Chapter 13: Shen Jingbin & Co

Chapter 13: Shen Jingbin & Co

Shen Jingbin truly had an outstanding pedigree.

Her maternal Grandfather and Grandmother were old hands at politics. Now, they’d settled in Beijing to retire.

Although they no longer handled such matters, the power and connections they’d accumulated over the years couldn’t be underestimated. Her paternal Grandfather and Grandmother, on the other hand, weren’t lacking in talent either. One enjoyed the reputation of being an internationally recognized martial artist with three thousand people from the younger generation under him. The other was an eminent violinist both locally and internationally, frequently receiving invitations to perform for government dignitaries from various nations.

Shen Jingbin’s Mother carried her maternal Grandfather’s first-rate political genes, working up a storm in political circles. As her economic support, Shen Jingbin’s Father was an outstanding individual in the business world.

On top of that, her exceptional appearance and standout performance had led to her being repeatedly treated as an existence that was beyond godlike by her school during her schooling days.   

Honestly, let’s not talk about feeling jealous towards people like these. Just looking at them would be enough to make others want to prostrate themselves. There’d be no need to worry about them not accepting such outstanding individuals!

If one truly insisted on talking about her flaws, then it’d probably be the fact that she was a woman, yet she possessed such terrifying martial prowess that could make one’s hair stand on end.

In an era where qualities such as tenderness and virtuousness were seen as desirable traits in a woman, a maiden who possessed an excessive amount of martial prowess wouldn’t be well-received.

One of the benefits of being born into a rich family was not having to worry about daily essentials such as food and clothing. But at the same time, the child would have to endure what was basically a parentless childhood.

Shen Jingbin rarely had her parents by her side since she’d been born. She’d been practically raised by her grandparents on both sides instead. In the past, Shen Jingchen had been spoiled rotten by their maternal grandparents during his adolescent years, which led to him conducting himself in a hedonistic manner. Seeing this resulted in Shen Jingbin’s parents pondering over this painful experience. Consequently, both siblings were nicely packaged and delivered to their paternal Grandfather shortly after Shen Jingbin was born.

Having practiced martial arts for many years, what their paternal Grandfather had in spades was methods of disciplining children. Under their Grandfather’s guidance, Shen Jingchen transformed from an ignorant and incompetent hedonist, into a capable adolescent that exemplified the five virtues of youths. It was at this time that the Shen family found out that their baby girl, Shen Jingbin, had unwittingly turned from a cuddly and adorable little bundle, into a little loli [1] with a terrifying amount of destructive power.

When they found out, her Father and Mother nearly passed out from crying on the toilet.

QAQ, my adorable baby girl.

But, compared to the laments of her Father and Mother, Shen Jingbin’s paternal Grandfather was overjoyed: he finally had a successor! There was a saying that went: take your enemies by surprise. The small and weak impression his granddaughter gave off would definitely catch countless opponents off guard!

One could say that Shen Jingbin had already won at the starting line.

Shen Jingchen made his next appearance at dinner time. He leisurely descended the stairs and acknowledged Shen Jingbin with a nod of his head. He glanced at Shen Jingbin who was seated at the dining table before looking around at the empty living room. He voiced his misgivings as he sat down at the table, “Why are you the only one around? Where’s Aunt Zhang?”

Shen Jingbin casually tossed the bitter gourd she disliked onto his bowl and said, “I let Aunt Zhang head home.”

Shen Jingchen’s face immediately turned pale upon hearing that and he said, “What the f*ck, why?! Don’t tell me you’re planning on showing off your cooking skills that have the destructiveness of a nuclear weapon once again!”

“Hehe, you’re overthinking things. I’m not interested in cooking for you.”

“Then what’s going on? I keep having this feeling that something bad is going to happen!”

“That’s because Granddad told me to bring you over. He wants to have a chat with you about your dreams and life.” Shen Jingbin shot Shen Jingchen a smug look as his complexion immediately distorted once again. She added, “We’ll likely be going back for a week or so this time, so I gave Aunt Zhang time off to have a good rest. Isn’t her daughter currently doing her final year in high school? Children her age probably have great need of their parents for support. Moreover, serving a young master like you isn’t all that worthwhile either.”

Shen Jingchen’s face fell, “You showing off your culinary skills is nothing compared to this. Hey, why do we need to go over? Aren’t we perfectly fine with our warm and happy life down here?”

Shen Jingbin added a coca-cola chicken wing to her bowl and said, “Granddad wants me to observe a competition.”

With a whoosh, Shen Jingchen snatched away the coca-cola chicken wing from Shen Jingbin’s chopsticks and stuffed it into his mouth. Following that, he mumbled to himself, “You’re not entering anyway, what’s the point of watching? Just sayin’, but you spend your days watching others fight fight fight. You even go “pa pa pa” with other people when you have nothing better to do. Aren’t you worried about not being able to get married in the future? I’ll say this, your brother has quite a few excellent guys by his side. All you need to do is reign in your temper and your big brother will introduce you to your future husband in a flash.”

Shen Jingbin glared at him and added another piece of chicken to her bowl before she refuted, “I’m young, beautiful, rich, and powerful. I don’t need you to introduce anyone to me.”

Shen Jingchen choked and said, “Where’d you get that kind of confidence from?”


“Ahahahaha. Little Jinging, you don’t know just how true that is. I know my genes are good, I don’t need my siblings to tell me that.”

“Is your brain scrambled? I’m saying that compared to you, I’m younger and prettier. I also have money and power, so what do I have to be afraid of?”

“...F*ck, I didn’t say anything. Just eat.” Shen Jingchen speechlessly shoveled two mouthfuls of rice into his mouth.

Looking as if he’d suddenly thought of something, he opened his mouth and said once again, “Are you still planning to play after you finish eating? Our guild leader will be logging on tonight, I’ll introduce you. Otherwise I’m afraid he might boot you from the guild when I’m not around since your level is so low.”

“In that case, you wash the dishes.”

Shen Jingchen:

As expected, my lil’ sis never lets go of an opportunity!

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