Chapter 132: The Universal Envoy (2)

Chapter 132: The Universal Envoy (2)

Marco Polo Bun didn’t dare to tarry any longer when he saw another one of his companions getting struck out of the corner of his eye. He began running away while he requested for help in the guild chat.

It was so dangerous just now that he didn’t even have the time to request for help.

[Guild] Marco Polo Bun: We need help! Location: the depths of Cloud Dream Swamp. West 4598 North 1996. The Universal Envoy is too much for us, we’re about to be wiped out!

[Guild] I’m A Groper: The Universal Envoy? What’s so impressive about it?

[Guild] Attack That Nymph: F*ck, didn’t you bring thirty people along to subdue it? You guys couldn’t do it even with that many people?

[Guild] Marco Polo Bun: It’s too strong, we can’t take it!

[Guild] Morally Grey: Polo, what about the Seven Cycle Reincarnation Fruit? Is there anyone from other guilds around? How much longer can you guys hold out for?

[Guild] Marco Polo Bun: The reincarnation fruit is still at the same spot with the Universal Envoy and there’s no way for me to get close. There’s a member of Jade Sea Pavilion by my side, but she’s by herself. Based on the situation, we can’t hold on for longer than five minutes.

[Guild] Morally Grey: Got it. Find somewhere to hide that’s not too far from the Seven Cycle Reincarnation Fruit, I’ll send some more people over immediately.

[Guild] Morally Grey: Raid party 1, 2, and 3, drop whatever it is you’re doing and make your way towards Dream Cloud Swamp.

Marco Polo Bun’s flustered heart calmed down when he saw his Guild Leader methodically arrange for the raid parties to provide assistance. He stopped in his tracks and began hurrying back to the rest of his guildmates.

Seeing this change in Marco Polo Bun, Shen Jingbin asked, “We’re not going to look for help anymore?”

“My Guild Leader is coming over right now. I need to keep a lookout, so why don’t you go back first?”

“I don’t know the way.”

“...” What the f*ck, are you sure you’re not trying to screw with me?

“Keep walking northeast and you’ll eventually reach the teleportation array.”

“Which way is northeast?”

“...” F*ck, aren’t you a bandit Big Sis?! Can you not act like such a ditz? No, you’re definitely not a ditz, you’re an idiot!

Marco Polo Bun rubbed the sides of his throbbing head and said, “Forget it, just come with me then. I’ll lead you out once we’ve defeated the Universal Envoy. But I must warn you, don’t try to steal my Seven Cycle Reincarnation Fruit!”

“Relax, I don’t want it,” She was telling the truth. She was still a low ranked Apothecary, so a precious high grade medicinal herb like the Seven Cycle Reincarnation Fruit was worthless to her.

After giving her word, Marco Polo Bun led her back the way they came, before stopping about twenty meters away from the Universal Envoy and carefully hiding themselves. Shen Jingbin also recalled Mascot to prevent it from suddenly crying out and alarming the Universal Envoy.

All thirty players were thrown to the ground in just these few short minutes that they were gone. At present, the Universal Envoy was standing in the midst of a field of fake corpses with its head raised for some unknown reason.

“What’s it doing?” Shen Jingbin asked in a whisper.

“How the hell would I know, this is my first time encountering this monster!”

“Tsk, and here I thought you knew everything.”

“... Thanks for thinking so highly of me!”

“Mm, don’t mention it.”


While the two of them bickered, the Universal Envoy who was standing with its head raised suddenly released an ear-piercing screech, causing Shen Jingbin and Marco Polo Bun to cover their ears.

The Universal Envoy finally stopped screeching several seconds later, before bending down and grabbing the player closest to them, hoisting them up. It then turned around and with the swaying of its alligator tail, it made its way even deeper into the dense forest, disappearing from view a short while later.

The two of them uncovered their ears after the Universal Envoy left. Everything had happened in a blur, and they didn’t have the chance to brace themselves for its screeching. The aftermath of it left their ears buzzing in pain.

“F*ck, it hurts like crazy,” Marco Polo Bun said as he rubbed his ears and quietly cursed out loud.

Shen Jingbin was also wordlessly rubbing her ears, and she wore a look of tranquility on her face as if she were mostly unaffected. After he was done tending to his ears, Marco Polo Bun suddenly stood up and walked forward. Shen Jingbin stretch out her hand and grabbed him. “What’re you doing?”

“I’m obviously going to save my companions. I’m going to drag them out of there and save as many of them as I can. This way, Leader and the rest of them will have an easier time as well when they arrive.”

“Do you know when the Universal Envoy will be back here?” Shen Jingbin asked with a blank look on her face.

Marco Polo Bun’s expression froze. “I don’t know.”

“You should sit here obediently and wait if you don’t. Going over now would likely end up with you running into it. When that happens, not only would you fail to save anyone, even you would end up being captured.”

“Then am I supposed to just sit here and watch?”

“You should observe it for the time being. There still time for you to save them after you’ve figured out how long it takes to make a trip. Besides, how many people do you think you can save? You’d be helping your Leader out a lot just by not causing more trouble for him.”  

“...” F*ck, this woman is so hateful!

Dispirited, Marco Polo Bun crouched down once again. He knew she spoke the truth.

Just after he crouched back down, the Universal Envoy emerged from the dense forest and appeared before them once again. Marco Polo took sucked in a deep breath of air. That was close, he almost ran into it!

Just like before, the Universal Envoy looked around at the mass of players that were fainted on the ground before it picked one up and carried them off.

After it left, Shen Jingbin heard the faint sounds of footsteps from behind her.

Someone’s coming!

She immediately leapt to her feet and tightly gripped the handle of her horsetail whisk that was in her hand.

The newcomers and Marco Polo Bun were both caught off guard by her sudden actions.

“What the hell are you doing? Are you trying to scare me to death?!” Marco Polo Bun resentfully rebuked her.

Shen Jingbin brushed what he said aside and roughly estimated the number of people who’d appeared behind them. They numbered fifteen.

Seeing her ignore him, Marco Polo Bun curiously glanced in the direction she was looking at. When his gaze landed on the group of people, he eyes immediately lit up and he exclaimed, “Leader, you’re here!”


Shen Jingbin relaxed her taut nerves a little and cast several discrete glances at the person leading the group.

A tall and slender person stood at the helm of the group. He wasn’t all that handsome, but his appearance made others feel at ease. Amongst the rest of the people present in the group, he was also the one who bore the presence of a leader.

Shen Jingbin squinted her eyes. This person looked awfully familiar; she felt like she’d seen him somewhere before.

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