And Steadfast saw the situation and wanted to kill steal.

Although Quiet And Steadfast didn’t explicitly state it, his comment from before implied that he wasn’t planning to steal their prey from them. Based on Quiet And Steadfast’s personality, Morally Grey felt at ease knowing that he wouldn’t go back on his word.

On the other hand, Shen Jingbin felt a wave of relief wash over her with the appearance of her fellow members from Jade Sea Pavilion. Feeling more at ease now, she shifted her attention to Marco Polo Bun.

Honestly speaking, she was extremely shocked at the god-like speed that he’d fled with. To her, Marco Polo Bun was a spineless coward with no talents to speak of. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been successfully intimidated by her when they were in Hell. After all, he was at a far higher Level than she was then!

However, Marco Polo had actually managed to hold on for a long time while the Universal Envoy pursued him. Moreover, he was even managing to perfectly avoid its soundwave attacks.

It looked like he was yet another talented individual.

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