Chapter 131: The Universal Envoy (1)

Chapter 131: The Universal Envoy (1) “What happened?” Shen Jingbin asked.

Marco Polo Bun looked back at the monster that was busy torturing his guildmates to death. “I’m a Master Apothecary, and I’ve recently been trying to become a Grandmaster Apothecary. I came here to look for medicinal herbs, but little did I expect to run into this guy,” He replied with a tinge of anxiety in his voice.

Shen Jingbin looked at the monster before she realized that all of the players it’d thrown to the ground were still present. None of them had turned into beams of light and disappeared. “Why are there so many of you? Aren’t you the one who’s looking for medicinal herbs? Also, why hasn’t the monster killed any of them yet?”

“The valuable high ranked medicinal herbs are guarded by this thing, so I’d obviously need to look for help. I’d originally found five people, but who would’ve thought I’d run into a Seven Cycle Reincarnation Fruit. So, I asked my guild for help and my Leader sent all these people out to help me.”

The Seven Cycle Reincarnation Fruit was a high grade medicinal herb that was superior to its regular high grade counterparts in every aspect. Medicinal herbs like these would have monsters that were only slightly weaker than world BOSSes guarding them.

This was why Marco Polo Bun’s Leader sending out thirty people to help wasn’t going overboard.

Marco Polo Bun continued to explain, “This monster is called the Universal Envoy, and is one of the monsters that guards the Three Great Medicinal herbs. What makes this monster unique is that it doesn’t finish players off. Instead, it restricts a player’s mobility and transports them back to its nest to use as an offering,” Marco Polo Bun paused, his expression turning somewhat unsightly before he continued, “In this game, be it intentionally or accidentally, players wouldn’t lose Experience from being PKed. The sole exception to this are players who’ve been captured by this guy and used as an offering. Whatever Experience players lost would be transformed into strength for this monster.”

The Seven Cycle Reincarnation Fruit was an absolutely necessary medicinal herb in refining a vajra possession elixir. The thirty seconds of invincibility that the elixir granted was enough to cause all the players to scramble for it. When Marco Polo Bun’s Leader learned of his discovery, he immediately dispatched thirty people to assist him and ensure that their guild was the one who got their hands on it.

When the game was first released, there was a player who came across the Seven Cycle Reincarnation Fruit. However, they were suppressed so much by the monster that they ended up back at the Novice Village once again, causing them to delete their characters and quit in a fit of rage. Following that, there were no other reports of players encountering the Seven Cycle Reincarnation Fruit. As a result, the Universal Envoy that protects the Seven Cycle Reincarnation Fruit was something that players heard about from the game’s management. In reality though, no one had actually come across it.

Due to only having heard about it, not a single person had experienced its strength in person before. This resulted in them facing the monster head-on instead of running away when they came across it.

So what if it could steal their Experience? With this many veteran players present, they refused to believe that they couldn’t slay it! Moreover, this was something that could only occur by chance. Everything would go their way if they managed to take it down.

However, reality proved that they’d grossly overestimated themselves.

Although the thirty players that assisted Marco Polo Bun were all experts, not all of them were elites, and the Universal Envoy was much more powerful than they’d imagined. Just a moment of inattention had resulted in over half of the people present being thrown to the ground.

Marco Polo Bun would definitely end up becoming targeted and hated by these players if their Experience was stolen and they lost Levels. This was why he was so anxious. Seeing as Cloud Dream Swamp had countless experts gathering medicinal herbs here, he had started to unconsciously cry out for help to attract some people. But, little did he expect to end up attracting a female bandit instead!

While he admitted that she also possessed some strength, he doubted that she’d be able to defeat the Universal Envoy by herself when their group of thirty had failed.

Dear god, either give him hope or none at all! This kind of false hope was way too much of a mental blow for him to bear.

“It can even steal Experience?” Shen Jingbin stared at the Universal Envoy in astonishment when Marco Polo Bun finished speaking. She was just in time to see its sharp black claws grab ahold of a player that was trying to escape to the skies and slam him down onto the ground. It then used its burly tail to viciously whip the player. Their body trembled for a moment before they passed out.

“Stop looking, let’s go! We need to call in reinforcements while it still hasn’t dragged anyone off yet and save as many people as we can!” Marco Polo Bun shouted.

Shen Jingbin woke from her stupor and turned to him. “I’m lost, so you lead the way.”

“...” F*ck, did her stumbling all the way here count as her having good or bad luck?

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